What to Expect From an Instagram-based Social Media Marketer

What to Expect From an Instagram-based Social Media Marketer

Published on 20th of November 2023

With the increasing popularity of digital marketing, many businesses might have an army of IG marketers approaching them. Before hiring one, you should ask what value they can offer you.

Well, in today’s post, we‘ll talk about what to expect from an influencer marketer. Whether you're considering using one or are already using one, knowing about the services of an Instagram marketer will help with your weekly or monthly job analysis of the employee.

And maybe you're just interested in this - kindly read on and take a minute to share your thoughts. Of course, we’re not forgetting current and upcoming social media marketers on Instagram: they have a stake and some benefits in reading this article too.

Now, let's discuss some tasks we may expect an IG marketer to handle. Keep in mind this varies per contract agreement or job description, but below are a few that may come up. S/he must be able to…

1. Operate a business/creator account

The most important decision an Instagram marketer will make is between a business account and a creator account. Either of these accounts is expected even if the brand already has one.

A business account will provide analytics data and insights that can help better the marketing strategy. A creator account will provide an opportunity to connect more deeply with the audience and post more candid content.

It may also be near impossible for brands to create brand awareness on Instagram without the help of a business or creator account.

If the brand doesn't have a business or creator account, the marketer needs to create one. Well, this means a social media marketer who doesn't understand Instagram's account types needs to up their game.

2. Optimize the brand’s profile

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On IG, the first contact your followers will have with you is usually your profile. A well-optimized profile can tell people everything they need to know about you.

Therefore, next on our list of tasks to expect from a marketer is the optimization of your profile - it must depict everything you want viewers to associate with your name.

The marketer’s job includes looking through your current profile and identifying spots for improvement.

It could be the alignment of colors on your page, ensuring all your posts possess the brand’s core colors. It could be the edit of your profile bio to be more appealing to readers or the redesign of your page’s Highlights.

All in all, a social media marketer should be very savvy in optimizing a brand's profile to suit the needs of the audience and highlight the best values that they have to offer.

They should also be knowledgeable in creating content that resonates with a target demographic. Creating an engaging experience for the audience, expanding your following, and effectively implementing marketing campaigns—these are tasks they should know how to handle.

In addition, they should be able to…

3. Create a content plan and schedule

Content marketing on the Gram continues to be a strategic business move, as viewers become increasingly selective of the content they engage with.

Not only are they hypersensitive to repetitive posts or copied content, but they also have a short attention span, meaning that you need to relay your message quickly and concisely.

Keeping up with the latest trends in the industry is a job that requires some serious dedication. This is especially true for an Instagram Marketing specialist. They’re responsible for creating a strategic content schedule for the brand and its audience, which comprises everything from posts to ads to even sponsored content.

One of their first tasks is to understand the needs and goals of their client, as well as understanding their audience’s preferences and behavior patterns.

Creating and scheduling content for Instagram is an essential task for successful businesses. Not only do marketers have to create a posting schedule, but they should also create one for Stories and Reels, to increase the amount of interaction with their audience.

4. Identify your target audience

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Once a marketer is hired (or even in the hiring process), it’s expected that they research the demographics of their potential or current employer. With this information readily available, it’s easier for them to tailor their content and marketing strategies to best suit the needs of the company.

An Instagram marketer usually researches the brand's target markets so s/he can be more effective at tasks like planning a content schedule and fostering engagement with followers.

All in all, we expect the marketing manager to know and become familiar with the end customers—introducing themselves to their digital location, activity time, and preferences.

5. Engage with your followers

Social media marketers are responsible for engaging with their company's online community. This can be through main-feed posts or daily story updates. For example, you could upload short videos of the behind-scenes operations of the business.

Marketers spend a lot of time trying to improve user engagement by focusing on likes, saves, comments, reposts, mentions, shares, and branded hashtag use. The goal is to focus on current followers and potential customers while hoping to engage with them actively.

These efforts help create trust and a connection between the audience and the business, which strengthens the Instagram community.

6. Keep track of your page's analytics

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Analytics is a major component of Insta marketing and a marketer’s job entails keeping track of certain metrics. Ignoring the metrics can have disastrous consequences.

The marketer is required to regularly check the account’s engagement analytics, including the rate at which new followers are being added or lost, the impressions and engagement rates of posts and stories, and the frequency of use of certain hashtags.

All these indicators are of vital importance to make key decisions about the direction of your strategy. Identifying posts with the highest level of engagement or impression (and understanding why they are the most engaging) gives an insight that is invaluable to both community engagement and brand awareness.

7. Pass information to the audience

As a social media marketing manager, you are the direct contact between the brand and its audience. This is one of your vital responsibilities, so the brand needs to rely on your skills to manage their channels and persuasively pass any information to their audience.

Similarly, when the audience is looking to gather information about certain components of a brand's business, the marketer should be ready to provide all the specifics. This can happen through direct messages or in the comment section.

Either way, an Instagram marketer is a custodian of information about a brand to the public - very much like a public relations specialist.

In summary, Instagram marketing is a necessity for most brands—and it’s here to stay!

The roles of marketers, creators, and influencers are becoming more important for any brand wishing to succeed online. By understanding what they offer, any brand should be able to make more informed decisions about utilizing their services.

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