Moving Your Instagram Engagement to the Next Level

Moving Your Instagram Engagement to the Next Level

Published on 29th of March 2021

Today, most brands with an Instagram business account face the challenge of improving their engagement level. Building an engaged audience on IG isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Getting the right people to engage with your brand's marketing content is key to not only growing your business but also knowing if you're not wasting time.

With more audience engagement, your brand is likely to be exposed to more followers. So below, we have a few ways you can employ to move your Instagram engagement to the next level.

Have a Top-Notch Profile Tailored to Showcase Your Business

First impressions matter.

Your Instagram profile is the first item that most users usually use to access and form their opinions about your brand. That's why it's of absolute importance to get your profile right. It just needs to show easy-to-understand information about your brand and products/services.

Here are a few pointers to bear in mind when optimizing your profile:

  • Set your company logo (or any other photo that's related to your company) as the profile photo.

  • Make sure your business name reflects on both your account name and username.

  • Include your website on the page and feel free to replace it with promotional offers from time to time.

  • Fill the bio section with eye-catching info about your business. This section offers you ample freedom to showcase your business however you want. Get creative saying what your brand is all about and what it offers. Try to keep it simple since lengthy write-ups can get boring.

Take Advantage of Hashtags and Use Filters to the Fullest 

Hashtags help Instagrammers identify topics and niches when on the platform. Posts with these tags generate as much as 12.6% more user engagement than posts without.

But be unique with your hashtags. Using ones that are popular or too general can sweep your post under the rug. Using tags that are too obscure, however, can leave your post unseen. To stand out even more, use geotags to compliment your hashtags. It's a great way to stand out.

Filters, on the other hand, are the little details that add something special to your photos and videos. Using the right one can increase user engagement by up to 5%. That's why businesses use filters that go well with their brand and audience.

Branch Out

Social Media, Social Networks, Icons, Media, MultimediaYou stand to gain a lot by promoting your brand on different social media channels. Since this strategy can increase engagement and drive traffic, it's quite common for savvy brands to link their social accounts to cross-publish content.

If your brand is on Twitter or Facebook, feel free to share the link to your Instagram profile every once in a while. Do it too often, and you may get marked as spam.

Fine Tune Your Posts

The idea is to refrain from publishing a post until it's of the highest quality. From the resolutions of your content to the delivery, one simple principle applies: no Instagrammer wants to view a picture or video of low quality.

Once you apply this to your marketing, you also need to be consistent with your posts without overdoing it. Three or four posts per day is an ideal posting rule.

Timing is another key factor. To upload at the right time of the day, you need to monitor when your traffic, engagement, and active followers peak. Track down to the specific hours.

As a general rule, some reports suggest that the best times to post on Instagram are 8 to 9 am and 2 to 5 pm.

Run Promotions, Discounts, and Competitions

Drop some dollars off your products, to better engage with your audience. It's an effective way to increase engagement on your Instagram account. When these offers are time-sensitive, you see a bigger increase in customer engagement and the overall effectiveness of your IG marketing plan.

These promos work well on Instagram, letting you leverage existing subscribers while acquiring new ones. Host competitions where followers have to include a branded hashtag and/or like a particular post to qualify.

Keep an Eye On the Competition

Watch out! Competitors ahead!

No one wants their brand's competitors to stay ahead of them. Right?

Well, your competitors can gain more audience engagement sometimes. But you must always strive to stay one step ahead of them. It's time to move your Instagram engagement from nothing (or a little) to something.

Here are a few tips to help stay ahead of your competitors:

  • Use analytics tools to spy and steal from them

  • Create interactive promos and contests

  • Be precise when targeting an audience

  • Be consistent and professional

Staying ahead of the competition is that simple. With those pointers, you can get any lost followers back with ease. At the same time, you're driving more engagement to your IG page by convincing their customers to go for your brand instead.

Track, Analyze, and Keep Records

As an Instagram brand or marketer, you should learn to keep track of all activities. Make records and analysis of your weakest and strongest sections, and understand them. Keeping track of likes, comments, and shares would let you know areas that require extra efforts or improvements.

Know how many people reached your posts. Notice which date and weekdays have the highest number of reaches, and why. Employ tools to gain insights into your brand's Instagram content, and work your way toward improvement.

Luckily, there are several tools to generate reports on your Instagram page. Use them to find out areas that need to be worked on to move your engagement to the next level.

Instagram Ads

Though you'll need to spend money on getting your ad placed on Instagram, it's still one of the most converting options out there. With paid IG ads, you can get your brand directly to a wide range of people on Instagram.

These ads are one of the best ways to improve audience engagement, as your brand will be displayed for if not thousands but hundreds of people. And with so many people being able to reach your brand on Instagram, your engagement level would be given a bonus boost. You can try out Instagram ads today, and watch how fast it brings engagement to your page.

Be In Touch With Your Customers

Customer satisfaction is another way you can use to increase engagement. Start by following customers with high social media influence. This shows that they matter to you (not that others don't matter but you get the idea).

In addition, try to post content that include customers with or without your staff members. Depending on your business, of course.

Responding to a customer's comment is also essential to your business. You not only give the impression that you're out to satisfy them, but you also get to learn problems, solutions, and tips to run a successful business.

Discover the Best Time to Upload Your Content

You could be missing out on a whole segment of your audience just by making your posts at the wrong time.

With the way Instagram's algorithm work, the more engagements you get within the first few hours, the more your post is made available for others to see.

To find out your best posting times, do a deep dive into the analytics of all your previous posts and discover the times you had the best engagements. Use this information to your advantage. 

Your followers may also live in different time zones. Have this in mind when making your decision on when to post.

Running an Instagram business account is easy but running a successful one is no mean feat. It takes having a professional mindset and approach to run one. The key here is quality, consistency, and identifying key areas you can take advantage of. Explore different options and let's see what happens.

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