5 Reliable Ways to Increase Brand Value on Instagram

5 Reliable Ways to Increase Brand Value on Instagram

Published on 30th of June 2022

When it comes to facing business challenges or growing your brand organically, the best strategy is to add value to your presence on social media.

Instagram is a platform like no bother, especially for businesses and content creators.

Now, the question is, how would you charge a premium for your services or products when your business or content isn't worth it? That's why you need a solid brand value on Instagram.

It's pertinent that you add such value to your name to get more clients and/or customers. Well, building brand authority for your offerings is not just important, it increases your brand value as well.

You'll find reliable ways to increase your brand value on Instagram below.

1. The visual branding method

You have to be consistent with your visual branding if you need to add value to your social media presence.

Instagram is more of a visual platform after all; it's heavily important to have quality photos and videos on your page.

You need to work regularly to update your color palette, bio, and profile photo so that anywhere you appear on Instagram, your audience will still recognize you.

If possible, you should use the same colors (and maybe fonts) when you're uploading graphics, videos, or photos. Doing all of these will cement your identity in the mind of followers. This way, they recognize your business without even seeing your name or logo.

Let's take Amal Kor as an example. They use Kor as their key brand element. You'll find it on their posts and even other pages online. Customers and clients can identify the brand as quickly as possible and of course, this will help in increasing awareness and performance.

2. Keep a consistent voice or toneWhite and Black Ipad Case

The main aim is to make your targeted audience more familiar with your brand. And of course, by adding such value to your brand, the benefits you've projected will be derived.

Similar to a person who wants to improve on him or herself, your brand needs some personality to increase its value on Instagram.

Again, you need to post on the platform with a consistent voice or tone. If you start by being informative, sarcastic, or entertaining, then you appear indecisive. You're running all over the place instead of choosing one and sticking with it.

The purpose is to make your audience recognize your brand easily with your voice or way of posting. In the long haul, your brand will be humanized and your followers will feel like they're engaging with a real person.

Therefore, you need to keep a consistent tone of voice for your brand’s specific vocabulary, personality traits, and catchphrases.

3. Offer value to your audienceman holding incandescent bulb

Adding value to your brand must also impact your IG community. This is like a two-way street—you give, you take.

By giving value to your brand, your followers can return value by recognizing your brand and sticking with your products or services.

Of course, the essence of adding value to your brand is for better recognition. Now, how can you do that without impacting your audience? They need to know more about your industry, brand, and products/services.

To achieve this, you need a solid content strategy—post quality visuals that would inspire, educate or entertain them. These posts should be thought-provoking and aim to bring the desired engagement that your brand needs.

Interestingly, Instagram's algorithm is based on valuable content. It's purposefully designed to fish out such posts; they're more likely to be higher on the audience's feeds and of course, more people will view them.

4. Share your product testimonialsYellow Star Shaped Plastic Toy

When you share real testimonies with your customers, your brand stands to hold more value in their eyes as they believe your product/service does the job.

This shows others what they're missing by not patronizing your brand. In other words, any positive talk about what you do will surely get others interested.

And to use this strategy on Instagram, you simply need to upload reviews, feedback, and positive words of mouth about your product or service. You can even show them case studies.

This shows how your brand has worked for others, inviting others to try it out. This adds extra value this way.

5. Customers/clients advocacy

Here's another route to take when putting some extra value on your business or content. By asking previous clients or customers to advocate for your brand, you get to attract new buyers via referrals.

Hence, whenever someone says something positive about your brand, it's an upliftment for your brand, pushing your offerings to more people.

Final thoughts

By giving your brand enough value, it does well to help it stand out. Competition is everywhere, and no one wants to patronize a business that won't give value to their hard-earned money.

So you need to add value to your brand to make it more outstanding and garner the desired awareness you need to meet your sales goals and maintain it for a long time.

Thanks to the volume of active users, Instagram isn’t a bad idea to boost brand value. We hope, with this guide, you can do it most strategically.

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