Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

Does Social Media Marketing Really Work?

Published on 4th of September 2021

For those who are planning to tackle online advertising, you’ve probably wondered if social media marketing would work. 

Yes, it does, and it’s even considered one of the most effective ways to advertise your products or services online. 

However, like any other advertising method, you should know how it works for it to be effective. As long as it’s done right, social media marketing can boost your business for the long run, and here are the top reasons for this:

1. It’s where customers gatherthree women sitting on sofa with MacBook

We are now living in a time when it’s normal for people to include social media in their lives. This is why a lot of businesses market through these platforms as customers spend so much time here. 

By now, around 3.1 billion people are using social media worldwide. This gives you a chance to reach potential audiences online.

2. Customers are much more responsive to social media advertisements

Social media is like an all-in-one avenue where people can communicate, keep in touch with family and friends, network, and get entertained. 

While they don’t usually gather here to shop or check out advertisements, it doesn’t mean that they would dismiss online marketing. Some even follow particular brands and products online. This is how effective social media is these days.

3. It can help increase brand recognition

It’s advantageous for you if you’re going to make social media accounts for your products and services. By reaching out to your ideal audiences, your organic followers would naturally increase. 

As long as you provide engaging and informative content, your audiences would appreciate the value your putting into your marketing strategies. 

4. It can boost your authorityperson running on tracking field

If you post content with expertise and value, you’re likely to convince viewers that you’re an authority for your brand. This allows you to position yourself as a trustworthy and legitimate account for your audience. 

5. Advertising on social media platforms enhances inbound traffic

As you post quality content online, you’d naturally attract people and increase your inbound traffic. The more consistent you are, the better. There’s always a huge opportunity online to go viral, so keep providing valuable information that would, in turn, bring potential customers to visit your profile or page. 

6. The variety of social media platforms help you reach specific audiences

What’s great about social media is that there are a lot of different platforms for different audiences. Depending on the demographic that you’re targeting, you can strategically choose which sites to work with. 

This can help narrow down your focus on specific sites where effective marketing for your products and services works. 

7. It has sophisticated features of targeting potential customersselective focus photography of an arrow

While you can target audiences manually, you can also use social media ads that attract even more potential customers to your page. There are multiple targeting capabilities for each social media platform. For instance, Facebook has a feature that can assist you in finding ideal customers, adding more valuable traffic to your profile. 

8. Marketing through social media platforms is cheaper

In the long run, marketing here is cheaper. While other advertising methods are also effective, pairing them with social media marketing even makes your campaign successful. 

Mostly, it’s time that you’ll have to invest in creating valuable content. It will also help if you’re going to engage with your followers. Replying and creating activities for your audiences would go a long way.  

9. It provides more visibilityperson using magnifying glass to see gold and white device gear

If you are marketing your products and services, it’s easier to get more visibility if you’re going to include social media in your marketing strategy. The more active you are online, the bigger chance you’ll be seen. 

10. It can boost search engine rankings

There are several ways to boost your SEO rankings, but did you know that your social media presence plays a role here too? 

Even if SEO tips tend to change from time to time, your social media accounts are crucial in landing a spot on search engines. That’s why you’re encouraged to be active to boost more engagement and visibility online. 

11. It’s a great competitive space

There will always be competition in the world of marketing, but this allows you to improve significantly. With social media, it’s where all of your competitors are found too. 

Here, you’ll see what the latest trends are, and you can compare your strategies to theirs, allowing you to reshape your next marketing move. 

12. Conversion rates are higher

As stated by HubSpot, social media has a higher conversion rate from outbound marketing methods. It’s because when you advertise online, you’re likely to have engagement from your audiences. 

The interaction from a seller to a buyer is essential in converting casual viewers to organic followers. As long as your produce informative content that users find valuable, you’ll slowly build an impact online.

13. You can get customer insights through interactionwhite conversations printed mug near smartphone

After all, what better way to improve your marketing strategy than by interacting with your audiences themselves?

Find out what they prefer and what their issues are regarding your product or service, and you’ll be surprised how this can help you in the long run, mainly by constantly reinventing your approach in marketing.

14. It helps strengthen brand loyalty

In a study done by Texas Tech University, brands that engage with their audience online are more likely to have a much more loyal following than those who don’t. 

While there are other means of promoting loyalty amongst viewers, social media is cheaper and effective. You can make customer loyalty programs, but social media can boost your image online if you don’t have the means yet.

15. Customers find recommendations on social media.Crop anonymous young male in red t shirt showing thumb up gesture while standing on city street on sunny day

One of the best places to encourage word-of-mouth marketing is through social media. This is a powerful method in advertising, and it’s free too. 

Today, social media becomes an avenue for organic word-of-mouth interactions. Because of this, it’s normal for people to share recommendations online even if they are not paid advertisers.


So, with all of these in mind, and when you properly manage your social media accounts, then yes, they would work. 

It’s where all of us are gathered these days, and it’s even considered to be one of the must-haves for businesses, so use this to your advantage.

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