The Do’s and Don'ts Every Digital Marketer Must Know

December 07, 2021

Digital marketing is crucial for any business or brand that wants to thrive on the web. As an online marketer, you need to be aware of the do’s and don'ts in promoting your brand and offerings online. To help you out, here are a few do’s and don'ts to keep you on the right track. 

DO Have a Business Blog

person typing on laptop computerYou can utilize your blog as a channel for communicating your brand as well as its ideals to the public. Thus, having it is undeniably indispensable in the digital marketing space. In addition to that, having a blog is not only imperative for SEO but also because a blog is a digital platform on its own. In other words, your business blog is one of your brand's storefronts on the internet. 

DO Know Your Audience

It is almost considered a crime if you are a digital marketer and you don't have a well-defined target audience. Given that the main purpose of digital marketing is to promote your brand to the consumers who are likely going to purchase from you, not knowing your target market is going to drive your entire online marketing strategy to a lost cause. 

Therefore, before you implement any of your digital marketing tactics, you must determine your target audience first. 

DON’T Forget to Add Visuals

Many marketers tend to make the mistake of focusing too much on text-based content and forgetting to add visual elements. While text-based content allows you to showcase the features, benefits, and ideals your brand has to offer in more detail, today's online consumers are far more attracted by visuals more than anything

Moreover, when adding visual elements, don't forget about choosing only high-quality and relevant pieces to integrate into your content. 

DON’T Neglect SEO

Seo, Search Engine, Search Engine OptimizationBecause Search Engine Optimization or SEO is quite challenging and laborious, some marketers tend to not include it in their digital marketing arsenal. However, SEO is one of the most powerful and cost-efficient marketing strategies to date. 

If done right, SEO delivers valuable and long-lasting marketing advantages to businesses and brands online. Thus, despite it being time-consuming and complicated, do invest in your business website's SEO

DO Invest in Producing Highly Engaging Content

Your content should not only spit facts or showcase your brand, products, or services; it must also be interesting and engaging enough for your audience

Engagement is one of the most important factors to consider in the digital marketing world. It helps push out your content to more audiences. Moreover, the engagement rate also measures the relevance and appeal of your content to your audiences. 

DON’T Put Quantity Over Quality

Even if you produce a lot of content pieces but the quality is subpar and the content itself is not engaging enough, you are not going to achieve your digital marketing goals. 

One of the keys to achieving your long-term marketing goals is to create and produce high-quality and actionable content pieces consistently. You don't have to produce many at a time.

DO Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Hands, Ipad, Tablet, Technology, Digital Tablet, TouchIn today's highly technological world, a huge chunk of your audience base is using a mobile device. Thus, it is only right that you create a mobile-friendly website and content pieces. Additionally, given that more and more people are now using their mobile devices for browsing the internet, mobile-friendly sites and content are going to be the top ranking in SERPs today and in the coming future. 

DON’T Forget About Your Existing Customers

Many marketers tend to make the mistake of focusing too much on leads generation that they forget about their existing customers. Digital marketing is not only about accumulating new paying customers to boost your sales funnel but it is also about retaining your current clients

When creating your content, make sure to also create ones that your existing clients are going to appreciate and benefit from. 

DO Stay Updated

As a digital marketer, keeping yourself updated on various factors such as technology and content topics for your blog, site, and social media platforms is pivotal. Even if you have a large following online, but if you are unaware of the current trends within your industry, having a large audience base is pointless. 

Staying updated on the latest trends allows you to feed your content with interesting and highly engaging points which your target audience is surely going to appreciate. 

DON’T Neglect Your Website

Your website is going to be at the forefront of your brand online; thus, you must invest in its regular maintenance. Your website must be fast, reliable, and has minimal to zero downtimes. To do that, you should host your website in a dependable and top-rated web host. 

Moreover, your site must also be eye-pleasing and easy to navigate. As a digital marketer, customer experience is one of the most important factors you must take into consideration. 

DO Invest in Targeted Advertising

two child playing arrowRegardless of how big or small you spend on digital advertising, without targeting your ads to the right audience, you are not going to reap the benefits of paid media. In other words, when investing in online promotion campaigns, make sure your content is being advertised to your target audiences and customers. 

DON’T Ignore the Power of Email Marketing

Although many marketers describe email marketing as old, it doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't deliver valuable results. Many consumers' buying decisions are highly influenced by the email ads they receive. In addition to that, based on the 2017 Email Marketing Census, email marketing delivers the best return on investment among all the digital marketing strategies these days. 

DO Seek Professional Help

If you are a one-man-band who does every task essential for your brand including digital marketing and you find juggling between a million other things overwhelming, then outsourcing the work to a professional online marketer is a great decision to make. 


Now that you know the dos and don'ts when marketing your brand online, doing digital marketing should be a lot less overwhelming now.

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