15 Questions That Will Get You More Comments on Instagram

15 Questions That Will Get You More Comments on Instagram

Published on 13th of October 2018

Gaining followers on Instagram is one job, but getting valuable followers that interact with you is another. What you want to seek is engagement. Why? You could have 1,000 followers, and none of them could be hardcore fans. However, you could have 200 followers, and have all of them be fans that engage with you, love you, and buy from you.


People become a part of your community when they engage with you. Once you talk to someone and you like them, you basically become friends, right? That’s how it is with brands. You have to get people to fall in love with you, and talk to you. Once they engage, and continue to do so, they’re all in.

15 questions that will get you more comments on Instagram for any niche

1. What can I do for you?/What can I help you with?

This is probably the most important question you can ask. When you ask your followers how you can serve them, you’re reminding them that you’re there for them. Whether you’re offering self-help or fashion advice, it’s important to ask. People don’t hesitate to ask for help from the people offering it, especially if they admire that person or brand.


2. What are your thoughts?

When you ask this, you’re encouraging your followers to give their opinion. Everybody likes to offer their two cents, and if you’re giving them permission, they appreciate it more. Ask this, and people will be happy to tell you what they’re thinking.


3. Do you have any questions for me?

Just like the first question, this one motivates your followers to take you up on your expertise. People can Google any question they want, but most of us still prefer to ask people directly. People will take the opportunity to ask you something they trust you can give the best answer to.


4. Do you agree?

While this question may only give you a simple “YES” or “100%” no matter how short the comment, it’s still a comment. Such a simple question still pushes people to comment. This proves to you that your followers are willing to engage. How? Because if they’re taking the time to answer something simple, they’re valuable followers.


5. How has your day been?

You can’t go wrong with this question. People love you and your kindness, and if you take the time to ask this, they’ll love you even more. You hear this all the time from friends you haven’t seen in a while, but from brands it means more than that. People assume brands just want their money, so remind them that’s not true.


6. Do you like [blank]?

This is a question you can use no matter what you’re talking about. If you’ve just launched a new product, you can ask your followers if they’re liking it. It gives you direct and valuable feedback. You can also ask this just to get to know them better. For example, if you’re writing an article about inspiring t.v. quotes, you can ask “Do you like Manifest so far?” It doubles as a more personal question.


7. You in?

Easy. Just two words, but it can be very impactful. If you get replies, it shows you that your followers are all in. You get proof that they’re excited, and that they’re there to buy from you or sign up to your list, etc.. This pushes them to show their excitement because people love to share their joy online.


8. What are your goals for the next week?


When you ask this, you make people think and remember what their goals are. Once they’ve remembered, they’re excited to share them because it feels legitimate when you put it out into the world like that.


9. Have you seen my/our latest [blank]?

This is a great question to ask because it gives you a chance to promote something new, and also give your followers the opportunity to tell you about it. No one will just say “yes” or “no.” You’re going to get comments that say “yes”, and some comment about how they love it or feedback. It’s a question that gives you everything you need.


10. Who’s pumped for this?

How many times have you said the phrase, “I’m so excited for this!” We’ll say it three times in every other sentence. We like to share our excitement as humans, and your followers would love to do that to. This question gives them the chance to do that.


11. What are you excited for?

Asking this question gets people in an excited mood. You’re reminding them that they have something to be excited about, and we all love to share exciting news. You’ll get comments because we like to tell people the good things in our life.


12. What are you doing today?

The reason people are on social media is to share parts of their life and what they’re up to. If you ask your followers what their plans are, they’ll love to tell you. They’ll especially love it if it has to do with your brand. For example, if a professional photographer asks you what you’re doing, and you say “Going out to take pictures,” you feel like you’re connecting with them.


13. Will you join me?

If you’re hosting a live on Instagram, a webinar, a live event, or something similar, ask this question. This question will push your followers to say “Yes” “out loud”, and that’ll push them to really join. People love to be a part a community, and this will make feel exactly that because they’re commenting amongst so many others like them.


14. What actions will you take?

People love to share their to-do lists and like to tell everyone what they’re up to. It makes them feel productive and like they’re really going to do that thing. Encourage your readers to take action, and then ask them what they’ll be doing exactly. People will be eager to respond.


15. What do you think about [blank]?

This is similar to the “Do you like [blank]?” but it gives people more space to be honest. While the first question is more of a yes or no question, this offers opportunity for more explanation. People can go into the reasons of why they like or dislike something. This can be very valuable for product launches!

Bonus tip: Make sure you’re taking the time to reply and/or like your comments. You want to engage back and make people feel seen.

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