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Take your videos to the next level with our top-rated, authentic Instagram views. Delivered instantly or customized to your needs at affordable prices.

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Top-notch Instagram views. Unbeatable pricing.

Get real, genuine views on your Instagram videos and reels for less. The more you buy, the more you save. Win, win.

Want to save even more? Check out our automatic views.

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Get up to 73% off. Instantly.

Create your own package and watch your Instagram views soar with a smile. More views get you more savings.

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Looking for Automatic Instagram Views?

Set it and forget it. Get your views delivered automatically for every new upload at amazing prices! Our subscriptions are 100% hands off so you can post videos and reels with confidence.

Buy Automatic Instagram Views

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Why customers rate Stormlikes #1

Meet the only platform in the world that sends you authentic Instagram video views with customizable delivery and friendly support.

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Instant views

No waiting! Delivery starts when you place your order. Control your speed and watch your views grow instantly.

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Amazing quality

Don't settle for fake views that lessen your reach. Our high-quality views come exclusively from active users.

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Incredible prices

We're here to help you grow on Instagram without the price tag. It's why our customers keep coming back!

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More features. More growth.

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Start Instantly

Watch your Instagram views get delivered as soon as you finish placing your order.

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Want to delay your views? We've got you covered. Because you're in control.

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Thousands of reviews say it all: Stormlikes delivers top-notch quality at great prices.

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No matter what you need, our friendly support team is here to help you succeed.

So, why buy Instagram video views?

Get more reach on your videos and grow your account faster using proven social proof strategies.

Why you should buy Instagram views

Increase Reach 💪

The Instagram algorithm rewards video more than ever. By buying real, authentic Instagram views, you’ll consistently increase your reach and generate next-level growth.

Expand Influence 🚀

No one wants to watch a video with few views. Instead, attract more people to your content and expand your influence as your views continue to climb.

Generate Buzz 🐝

Whether you’re an influencer, creator or everyday user, Instagram views help you make a great first impression and attract opportunities. The easy way.

They love our Instagram views

Hear from customers who love the quality and speed of our Instagram services. See what others are saying on our dedicated Stormlikes reviews page.

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Rated 4.9 out of 5

based on 17 reviews

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Make your Instagram account stand out today

Buying Instagram views is a proven social media marketing tool that can contribute to your success on Instagram. Big brands, celebrities, marketing agencies, smaller businesses and even micro-influencers purchase video views all the time in order to promote their Instagram accounts.

Let's establish the basics, achieving success on Instagram is very hard no matter which marketing strategy you use. It will require hard work and dedication. However, Stormlikes will act as the secret sauce helping your social media account grab attention of the algorithm, making your videos appear more often on the Instagram explore page and bring in more followers, organic views and likes.

Does purchasing Instagram views actually work?

Does purchasing Instagram views actually work?

The answer is yes, it does. The real question is, why does it work? The magic happens over time when you make a habit of posting Instagram videos and increase their engagement gradually using Stormlikes video views.

Besides pleasing the algorithm, higher view counts will act as a trigger that will make your target audience react more positively to your videos.

What is social proof?

Social proof in the context of Instagram means that your posts will grab attention more often, which will result in increased engagement from your followers and from people who come across your posts. Visitors of your Instagram profile will be impressed by the number of views and likes which will make them more interested in following you and engaging with your content. If you're running a business page then you can rest assured that your link in bio will get even more visits.

Here's why you should buy Instagram views from Stormlikes

Incorporating Stormlikes services into your social media marketing strategy will have these effects:

  • Your Instagram profile will appear as more authoritative. You will appear in recommendations and searches more often.

  • Your content will receive more love from the Instagram algorithm landing them on the explore page.

  • You videos will receive more organic engagement: video views, likes, shares and saves.

  • Your posts will appear faster in your followers' feed.

Why should I buy Instagram views?

So, how do I buy Instagram views?

The process is really simple. Just as any of our other Instagram services, everything begins on this page, simply select a package that you prefer and head on to the checkout process:

  1. Enter your Instagram username.

  2. We'll load the latest Instagram posts from your account.

  3. Select one or more posts, your package will be divided evenly between selected videos.

  4. Configure delivery speed of your order if you'd like to receive them at a slower pace.

  5. Combine your purchase with Instagram likes or Instagram followers in one click in order to ensure that you get the ultimate results.

  6. Complete the payment with your card or Apple Pay.

What happens once I've purchased Instagram views from Stormlikes?

We'll send you a receipt and a tracking link which you can use to confirm the status of your order. Our high-quality views will start coming in at your configured speed.

Don't waste this opportunity. Buy Instagram views now!

Make a real, lasting impact on your Instagram today. Select one of our packages above and get started on your journey to new heights.

Got questions? We got you!

Have any questions about our high-quality Instagram video views? Read our FAQ below or browse our support page to send our team a message.

Why choose Stormlikes for buying Instagram views?

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There’s a reason why tens of thousands of customers keep coming back to Stormlikes: the best quality you can find at the lowest prices. Our goal is to help you boost your Instagram growth when buying real views.

