Expand Your Brand's Reach With Instagram Ads

Expand Your Brand's Reach With Instagram Ads

Published on 26th of September 2021

Let’s be clear, what Instagram primarily provides is a platform for businesses, brands, creators, influencers, and other users to reach their audience. However, as the number of accounts and traffic on the network grows, this becomes more difficult to achieve due to the increased competition.

This difficulty is the primary reason why the photo and video sharing platform came up with its Ads feature in 2015.

The place of Instagram Ads in 2021

Instagram Ads are based on the same channels and processes as Facebook Ads. It has always been the dream of Zuckerberg to link these social media outfits together.

Yet, lots of people consider Instagram overboard and unnecessary. Those with such a mindset are users who still think IG is all about casually sharing pictures.

Well, with over a billion users, Insta is one of the biggest markets in the world. So if you're looking forward to increasing your reach and, potentially, your profit in 2021, you might want to consider Instagram Ads.

5 reasons why you should be using Instagram Ads

  1. Bigger audience: As one of the fastest-growing social media outfits, you stand the chance of reaching a bigger audience. More so, statistics show that active brands on Instagram experience a 1.46% growth in followership on average.

  2. Attention: The hallmark of social media marketing is grabbing attention. There's no better way to catch the attention of Gen-Z and Millenials than through Instagram.

    Let me use this opportunity to drop this mind-blowing fact: For every 5 minutes that a USA citizen spends using their mobile phone, one of those minutes is usually on Instagram or Facebook.

  3. Market force: These days, with the increment in ads and businesses on Instagram, more users discover new products and services on the platform. Statistics show that about 75% of these users go as far as visiting the designated sites, liking, commenting, and sharing the post.

    It's safe to say that Instagram has become a major driving force influencing market value and prices.

  4. Target marketing: Instagram Ads can reach a specific group of users. Depending on your brand, you can focus on people with a particular location, demographics, or behaviors.

    It's also possible to target the ads toward persons who have interacted with your product/service at some point.

  5. Impressive results: Figures from Instagram suggest that Ads result in more engagements and better marketing than other conventional online advertising methods.

How to create Instagram Ads

To create an effective ad, you have to go through some steps and processes for proper setup. First and foremost, you have to define the primary marketing objective.

Normally, this objective would state what you hope to achieve by including Instagram Ads in your marketing strategy.

Sometimes choosing a marketing objective might also involve defining your audience, creating a budget, placements, and schedule. And by now, you should be able to define your marketing objective. We'll delve deeper into the objectives later in this guide.

The next step is to provide a unique name for your ad campaign. (A little tip - try to devise a naming convention that you can follow subsequently.) So after naming it, you’ll have to create the ad or use one of your previous posts.

Using Facebook Ads Manager

There are generally two methods of creating Instagram Ads. The first is by using the app. But the more common approach is through Facebook Ads Manager. You can use the interface to create, edit, and manage ad campaigns, and we'll focus on just this method.

Using Facebook Ads Manager, you need to access your Facebook page and go to the upper right side section of your screen, where you'll find a drop-down arrow. Once you click on that arrow, you'll see several options like Create Page, Manage Pages, etc.

One of the drop-down options is Create Ads, where you can create new ads. Another option is Manage Ads, where you can manage all your campaigns.

The objectives of Instagram Ads

  1. Brand awareness: This is one of the most essential and specialized objectives as it ensures that your ads reach users who will likely show great interest. This way, the right people become more aware of your brand and products/services.

  2. Reach: This goal deals with the frequency of your ads and the number of users that get to see them. It's not specialized like the first objective as both uninterested and interested accounts will see the post. 

  3. Traffic: Importantly, IG ads also serve as a directing link that can take interested users and potential customers to your app through the app store or your website. This objective will potentially drive traffic to your URL, which you'll provide while creating the campaign.

  4. Engagement: This objective helps to increase the level of engagement surrounding your post. It might be in the form of comments, shares, likes, etc.
    It's best suited for promoting new posts or using existing posts for ads. To promote an existing IG post, you would have to do it through the app.

  5. Video views: This one helps draw more attention to videos about your product or service. It can be a product launch, the making of your product, etc.

  6. App installs: A traffic-oriented objective, in which users are sent straight to your app's download page.

  7. Lead generation: This goal helps to collect relevant lead information from users that show interest in your brand. To utilize this objective, you would have to create a lead form while creating the campaign. Ads can only include fields like email, mobile contact, gender, and name.

  8. Conversions: This objective is similar to app installs as it prompts people to take the next step on your website or app. You can also track the conversions through Ads Manager or Facebook Pixel.

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