Converging Features and Strategies to Achieve Your Main Instagram Objectives

Converging Features and Strategies to Achieve Your Main Instagram Objectives

Published on 7th of October 2021

There's an enormous amount of tips, strategies, and tools on how to improve user engagement on Instagram and better promote your brand. What nobody tells you is how to merge all of these tips, tools, and advice to further the reason why you're on the platform.

Today,  we'll be going through some fundamental strategies to abide by. This write-up will also address how to functionally make these strategies and tools work together for you. Here are some of those Instagram strategies that you just cannot do without.

Increase your number of followers

This article won't cover how to increase your followers but it does reveal how your followership affects every aspect of your brand marketing. The first rule of social media platforms like Instagram is that you need followers for your content to be far-reaching.

The more followers you have, the more people are likely to see your Instagram post. This is the basics of IG marketing and every step you take (and resources you use) should have a positive impact on your following.

Don't be consistent without an aim

For instance, a lot of marketing experts and content creators will preach consistency and that you should stick to a particular content styling—or a mix of styles—for the longest of time.

Nonetheless, if you notice that your follower base reduces with every post or over time, then what you need might be a change.

Get the right followers

There's also a higher level of reasoning when it comes to Instagram following, which is getting the right followers. Yes, a lot of toxic users are on Instagram.

Such followers can react with toxic comments, DMs, etc. So to avoid stress, you first have to be very selective about the type of brands and users that you follow. You heard right!

The Instagram accounts you follow have some level of influence on the type of followers that you will get. Try as much as possible to follow only brands and users that have some form of appeal to yours—directly or indirectly—within your target market.

When you start following some users, the app may provide you with some random followers, though you might not need them (especially if you want a very healthy following). In a nutshell, be more careful about who you follow.

Perfect your page's first impression

The first impression that users get from visiting your profile matters a lot. Potential customers will not just stop at showing interest in your post or ads. Some will go as far as checking your Instagram profile or visiting your website or app.

For instance, if you check Heineken’s page, you get certain elements at first glance:

  • Responsible drinking

  • Association with the biggest trophies and cups in football (Highlights)

  • A link to the official website

And sometimes the first impression isn't about the first thing users will see. It's more about what the elements of your brand combine to tell at first glance. The colors, choice of words, and your brand association are all crucial in getting your next set of customers.

Another aspect of your first impression is your profile picture, but we will be discussing that fully some other time.

How a lot of brands go wrong with their first impression

The mistake that a lot of people make has to do with the objective of their profile. To ensure that users get answers to all their questions, many brands end up stuffing their Instagram profiles with excess details.

So to perfect your page’s first impression, you need to uncover what your brand should connote and use your Instagram bio (and overall profile) as a sizzling teaser. Avoid being clumsy and excessive with the details. And make sure you include a link to your site, blog, or app—an opportunity to finalize their interest.

Regulate your content on Instagram

A burning question in Instagram marketing is how regularly one should upload content. First, let’s establish the fact that there's no one-size-fits-all approach for all brands.

The middle ground between posting excessively and inadequately depends on your brand and target market. You have to post regularly enough to keep your business, brand, and product/services in the mind of your followers.

Credible statistics show that the top brands in the world post on an average 1.5 times per day. However, this is usually only adequate for established brands. If your brand is still up and coming, you might need to be more frequent with posting. You should also put out content at the most engaging time.

Keep the necessary information on Instagram posts, and the cumbersome ones with several pictures and videos on your Stories.

Focus on user-generated content

As far as creating the right content on Instagram is concerned, it's essential to use Shoppable posts and go Live. You can also implement the use of relevant hashtags, but what is even more crucial in 2021 is focusing on UGC. User-generated content goes a long way in engaging your audience on any social network.

You can use contests, hashtags, and other forms of promotion to achieve this. For one, we now see many musicians starting a challenge for a particular song they just released.

And with UGC, you want to try as much as possible to post this content everywhere possible—your feed, Story, ads, and even cross-promoting on other platforms.

Some of the new Instagram features require some of the fundamental strategies described above

One of these new features that are rapidly growing in popularity is "swipe-up." You might've been running low on web traffic from Instagram because you're still using links.

The swipe-up feature is now available for use in Instagram Story. So you can now promote your product, and followers can visit the landing page by just swiping up.

However, this feature is only available to brands on Instagram with 10k followers or more.

Surely you can now see how the features and strategies work hand in hand.

Don't approach features and tools like that one thing to solve all your bottlenecks in Instagram marketing. Instead, see every one of them as a piece of a puzzle. Solving this marketing puzzle will help you achieve your primary goals and bring your efforts to fruition.

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