We’ve changed the market for buying Insta views by forcing the prices down and increasing quality to the max. Stormlikes' quality services are hard to compete with. We're talking affordability, flexibility and instant delivery all in one package.

What makes Stormlikes different from other options?

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Everything! Our expert team created the first platform on the planet where you could get 100% real Instagram views by filtering by country and gender (plus unbeatable prices). Plus, our world-class support team is here to help you succeed every step of the way.

Stormlikes is the most reliable platform where you can buy real views time after time and keep seeing the same results. That's why our ratings are so sky high.

Will buying Instagram views grow my reach?

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Customers who buy real Instagram views are more likely to be rewarded by the algorithm. Since our users actively post on their stories, Instagram will reward your videos and reels that get authentic views and show them to more people.

Will more views push my Instagram videos into people's feeds?

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Generally speaking, more engagement will place your video higher in the feed. Whenever you buy Instagram views you can rely on Stormlikes delivering views of highest quality on time, however you must also understand that growing on Instagram is not an overnight deal.

You will have to post videos regularly and make catchy content. Basically, more views is good but naturally engaging content is even better.

What services do you offer?

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We offer a wide range of services for Instagram:

  • Explore how we can increase your likes.

  • Take a look at how followers help your account grow.

Want to level up your game by going fully automatic?

How can I control delivery speed?

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Your delivery speed can be selected under Delivery settings after choosing posts during checkout.

How can I buy Instagram likes and followers?

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We can help you with buying Instagram likes and followers with our tailored packages. We have a dedicated page for IG followers and for IG likes where you can learn more about these services. Our likes are as famous as our views while our followers have helped thousands of Stormlikes customers achieve their influencer goals.

Do you offer automatic Instagram views?

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Absolutely! Customers love our real Instagram views delivered automatically. Stormlikes will detect any new upload and automatically send you real Instagram views without having to deal with any hassle.

So you can post (and grow) with confidence knowing you’re setting yourself up to succeed. As always, orders come with instant delivery and 24/7 support.

P.S. There's a similar service, automatic Instagram likes that you can combine with views in order to completely automate your engagement needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

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Pay on Stormlikes using all major credit and debit card brands. This includes cards issued by VISA, Mastercard and AMEX. On top of that, if you are using a compatible device you will also get an option to pay using Apple Pay which is a very convenient option.

All of your payment data is tokenized and processed by an authorized payment network partner in accordance with the most strict PCI DSS standards. All connections on Stormlikes are secured by 256-bit encryption.

Can I buy Instagram views with Apple Pay?

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Yes, you can pay for all of our services including views with Apple Pay. You will see an option to use Apple Pay on checkout whenever using a compatible device. This is a convenient payment method as it does not require you to fill in any card details and provides additional security.

Do you need my Instagram password?

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No password is ever required to buy our real Instagram views. We'll only ask for your username in order to load your latest posts.

Do I have to register?

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No, there's no need to sign up when purchasing a single package of Insta views.

Do you offer refunds?

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If you are not satisfied with our high-quality Instagram views, you may request a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If delivery of our service has not started within 72 hours after purchase, we will fully refund the cost of your order. No questions asked.

How can I boost my reach and Instagram results?

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While natural growth is often promised to those who invest time in building their social media profiles, achieving it can be challenging. Many profiles require an extra push to reach the explore page and that's where our 100% high-quality Instagram views can help you gain massive growth organically.

Also, check out our Blog for insightful tips & tricks on how to boost engagement on your videos and reels.

Will buying Instagram views affect the algorithm?

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Great question! Buying fake IG views or having accounts filled with bots will impact the algorithm negatively.

This is why so many people become devoted to Stormlikes after having awful experiences with other providers. It's a no-brainer. Instagram algorithm rewards likes, views, saves and comments from real, authentic users. And that’s exactly what we offer!

Can Instagram detect fake video views?

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Instagram is by no means oblivious to fake engagement. They can detect differences between bots and real Instagram users. Therefore it's most important to purchase Instagram views from reputable providers.

Stormlikes is the best service for purchasing views as it has been around for many years and has proven itself as a widely celebrated marketing partner for tens of thousands of Instagrammers.

Will buying Instagram views get my account banned?

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This is unheard of. However, if you're concerned over your account getting in trouble over fake engagement the only solution is to buy real Instagram views from market leaders in social media promotion like Stormlikes.

Our team strive for excellence, and you can rest assured that your Instagram video views will be of highest quality and will be delivered on time.

How much is 1000 views on Instagram?

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Our 1000 Instagram video views package starts at $1.79 USD which is a very affordable option considering the quality of our service.

Can I buy views and likes at the same time?

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Absolutely, whenever you're on our checkout buying views you will see a convenient option to add likes and even followers to your order. Combining multiple services is a perfect way to boost a new post on your account ensuring that it reaches a broader audience.

This is it. Act now!

Get more views, likes and followers than you've ever seen before. Grow your account quicker and reach for your dreams.