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Buy Instagram likes and grow faster with Stormlikes. We're the only service where you get likes from real & active people at affordable prices. Including world-class support.

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No guesswork. Just results.

You deserve better than fake likes and bots that hurt your growth. Stormlikes offers genuine Instagram likes from real users at the lowest prices so you can grow faster.

There's a reason thousands of customers choose us (and keep coming back). As first-hand providers, you'll get the highest quality likes at the lowest rates. Want proof? Try our free trial, no password or registration required!

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Real likes. Delivered in seconds.

Our Insta likes are 100% from real people. All packages include flexible options you can't find anywhere else. If you need automatic likes packages, we have those too.

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More likes. More Savings

Build a package with as many likes as you need. The bigger the package, the larger the discount you get. Win, win.

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Want your likes automatically delivered?

Get your Instagram likes delivered on every new post and pay way less! Our popular pay-as-you-go model gives you flexibility while automating the delivery process.

Explore Automatic Likes packages

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Why Stormlikes?

We're the only platform that guarantees 100% real Instagram likes from users who actively post. Plus, we also offer tons of customization for targeting and delivery. At the lowest possible prices.

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Lightning-fast delivery

We value speed. Place your order now and watch your Instagram likes get delivered in a matter of seconds.

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Real likes. Real results.

You deserve the best, not fake bots. Our likes are from real human beings who are active users on Instagram.

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Unbeatable pricing

Besides top-notch quality, customers love coming back to us because of our amazing prices. So will you.

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Instagram likes. 100% on your terms.

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Instant start

Place your order. We'll start delivering your Instagram likes in a matter of seconds.

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Your speed. Your Choice.

Want to get Instagram likes faster or slower? You're 100% in control of delivery speed.

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Delivery Tracking

Our system allows you to follow delivery progress to see your Insta likes in real-time.

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Professional Support

Need help? Don't wait! Contact our award-winning support team for a quick response.

So, why buy Instagram likes?

Grow your account. Boost your influence. With real Instagram likes.

Why should I buy Instagram likes?

Stand out, Instantly 🤩

In today’s social media-driven world, increasing your Instagram likes helps your account stand out, increase influence, and make a great first impression.

Supercharge Growth 💪

Buying authentic Instagram likes is a great way to boost your organic marketing. It drives engagement and takes your Instagram popularity to new heights.

Boost Your Influence ❤️

The first place people go to see who you are and what you’re about is social media and Instagram. Generate trust and social proof that makes an impact.

Customers love our Instagram likes

Hear from people like you, who chose to grow their Instagram with 100% authentic likes. See what others are saying on our reviews page.

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Rated 5.0 out of 5

based on 32 reviews

Read Maria's review of Instagram Likes by Stormlikes Read Larry's review of Instagram Likes by Stormlikes Read Fred's review of Instagram Likes by Stormlikes

Storm your Instagram photos and videos with active likes

Our team strives to make your life easy by allowing you to promote your Instagram posts with just a few clicks. You can reliably buy Instagram likes from us knowing that we will always deliver likes of the highest quality which will accelerate your organic growth by making people more interested in your content.

Incorporating Stormlikes as a useful tool into your social media marketing strategy will take you one step closer to becoming an Instagram influencer. Just as with many other social media platforms using social proof on Instagram is a great tactic that will attract organic likes, new followers, and generally more video views.

Does buying Instagram likes work?

Will my account grow if I purchase Instagram likes?

People who buy Instagram likes from Stormlikes are looking to increase their overall Instagram engagement and widen their audience. And it does work, you can expect more video views, more real followers, and eventually hitting the Explore page.

But! High-quality likes and other services that we offer aren't the main dish. They are a secret sauce. You should always combine purchasing social media engagement with a proper content strategy where relatable, engaging, quality content is published on your Instagram page regularly.

So, is engagement combined with great content all I need?

The forces of engagement and content working together will undoubtedly signal to the Instagram algorithm that your posts are getting regularly endorsed by real users and are worthy of landing on the Instagram Explore page.

Moreover, buying likes to freshly uploaded posts will make them appear more often in your followers' feeds which will create a feedback loop and increase the attractiveness of your account.

Why should I buy Instagram likes from Stormlikes?

