10 of the Best Websites for Instagram Businesses & Marketers

10 of the Best Websites for Instagram Businesses & Marketers

Published on 9th of October 2018

In the Information Age, Instagram is on top of the marketing game. For one, businesses, influencers, and marketers have access to more than 1 billion users. __END_BLOG__If that's not enough, Instagram has a plethora of inbuilt features and tools specially developed for businesses...and third-party apps are readily available.


Thanks to the many features and tools Instagram offer, businesses and marketers are constantly using the social media platform to boost not only user engagement but also brand awareness, product and/or service perception, customer satisfaction, and many more. So once you can wrap your head around how Instagram works for businesses, you possess a surefire technique, leading to an increase in customers and sales.


But Instagram is a comprehensive platform, which means you need a wide knowledge to fully utilize and manipulate the system. In other words, the effectiveness of Instagram in the marketing of your business requires a certain learning curve. To completely understand Instagram marketing, therefore, you need to follow some guidelines, access some materials, and use some strategies.



What we mean by "best websites for Instagram businesses and marketers"...

Well, there are different kinds of websites you might need for Instagram marketing. There are influencer marketing platforms (such as AspireIQ, Upfluence, and NeoReach), automated scheduling apps (such as SocialDrift, Later, and Tailwind), social growth services (such as ViralUpgrade, Ampfluence, and Social Growth), complete management tools (such as Buffer, Hootsuite, and Social Sprout), Instagram likes for sale (such as Stormlikes), and many more.


These websites are stories for another day; let's use today to look at 10 of the best resourceful websites for brands and individuals using Instagram to market their service and/or product. In this context, we are looking at websites that share tips on how to market on Instagram successfully. Websites that teach you how to improve your Instagram profile and content, how to tell your story with photos and videos, and how to optimize IG posts with the ranking algorithm in mind. Let's proceed.



The 10 websites are...

10. Hopper HQ Blog

If you want to create, plan, and schedule IG posts, Hopper HQ is one of the numerous fully-automated Instagram scheduling apps you can opt for. The app prides itself as an essential tool for businesses to manipulate the ever-growing IG community because scheduling is quite important on social media. However, Hopper HQ's mention on this list is linked to its blog, not its marketing course or scheduling tool. The Hopper HQ blog features blog posts on everything Instagram marketing—from news and updates to tips and guides. As expected, most blog posts are geared towards scheduling IG posts but there is far more knowledge on there to take for yourself.



9. Schedugram Blog

Similar to Hopper HQ, Schedugram helps you with the fully-automated scheduling of your IG content and visual planning of your feeds. Its blog is the weighty page here, which guides you through different levels of Instagram marketing. So whether you're just starting out or you already have a social presence, there are enough marketing tips and trends to help improve your Instagram content and how you reach new and existing customers.



8. Smart Insights

Smart Insights is not your regular website. It is a community of actionable digital marketing experts, where you're blessed with the RACE (Reach, Act, Convert, Engage) framework, various toolkits, and an enormous list of integrated digital marketing strategies. The website helps businesses drive impressive growth through strategic planning, while its dedicated Instagram marketing page features trends, charts, case studies, updates, guides, and even more.



7. Entrepreneur

If we dive into entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur is definitely the best website to visit. Its primary aim is to give advises, insights, and guides to entrepreneurs of varying levels, but the website offers just a little more than that. For one, its Instagram marketing page is one of the best resources for businesses using Instagram to drive traffic, user engagement, brand awareness, or sales. The website has been filled with countless marketing advises, insights and guides to help you start your Instagram business and eventually succeed.



6. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is one of the most popular websites that is dedicated to social media marketing. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Snapchat, Social Media Examiner will examine the competitive market and enlighten you on how to stay afloat the competition by connecting with your customers and driving massive sales. Social Media Examiner has helped millions of businesses worldwide; now is your turn to be helped.



5. Sprout Blog

Managing your social media account or presence is a tedious task but often overlooked. When you realize how important a social media management software is, you can turn to Sprout Social for one of the best options in 2018. Sprout Social is also a robust social media marketing platform for engagement reports, campaign management, and content creation. Its blog, Sprout Blog, handles its own fair share, which is a combination of insights on some of Instagram's overlooked opportunities and underrated features, latest Instagram tips and guides, and exceptional marketing strategies.



4. Hootsuite Blog

If you've ever taken Instagram management seriously, you probably know the complete social media management platform Hootsuite. Even though Hootsuite is not exclusive to Instagram, its blog is dedicated to tactics that drive business results via social media. Its Instagram marketing page goes further to provide resources that maximize the effect of Instagram in the marketing of your brand, i.e. improved brand awareness, the development of a winning Instagram strategy, growth and engagement of your audience, and even how to use analytics and track results.



3. Later Blog

The Later Blog is a comprehensive source of information on Instagram marketing. The bloggers provide the latest Instagram trends, Instagram marketing strategies, case studies, innovative ideas, useful tools, et cetera. They offer video tutorials, well-detailed articles, growth tips, engagement tricks, e-commerce insights, and design guidelines—all sprinkled throughout the weeks of the month.



2. Iconosquare Blog

When it comes to Facebook and Instagram marketing, the bloggers at Iconosquare are well-versed and blessed with great storytelling skills. Iconosquare itself features exclusive management tools and insights, but its blog attracts thousands (or millions) of Instagram and Facebook marketers and business owners with something entirely different. The blog posts tell you what to do, exactly how to do it, and results to expect from what you've done. Simple as that.



1. Stormlikes Blog

Stormlikes Blog puts forward some of the most useful Instagram marketing tips and tricks in easy-to-understand English. With up to 5 posts in a week, Stormlikes Blog showcases the latest Instagram news, updates, trends, strategies, case studies, tips, tutorials, and stats. All these are properly detailed to help boost brand awareness, user engagement, product/service perception, traffic, and sales. Topics range from Instagram Stories to hashtags, IGTV to security, et cetera.



Honorable Mentions

1. r/InstagramMarketing

As a subreddit, r/InstagramMarketing is not the most organized website on this list. Granted, some users ask basic questions you might have answered a year ago; but still, you can never go wrong with this super resourceful subreddit. Apart from the eye-opening answers Redditors are evidently ready to offer, other users will call your attention to any error or issue they're facing with Instagram so you can also keep an eye out for it.



2. Sue B. Zimmerman

If YouTube suits your style, Sue B. Zimmerman is the ideal channel to widen your knowledge. This Instagram marketing expert touches every single area that helps develop small and mid-size businesses. With 17 million followers, Sue B. Zimmerman has offered help to tons of businesses of varying sizes and demands, and success is the only word Sue B. recognizes. She also operates a blog, where she mostly posts transcripts of her YouTube videos.



3. Shopify Blog

Shopify is one of the world's best e-commerce platforms to sell online and on social networks. Knowing the importance of Instagram marketing, bloggers at Shopify Blog unveil hidden tips to help their clients (and even non-clients) reach the ultimate goals of marketing: increased customers and sales.



4. Social Media Today

News When it comes to social media news, Social Media Today has your back. Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter, Social Media Today publishes headlines on literally everything social media. In fact, you have access to informative insights, popular trends, and practical how-to's.


Supercharged with 10 different websites (and 4 honorable mentions), you are now ready to feed your Instagram marketing mind with up-to-date tips and updates. These websites detail how to succeed using the many marketing opportunities, ideas, tools, and features of Instagram. Cheers!

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