Instagram Shops: 11 Creative Ways to Promote Your Products

Instagram Shops: 11 Creative Ways to Promote Your Products

Published on 27th of December 2018

If you're running a B2C e-commerce business, Instagram has the potential to take your shop to a whole other level. By knowing what type of content your ideal customer likes and interacts with, your sales could skyrocket. In fact, according to Big Commerce, 36 % of B2C brands, “Consider Instagram to be ‘very important’ or ‘critical’ to their social media marketing.” Businesses and brands get more eyes, thus more sales through Instagram.

While running ads on Instagram and making your posts “shoppable” are both proven to boost sales, simply uploading quality content is necessary too. Aesthetic pictures that get you likes, followers, and engagement are pivotal for numerous reasons.

First, you need followers because they're your potential customers or current customers that have to want to continue to buy from you. Second, you want engagement so that the Instagram algorithm can continue to make you appear in your followers' timeline. Third, you want your followers to love your posts so much that they share your shop profile with their friends and family.

As you can see, having good content on social media matters. However, we understand that coming up with new ideas on a regular basis can be exhausting, that's why we've compiled a list of creative ideas you can utilize to make great content.

11 creative ways to promote your products on Instagram

1. Keep it natural

You don’t always have to take professional pictures of your product against a plain-colored background. Set up your product in a place where it’s obvious and stands out, but isn’t the main focus just like @tellkiddo did above with their tote bag.

2. Add text

If you choose the right font that goes with your image, you can add text to your product. Fo example, you can take a picture of your mug on a table—a plain picture—and then on top add “50% off now!” You can also add a quote like, “Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my coffee in my favorite mug.” Play around with your quotes.

3. Edit the images

If, for example, you’re selling eating utensils, you can take a picture of a knife, spoon, and fork, and then remove the background. From there, you can add your own background, or set up the images diagonally, or anything else you can come up with. You don’t have to stick to the background that you have. You can edit it out.

4. Take unashamed professional pictures

You want to display and show off your products with professional pictures like above. @mignonnehandmade does a fantastic job of showing her beautiful product in a way that makes them really stand out. You can’t help but stop scrolling to take a good look at the product.

5. Ask your followers what they want

Instagram stories make asking your followers what they want incredibly simple. You can upload a story where you’re asking in a video or just take a picture of anything, and then add a “questions” sticker, asking people what they want to see next. You can also add a poll where you write two options and give people a chance to pick. Not many people are doing this, and it’ll make you memorable because how often do you bump into a shop you love that asks you what you want?

6. Play around with it

Like I said earlier, you don’t need to be serious with your pictures. Yes, you should be uploading plain pictures of your products, but that doesn’t need to be your post every day. You can get creative with your product, just like above. For example, @forestmisha above put their toy owl on it’s side in bed and even covered it with a blanket. It’s such a simple concept, but it stands out.

7. Host game nights/giveaways

People love it when they have a chance to get your product for free. Come up with a weekly or monthly game that your followers can participate in for a one-of-a-kind prize. You can have people guess what animal you’ll be drawing on your poster next or give them a riddle that relates to your product. Get creative with this, post it on your story, and make it a post.

8. Buy props

Your brand and shop most likely has brand colors (if you don’t, you should pick some out!), so buy props that relate to your brand colors. However, you can also buy random props. For example, @sinrostrodesigns bought a movie board, and now they can write what they want and take a picture of it besides their poster.

9. Do countdowns

Product launches are something that copious people do on Instagram. You can upload pictures (that have your brand colors) when you’re about to launch a product. This will build hype, and your followers will be excited about the product that you’ll be launching. This is also something that might get people to actually visit your profile because every day you can give hints about what your new product is, and tell people more about it.

10. Utilize all of your story options

Instagram has multiple stories that you can utilize for your business. They’re fun features that aren’t limited to personal profiles. You can have fun with it, too! These options include Superzoom, Rewind, Boomerang, and Stop Motion. Play around with them, and have your products appear differently rather than just a normal and still picture.

11. Share behind the scenes post

@beardbangs used their process as a chance to post some behind-the-scenes, but also took a great picture. There’s no, mess and it’s not a boring post. Plus, based on their 270 likes, their followers enjoyed the image.

These are just ideas, but study other Instagrams and let your ideas flow. Don’t be afraid to let these ideas spark some of your own, and most importantly, don’t be afraid to try them!

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