We wrote the playbook on authentic Instagram growth. We were the first platform on the planet where you could buy likes from real users by filtering by country and gender (plus unbeatable prices). Our customers keep coming back to us because they love our obsession with quality, flexibility, and affordability.

You can rest assured that you're getting the best when you're buying from Stormlikes - we have been delivering likes for over a decade and are top-rated for a reason.

Want to get likes now? Instant delivery guaranteed. Want to get them a few minutes later? Can do. Want to have likes from real users only? Stormlikes is the only place where high quality likes actually mean something. As in, real likes, real quality, real people.

How do I buy Instagram Likes?

How to buy likes on Instagram

The process to get Instagram likes on your posts is fast, safe, and easy. Make your high-quality content stand out with just a few clicks:

  1. Choose a package on this page and navigate to checkout

  2. Enter your Instagram username

  3. Select one or more posts from your Instagram account. You can split likes from your chosen package across multiple pictures.

  4. Set up the delivery speed of your order. You can get likes instantly or choose to receive them at a slower pace.

  5. Pay using Apple Pay or your card.

What happens when I complete the checkout?

First and foremost you will receive an email with your receipt and order tracking link where you can follow the delivery of your likes. Your likes should be reaching your post any second now. If you have chosen the instant delivery option then you can expect a storm of notifications, otherwise, we will stretch out the delivery of your package to the best of our ability.

Are you ready to change your Instagram game forever?

You're only seconds away from increasing your engagement with our real likes. Take control of the algorithm and start your journey to new Instagram heights.

Questions on Instagram likes? We got you!

Need more help? We're here to answer all of your questions about our Instagram likes service. Visit our support page if you need assistance.

Why should I buy Insta likes from Stormlikes?

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We’re obsessed with quality and affordability at Stormlikes. Our number one priority is helping you boost your Instagram growth by buying real likes. We’ve shaken up the market for real Instagram likes, forcing prices to go down and quality to go up. Packages at our prices with instant delivery and flexible settings are hard to compete with.

We confidently offer you our free trial to get an idea of what we are talking about and experience our instant delivery. Our goal is to become your long-term partner in your Instagram growth.

Will buying Instagram likes help my account?

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We position our product as an important tool for Instagram users who are looking to increase their engagement and widen their audience. Changes to the Instagram feed and the introduction of complex algorithms are pushing users, who are looking to grow their online presence or who run a business, to buy advertisements.

We offer an alternative way of promoting your content. Likes from real people act as an important popularity signal for other users and for Instagram itself. Your natural engagement will grow because of the increased social proof that positively affects visitors of your account and people who see your posts in their feed. A high number of likes makes your posts more appealing and therefore draws more attention. This allows you to increase your reach in a natural way.

Do Instagram likes matter?

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Yes. Likes are an important metric that demonstrates approval of your content and should therefore not be disregarded. The majority of Instagram accounts that actively engage in promoting their content, such as influencers, brands, and small businesses, haven't hidden their likes despite Instagram introducing the "hide likes" feature a while back. This is because the amount of likes on a post influences the opinion of other viewers, you could say that likes attract more likes and engagement.

What's the best website to buy Instagram likes?

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When you're looking for a service to buy Instagram likes, you need to look at multiple factors.

  • Quality: Always look for genuine, real likes.

  • Safety: Never provide sensitive information. Only a username is required to deliver likes.

  • Reliability: It's important to use a reliable service that always delivers your likes on time.

  • Price: Higher prices don't always guarantee better quality, focus on value instead.

  • Support: A friendly support that can help you with your order, that can answer Instagram-related questions, and assist you with growth all the way.

  • Trial: If a website doesn't provide you with a trial, they're not confident about the quality of their service.

Stormlikes ticks all of the boxes above (and many more). So, is Stormlikes then the best website to buy Instagram likes on? We're confident in our service and quality. That's why we provide you with a free trial. Try and decide for yourself.

Do Instagram influencers buy likes?

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We can't speak for all influencers, but we have certainly helped some influencers fix their engagement on Instagram. There are many reasons why you'd buy Instagram likes despite having a big following. But sometimes, the Instagram algorithm simply doesn't go your way, and your post needs that extra boost to keep your engagement rate high.

Furthermore, getting more Instagram likes increases the chances of your post showing up on the Explore page. Stormlikes is always on standby, ready to help you get that extra engagement.

