5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate

5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Conversion Rate

Published on 30th of August 2022

Social media is an amazing tool to reach out to your potential customers. With the various tools and features available on each platform, you can quickly convert these leads into sales.


No doubt, social media offers endless potentials for the success and growth of any modern business. However, this doesn't mean that sales are a foregone conclusion, just by creating a social media account and making a few shabby posts.

As a matter of fact, one of the biggest challenges of brands in 2021 is optimizing social media marketing strategies toward achieving their business goals.

Social media has become a very competitive playground for companies. To generate significant lead conversion, you need to consistently do things differently to set you apart from the rest.

1. Emphasize Brand Awareness

Text on White PaperOftentimes, when people face a problem, they look to social media for a solution. You want to make sure that when people face challenges that are related to your industry, they can subconsciously consider your products.

This is what makes building brand awareness the bedrock of any marketing campaign on social media.

You can see these networks as tools that can be effectively leveraged to build brand awareness.

To achieve this, you have to create a clear image of your brand in the minds of users. A large portion of social media audiences first gets to know about your brand through the type of content that you distribute.

Identify a niche that is relevant to your industry and focus on establishing your authority. Do this by consistently sharing, distributing, and publishing quality content about that industry.

To build strong brand awareness, you need to look beyond just advertising your product. Brand authority organically yields wider reach and increases engagement rates. These are key ingredients to generate conversions.

2. Use Social Proof

Social media has redefined the use of social proof as a great force for influencing buying decisions. The concept emerged due to the natural tendency of humans to imitate the behaviors of people around them.

In more extreme circumstances, they imitate people who they look up to or consider to have some influence over them.

If you have happy customers, you can strategically deploy their feedback as a strong marketing tool to convince others to patronize you.

Happy customers naturally tend to express their excitement. Social media presents them a platform to do this publicly; sometimes in a bid to share their thoughts randomly to friends online.

Through likes, saves, shares, reviews, and comments on social media, your happy customers can put you on the map.

As shopping is done online, shoppers are not able to feel the product physically. They begin to look for honest reviews to get assurances about a product’s performance before making that final buying decision.

Smart marketers are getting ahead on social media by using social proof to showcase the performance of their products or services.

Practical ways to do this include strategically;

All of these help to organically increase conversion rate and generate brand trust.

3. Social Listening

Search Bar, Search Field, Input, Search, SearchingSocial listening involves tracking social media conversations relating to your brand(s).  

Marketing experts have realized that social media cannot only be used to broadcast brand messages. If you seek to increase your conversion rate, it's essential to hit your audience with the right message. This can only be adequately tested if you actively engage in social listening.

Every industry or brand is often characterized in various social circles by certain words and phrases. These words present ample avenues for your team to discover new marketing opportunities.

By inputting the words into the search boxes on any social media platform, you get to see all recent comments made by users.

These messages are often raw discussions that are not directed at your team in any way. Yet, they offer great insights into what people are saying about your industry or brand at the moment.

You can then proceed to fashion your marketing campaigns accordingly, giving you a better chance to upsurge your conversion rate.

4. Promote Your Products Strategically

Being an inexpensive platform that presents instant reach to billions of users, marketers are often tempted to dump messages haphazardly on every social media feed. But this doesn't yield desired results.

Users may quickly get bored if you only keep trying to sell to them. It's essential that you employ strategic content-marketing skills. This involves subtly marketing your brand while providing valuable content to your audience. It helps to keep things interesting and less spammy.

To attain great conversion rates, it is important that you approach every marketing campaign strategically. You have to learn to use a brand tone that suits your audience.

You also have to practice a standard calendar to schedule your content for peak engagement periods, etc.

Look for forums that are relevant to your industry, and promote your products there directly. This will provide a much better conversion rate than posting for the general public.

5. Track and Analyze Social Media Performance

person in blue shirt writing on white paperIf you fail to measure the progress of your marketing campaigns regularly, your chances of reaching your target are greatly reduced.

With the help of built-in analytics tools on various platforms, you can gain timely insights into your audience. This can help you tailor your efforts toward the customer’s needs at every turn.

A well-defined social media marketing strategy, combined with regular analytics and measurement, will eventually lead to superior conversion rates.

Final thoughts

Since the turn of the decade, social media has established itself as the new powerhouse in online advertising.

Expert marketers around the world opine that social media offers higher conversion rates than traditional mediums such as print media, television, and radio.

In comparison to other forms of digital marketing, social media still stands tall. Social accounts have overtaken search engines when it comes to driving traffic to a landing page.

Its capabilities to retain rapt attention of the audience for long hours has also seen it dwarf the impacts of email marketing in terms of ROI.

While it may be cumbersome to monitor everything across so many different social media channels, some specific tools can help you reach your goal.

Tools such as Klout, Hootsuite, Cyfe, Buffer, and Sproutsocial can help you to pull data-driven insights from your various social media accounts.

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