Tips for Starting a Successful Side Hustle on Instagram

March 01, 2022

A side hustle is that extra job you do outside the normal 9-5 job. You might not earn a million dollars from the start but the plain fact is that anything is possible.

If you spend at least an hour on Instagram, then there shouldn't be a reason why you cannot earn some money from a simple app.

The most interesting part of this is that you do what you already enjoy doing and earn money without much stress or capital.

Starting a successful hustle on Instagram, just like any other platform, requires some level of expertise, though. This article is sure to simplify that for you with several practical tips you cannot go wrong with.

1. Set up your goals

Being a successful hustler comes with some level of planning. And we're talking about plans, milestones, goals, and objectives. You need to set these up and be aligned with how you intend to achieve them.

white printer paper beside filled mugLet's look at some goals you might want to incorporate:

Once you set up goals in a way that's similar to what we have up there, the work becomes easier because a strategy is in place.

2. Create an Instagram business account

You can add some professional touches to an Instagram profile with the Instagram business account.

With such an account, you can include more details in your profile. Additional features include:

You should also make sure you have a killer bio as this might just be the window through which non-followers can assess your business.

In addition to a very good bio, include a link that can redirect viewers to your website.

3. Post consistently 

You should have a regular time in which you post new updates. In doing this, try to make it achievable even if it's just once a day or every two days.

The key here is to enable your viewers to expect contents regularly at predictable times.

And when you're making your posts, include relevant hashtags to improve your visibility on Instagram when users search. You can use third-party apps like Raitetag if your hashtag research isn't there yet.

4. Use quality photos 

Have you ever visited any profile and get lost just flipping through the collection of pictures? You most likely did this because the visuals were captivating or simply beautiful.

Dull pictures and videos, on the other hand, will always fail to properly engage viewers.

When viewers start skipping your content, it leads to a fall in conversions and this can harm your progress.

You don't need the most expensive digital camera to make this happen. Most new phones now come with sophisticated cameras that can equally do the job.

You can use stock photos as well. Examples of where you can get such photos free of charge:

5. Engage with others 

Engagement is key if you want to breathe life into your posts. Frequent interactions with your community cannot only promote you; it can also generate good traffic. This builds social trust, inviting more people into the conversation.

Easy ways to achieve this… 

  • Answering questions 

  • Commenting on posts within your niche 

  • Creating surveys 

  • Sharing user-generated content

And any other thing that can promote conversations around your brand.

6. Put in some hard work

Research has shown that over 90 percent of startups fail. This goes to show that you need to put in some hard work to make it easier for you to achieve your aims.

Early days can be very discouraging, with results being much slower than anticipated. You mustn't give in at this phase.

Trust me, you will have reasons to give up. The difference between success and failure stories lies in those that kept working hard to weather the storm.

Investing valuable time daily and doing things accurately and consistently might just make the difference for you.

7. Make sure it's conducive 

When planning your strategy, one of the most important aspects is making your milestones achievable and conducive. You should take note of other activities you might be engaged in.

An example is having a regular 9 to 5 and wanting to do your Instagram activities between 12 and 3.

Choosing the appropriate time and products can be invaluable to the course of building a fortune on Instagram.

8. Connect with brands 

assorted logo lotYou should connect with brands as soon as you have enough following. Having a few hundreds of followers might not cut it as big brands need your followers to be a few thousand at the very least.

Once your number is impressive, you can approach a brand within your niche and lodge your proposal. They will assess the risks or benefits of your proposal and can go with you if they feel your profile has a lot to offer.

You might not get big monetary rewards immediately. These companies will likely start with freebies.

It's not entirely bad even if the value of the freebie is small, since it can increase your popularity and reach as well.

You can also try out sponsored posts with brands within your reach. Sometimes, you just need that one contract and you're set for Instagram riches.

Want tips on how to grow your followers? Check out this article from TedEd to learn more.

9. Analytics

The best way to improve yourself is to analyze what you did in the past. You get to uncover what works and what doesn't.

You need to go over various posts and see which ones performed very well. Get the reasons why some performed well and others didn't.


Once you can get this information, you're bound to improve on whatever success you might have experienced.


Several third-party apps can come in handy when you need to run an analysis of your Instagram account.


Key takeaways

Just like any other new business, starting a successful hustle on Instagram can be quite challenging. To succeed, get as much good information as possible and practice them.


Don't be discouraged by slow starts but be encouraged by what you stand to gain by not giving up.


And most importantly, start with an Instagram business account and use good analytics tools to analyze your activities.







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