Finally, the higher the engagement rate your profile has, the more sponsorships you will get.

How can you tell if someone bought Instagram likes?

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It's very easy. Besides using third-party services you can actually inspect who has liked a picture and let's be blunt here; you'll know fake likes when you see them. This is where quality likes delivered by Stormlikes shine the best.

Will Instagram ban me for buying likes?

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Let's clear up some misconceptions. Instagram doesn't ban people for buying likes, this is a measure usually reserved for users breaking Instagram's terms. However, there are penalties that you could receive if you purchase fake engagement. Luckily for you, Stormlikes is the platform where you can buy real Instagram likes and always know that you will only get the benefits and none of the headaches.

How can I buy Instagram followers and views?

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We can help you with buying Instagram followers and views with our tailored packages because Stormlikes is a full-service Instagram engagement platform.

Video views work similarly to our likes and you will recognize the checkout flow. We do our best to offer competitive prices and you can split views the same way you split likes in larger packages.

If you're looking for more followers then we have flexible options for you too.

Do you offer “premium” likes?

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Shhhhhh… Many websites offer “premium” IG likes because their normal likes, views, and followers are not authentic. Unlike them, everything we send you is premium, except the price tag. All of our real likes are from people who are active on Instagram and post stories with a real feed. You also get flexible customization, targeting options, and instant delivery with 24/7 support. That’s the Stormlikes difference.

Do you offer subscriptions?

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Of course! Our customers love the “set it and forget it” nature of our pay-as-you-go subscriptions. You're getting the same amazing quality of services as you're used to whenever you're buying IG likes and the same flexible targeting. The only difference? You're getting likes automatically at an even lower price.

In a nutshell, our pay-as-you-go approach is just like purchasing single packages except faster and cheaper.

What payment methods do you accept?

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On Stormlikes you can pay for real Instagram likes using all major credit and debit cards. This includes cards issued by VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. On top of that, if you are using a compatible device you will also get an option to pay using Apple Pay which is a very convenient option.

All of your payment data is tokenized and processed by an authorized payment network partner in accordance with the strict PCI DSS standards. All connections on Stormlikes are secured by 256-bit encryption.

Can I buy Instagram likes with Apple Pay?

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Yes, you can. Whenever you're on our Instagram likes checkout on a device compatible with Apple Pay, you'll get an option to complete checkout using Apple Pay. This is a very convenient option as it allows you to finish payment smoothly and safely without filling in any card details.

Do you need my Instagram password?

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No, we will never require your Instagram password to complete any action on Stormlikes.

Beware of any websites that do. If a page asks you to log in using your Instagram password whenever you're trying to buy Instagram likes (especially if you're promised free likes in exchange for your password) do not proceed with that website.

Is my Instagram account safe?

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You're in good hands. We guarantee that your Instagram account is safe. Stormlikes has been around for many years and is a respected name in Instagram marketing.

Do I have to register?

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No, there's no registration required when purchasing a single package of Instagram likes.

Do you offer refunds?

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If you are not satisfied with our Instagram likes, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If delivery of our service has not started within 72 hours after purchase, we can fully refund the cost of your order. No questions asked.

Can I purchase likes for my future Instagram posts?

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Absolutely, we offer both automatic Instagram likes and automatic Instagram views. These services offer you a way of ensuring that every new upload gets the attention it deserves.

Stormlikes will monitor your account for new posts and dispatch Instagram likes and/or views as soon as you upload. The effect of instant engagement combined with our smart delivery algorithm will provide the nudge that your post deserves to get on your followers' feed and go beyond your expectations.

How can I achieve more natural Instagram growth?

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While natural growth is often promised to those who invest time in building their social media profiles, achieving it can be challenging. Many profiles require an extra push to reach the Explore page and that's where our 100% real Instagram likes can help you gain massive growth organically.

Check out our Blog for insightful tips & tricks on how to boost your Instagram likes.

Is buying Instagram likes good or bad for the algorithm?

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Great question! Buying fake IG likes or having accounts filled with bots is bad for the algorithm. This is why so many customers come to Stormlikes after having horrible experiences. Instead, the algorithm rewards likes from real, authentic users who post on their page (and do stories). That’s exactly what we offer.

Want 10 free, 100% real Instagram likes?

Just enter your username, select your Instagram posts, and see the likes come in. No registration, password or headaches required!