How to Embed Instagram Feed for Website [2024]

Embed Instagram feed for any account, for FREE without sign up. Get embed code for your website in under 5 seconds.

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How does it work?

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Let's go through how you can embed Instagram feed without plugin on any website. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Type your username in the box at the beginning of this page, and press "Go!". You'll get a full preview on how the Instagram feed will look on any website.

  2. Press "Generate" below your posts when you're finished with customizing your Instagram feed.

  3. Copy the displayed html code and paste it into your website. Enjoy!

Will this work for Wordpress without a plugin?

Yes. Our embed code generator works for any website, even Wordpress. Just paste in the Instagram embed code and see the magic happen. If you're not really sure how to paste in the html code, then let's go through it together!

  1. Go to where you usually edit the visual design of your Wordpress site.

  2. Click the + button in the top-left corner of the menu to add a new block.

  3. Add a Custom HTML block. If you don't know where that is, you can search for "HTML" in the displayed search bar.

  4. Paste the Instagram feed embed code that you've copied from our site into the box on Wordpress. Done!

What is the point of embedding  Instagram feed?

Why would I embed an Instagram feed on my website?

Because sometimes simply linking to your Instagram account isn't enough. If you're putting a lot of effort into content that you publish on Instagram then you'd want to display it on other channels.

In addition to that, websites are mostly static. It takes effort to create a new post or an entirely new web page, so you skip it until you have enough interesting content to publish. Well, how do you keep your visitors updated on smaller events? If you're a blogger then you might want to share what's going on in your life. If you're a business, you might want to tell your visitors about the latest deal.

The answer is simple, if you're already doing this on your Instagram then embed your account's feed on your website and your latest posts will become available to your visitors.

Why does this tool exist?

Embedding a profile was a very popular feature that Instagram supported for years. It was a paste this code and forget type of thing that worked flawlessly. Until it didn't.

Instagram's embed stopped working in October 2020 and no effort has been made to bring it back. The information available in Instagram's Help Center still alleges that embedding is possible, however, as we have tested at the moment of writing, you're only able to embed a single post and not the entire feed.

An entire industry of paid tools sprung up offering this simple feature for a little payment. We're unhappy with this so we've decided to offer you an alternative that will keep working for free. Perpetually.

Is it free to embed an Instagram feed?

Yes, it's forever free AND without sign up. Most websites that we've come across tell you that it's free, but those tools come with a lot of strings attached. They are either not free at all, or they force you through a tedious registration process. We're both totally free and don't need you to register for anything to get started.