The Best Ways to Respond to Instagram Comments and Increase Your Followers

The Best Ways to Respond to Instagram Comments and Increase Your Followers

Published on 3rd of February 2019

Did you know that comments from your followers and random Instagram users who happened to notice your post from hashtags they follow or geotags they click on can positively affect your engagement rate and be favored by the Instagram algorithm? This is why it’s important to write captions that drive your target audience to react to your posts, and equally important to read the comments made on your posts and respond to these comments to keep the conversations going.


Aside from the Instagram algorithm, your responses to the comments made by users you’ve reached and your followers is a great way to show them that you value them, and this can create a positive impact on how they view your brand. Interactions can lead to a feeling of connection, and once this happens, people are likely to follow your account and even become loyal fans.


So, how should you respond to the different types of comments you receive on your posts? Here are a few tips:



How to Handle Spam and @ Mentions

Unfortunately, not all comments you’ll receive on your posts would be worth your while, even after you have turned on the “Hide Offensive Comments” function. Whenever this happens, you can report the comment as spam, scam, or abusive content and block the users from being able to comment or mention you in the future.


If someone mentions your account on their photo or video, you can remove the tag by simply tapping on the actual photo or video, then your account name, “More Options”, “Remove Me from Post” (if you’re using an iPhone) or “Remove Tag” (if you’re using an Android phone), then “Remove” (on iPhone) or “Yes, I’m Sure” (on Android).



How to React to Emoji Comments or Single-Word Comments

Aside from spam comments, this is another type of reaction from users that you do not necessarily have to respond to. But, if you want to be gracious, you can simply like this comment, reply with another emoji, or a simple “Thank you!”



How to Respond to Compliments and Positive Reviews

Receiving positive feedback from Instagram users is a great thing for your brand. Usually, people would simply tap the heart icon and move on to other posts. So, when someone takes the time to write a compliment or share a positive review of your product, make sure to show them your gratitude for doing so and write a thoughtful response.


Also, take this opportunity to ask for their permission to use their comment as a review on your site. Sharing these positive feedbacks with your staff and commending those who the customers have mentioned in their reviews would be an excellent way to motivate your team to maintaining their level of service and even perform better.  



How to Deal with Negative Comments and Reviewspink breathe neon sign

Unfortunately, there are times when disgruntled customers would lash out at your business by commenting on your posts with cuss words and hateful speech instead of coursing their concerns or issues through the appropriate channels. When this happens, do not reply and simply flag their comment as abusive content. Always keep in mind that you need to maintain a good image for your brand, and engaging with these types of people would not be beneficial for your business.


As for complaints or negative feedback on your product or service, it would be best for you to reply in a professional manner at all times and try to address their concerns properly. Also, keep in mind that not all comments are true and not all users who claim to have had a negative experience with your brand are actual customers. Avoid making aggressive remarks and always remember that you are representing your business. If you need to, take some time to calm down and when you’re ready, draft a professional response and review this before you hit the post button.


If a negative review warrants some investigation from your end, inform the user that you will be looking into the matter and let them know that you will share your findings with them as soon as possible. Certain cases may be best dealt with privately, and you may need to ask them to communicate with you further via direct message. As the saying goes, “The customer is always right.” Sometimes, negative feedbacks are what businesses need to improve on their products or services, so treat these as constructively as you can and use this as an opportunity to win back a customer.



How to Answer Questions

Oftentimes, people will ask questions about the products, services, or promos that you post on Instagram, and you need to give them a quick reply all the time because they might actually want to buy your offer and take advantage of your promotions.


One way to make it easier and faster for you to reply to these types of questions is to prepare templated answers to general questions about your offers and business information, like whether you’re open on Sundays or holidays, where your establishment is located, or if your products are made locally. This way, you can easily copy and paste your answers and respond to most of the questions in less amount of time.


If the question requires a lengthy answer, you may reply to their comment with a short thank you for sending their question and that you will send them your reply via direct message. If this is not enough, you may ask them to call you, so you may discuss the matter further in detail.


As much as it is important to post regularly on your Instagram profile to ensure that you get more followers, it is also crucial to check those posts for comments and reply to these in a timely manner. This way, you keep the engagement going. This sends a positive message to followers and users who have taken the time to post a comment on your content, showing them that you value them. By keeping them engaged, you are able to keep your existing followers and strengthen your connection with them, while at the same time gaining more followers.

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