What to Look for in a Social Marketer?

What to Look for in a Social Marketer?

Published on 7th of May 2022

Social media platforms are continuously growing and presenting better opportunities for businesses. Businesses that are focusing and making maximum use of social media channels engage more leads and get higher conversions. However, most business owners have little to no skills when it comes to social media marketing. 

Even if they do, they are busy running other aspects of their business and barely have time to concentrate on social media marketing fully. Thus, creating a need to hire a social marketer for their business. 

However, there are so many self-proclaimed social marketers offering their services. So, how do you choose a social marketer for your business? 

Woman in Pink and White Plaid Blazer Sitting on Brown Wooden ChairHere are some aspects to look for when hiring a social marketer:

1. Close attention to detail

Woman in White Shirt Sitting on Gray Sofa ChairWhen interviewing a potential list of social marketers, always choose a marketer who pays close attention to detail. During the interview process, you will explain your business's social media goals and what the marketing strategy seeks to achieve.

Always settle for a marketer who listens carefully, understands your goals, asks thoughtful questions, or makes insightful comments. Refrain from working with a marketer who is ready to begin work before discussing your business goals.

2. Understands your audience 

The right social marketer should understand your audience and their needs. That way, they can create posts that are relevant to your target audience. Sharing meaningful, frequent content with your prospective customers will develop a long-lasting connection and consistency in nurturing online relationships.

Any good marketer understands the high value of engaging the audience in their posts. Therefore, they take a keen interest in understanding your audience. You can gauge a social marketer's ability to understand your audience by checking their social media pages.

Things to check for include how often they respond to their comments and how they do so. Alternatively, you can ask them to cite examples of their previous work with other clients and see how they represent their clients.

3. Analytical capacity

Social media marketing is majorly concerned with research and data. Therefore, an ideal social marketer has analytical abilities, understands the social performance metrics, and can interpret them.

Like any other form of marketing, social marketing must meet the set company's goals. The marketer needs to identify the key performance indicators and keep you in the know about your marketing performance.

Besides, several factors affect social marketing campaigns. Therefore, there will be a wide array of data available. A social marketer should understand these effects and know how to isolate the numerous variable and settle for those that matter the most for each marketing action.

4. Impeccable writing skills

Person Using Macbook Pro on White TableA social marketer should be in a position to relay their thoughts in writing since you will be trusting them to post on your social media pages. Besides writing grammatically and error-free posts, the content they create needs to be engaging for the audience to relate to.

Your audience is not only following your social media channels for your products or services. They are also following you because they believe you have insightful content to offer them. Therefore, the content needs to be written in a confident but not authoritative tone. 

To achieve this, your social marketer needs to have impressive writing skills.

5. Good communication

An Elderly Woman in a Pink Plaid Suit Using Her Phone While Holding a Pen to a LaptopA marketer will be acting as an intermediary between your brand and your audience. Therefore, you should get a marketer who not only understands your audience but one who knows how to communicate with them effectively.

Communication is more than writing. It includes relaying the tone of the brand as well as transmitting clarity and honesty in every post and reply. Unfortunately, many marketers are not good communicators, and communication failure can have disastrous effects on your brand.

Other than communicating effectively with your audience, a marketer also needs to be a good communicator within the team and their clients. It could be explaining a new campaign strategy or making their presentation on the results.

6. Knowledge of video editing

Free stock photo of asian, attractive, beautifulNowadays, most consumers prefer getting their knowledge from images and videos. Therefore, relying solely on content is no longer an effective strategy anymore. Video content and images are the new ingredients to penetrate the market and get your audience to recognize you. 

Any top-notch social marketer is aware of this and should possess at least basic skills in the image and video editing

7. Innovation and creativity

Yes, technical and writing skills are an essential consideration to picking the right social marketer, but so are innovation and creativity. The ability of a marketer to add that spark into content, image captions, or videos relies solely on how creative and innovative they are.

The success of social marketing is not stealing the audience from your competition. It is about engaging them to your brand with meaningful yet cheerful information through content and infographics.

Thus, an excellent social marketer should be in a position to come up with fun and creative ways through which they can solve problems. While solving the audience's problem, they should do so in an engaging and fun way.

Woman in White and Pink Stripe Shirt Holding White SmartphoneSocial marketing is a dynamic area that is constantly evolving and growing. Marketers are not sure of what trend will hit the market next. It could be a new social media platform, an update in the SERPS algorithm, a meme that may quickly go viral, or a new technology that could come into play.

Given the unpredictability, the right social marketer for your business is curious and keeps up with the changing marketing trends. The marketer should be responsive to changes and have an unending desire to keep learning. A curious mindset is a professional requirement for any social marketer.

The need for a social media marketer is serious than more businesses take it. Social media, when correctly used, can be the breakthrough for your business. As more people turn to use social media and remain hooked to the platform, you can use that to your advantage. 

To leverage best the power of social media, you need a social marketer. The marketer should understand your audience and know how to communicate with them. They should also be creative to make the content appealing and be curious enough to keep up with the ever-changing trends.

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