How To Create The Perfect Instagram Bio For Your Business

How To Create The Perfect Instagram Bio For Your Business

Published on 26th of June 2018

Take a look at your Instagram bio right now, and ask yourself - “When was the last time I updated this?”


The answer might be yesterday, or it might be never - or, perhaps, it’s somewhere in between. __END_BLOG__ Whatever the case might be, it’s important to remember that having a good Instagram bio is not only important to attracting new followers, it’s essential to telling your new followers exactly who or what you are, and the content you will offer them.


Your Instagram bio needs to be fully equipped with everything you need to make that great first impression.


Here’s how you can create the perfect Instagram bio for your business


Make it short and sweet, and to the point

Writing an Instagram bio that speaks to your target audience is essential, and making your bio short, sweet and to the point is even more essential.


If you are a restaurant in New York, for example, you know there is plenty of competition. Plenty. What makes you different? What’s your unique proposition? Is it your location, or your culinary expertise? Your interior fusion or your service? Make sure this unique advantage seeps into your Instagram bio. Introduce who you are, and keywords that explain why visitors to your profile should click ‘follow’.

Meet is a great example. This is a Vancouver, Canada-based restaurant that prides itself on creating great Vegan food. By reading their bio, you know exactly who they are, what they do and what you can expect if you visit their location. You know this within moments, instead of needing to scroll through their feed.



Mention accounts, add hashtags and include links

Guiding your users through associated accounts, branded hashtags and links to your website is not only a best practice, it’s essential to generating ROI through Instagram for your business.


Mentioning accounts through your Instagram means that you can guide your users to other accounts that are related to your business. For example, if you are a retail brand, you can link to your store manager’s Instagram account, where he or she can post branded images of new products, great outfits and sneak peaks at what is ahead.


Branded hashtags can lead your followers to check out more great content, ideally focused on User Generated Content (UGC). This encourages your followers to share their own images, increasing your brand impressions and potential new followers.


Links to your website through your bio will increase visits and potential ROI generated through Instagram. If you have an e-commerce store, linking to your store through your site is always a great best practice. Be sure to track source traffic to your website in Google Analytics and measure traffic over time - if Instagram is increasing, you could optimize your website for Instagram traffic over time, to ensure a seamless user experience across platforms.



Make sure you’re using the Instagram Business profile

To make your Instagram account truly ready for new visitors, you want to be sure that you have the Instagram Business account activated for your profile. Instagram Business gives you the ability to create posts and ads, add links to your Instagram Stories, gather insights and analytics and add contact information to your Instagram bio.


Adding this key information to your bio is essential for business profiles. With such information, you can link users to a shop link, a link to call your business phone number, and a link to email your business account. You can also add a physical address to your profile, if you have a brick and mortar location.



Use emojis in your Instagram bio

We’re big fans of using emojis in just about everything, especially in our Instagram bios. Using emojis can not only help tell your brand story in an effective way, in the character limit of an Instagram bio, it can add visual detail to your bio description. Going back to the example of Meet, the Vegan restaurant in Vancouver, Canada - this account uses emojis in an effective way. The emojis help break up the description between the explanation of benefits.


No need to go overboard with your emoji use. Using it tastefully, yet somewhat sparingly, can help to visually tell your story. Most of all, have fun with it!



Create a few variations of your bio - and pass it through the employee test

Once you’ve created one version of your Instagram bio, create a few more and pass it along to your employees for their feedback. We recommend writing 3-4 variations of your bio and take it for a ‘feel’ test; that is ask your employees to rank their favorites. You might be surprised at their responses, or it might affirm your top selections.


When creating your Instagram bio, it’s important to remember why you’ve created your profile on Instagram in the first place. Ask yourself, what is the objective of your effort on this network? What is the purpose of creating beautiful images with engaging captions? By tying your strategy to your objectives, and articulating the perfect Instagram bio for your business, you can attract and retain visitors on this growing network.


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