Top-Quality Instagram Tools to Help You Create Content

Top-Quality Instagram Tools to Help You Create Content

Published on 10th of March 2021

In this day and age, content is king. Everything revolves around the type of content you create, and visual content is one of the most important types because of what it entails. Everywhere you go, what you see influences your decision.

For your Instagram marketing strategy to be the best, you need to understand all types of content. From visual to written, you need to know and test them all. 

High-quality content is very important in business. Once your brand is associated with such quality content, it automatically translates to brand trust. If you constantly see sub-par graphics from an Instagram brand, you'll subconsciously allocate poor quality to whatever they put out. While it may not happen purposely, it occurs all the same. 

To help create top-notch graphics and content, we’ll be discussing the best tools you can use to make them.

Top-Quality Instagram Tools to Help You Create Content


GIF is short for Graphic Interchange Format. They can be described as a quick mix of pictures and videos.

GIFs are everywhere these days, as they make the perfect memes for any situation. You can find a GIF to represent any mood you’re feeling. This is a great way to catch the attention of people, which in turn, increases your engagements.

Giphy is one of the go-to shops for GIFs. They host over a billion GIFs, which you can add to upload or add to your visual content. They make any Instagram post fun and entertaining.

2. Skitch by Evernote

Evernote is a famous online platform for taking notes, with the ability to sync on all your devices. The company recently created a cool markup and screen capture tool for Apple devices called Skitch.

This new software allows you to edit images with a screen capture tool, and there's so much more. From adding text to images to highlighting parts of your graphics, Skitch is one of the best tools out there.

BMP and PDF are some of the many formats this tool supports.

3. Blurgrounds

Pink Petaled Flower Plant Inside White Hanging PotBlurgrounds gives you the ability to add extra layers of styling and colour to all your pictures. With over 200 blurred backgrounds, it opens a world of variety. Get on Blurgrounds and give your image that special blurry touch.

4. Over

The Over app is one of the more multipurpose tools on this list. Its main use is to help users create logos, posters, and flyers for their businesses or for promotions.

With this app, you can build your Instagram page with the best graphic posters. Use a wide range of colours, fonts, and text styles to sell your brand in one glance.

Over also comes with a neat feature for scheduling Instagram posts right from the app.

5. Canva

Person Using Macbook Pro on White TextileProbably the most familiar on this list, Canva is one of the best design apps in the market. Period.

With their extensive inbuilt layouts and templates, you can create everything from wedding invitations, flyers, photos, text posts, and presentations.

Due to its user-friendly platform, it ranks high as one of the best tools for all sorts of creatives. Use their filters and robust features to enhance your IG page with the best quality photos and videos. 

You can sign up on Canva to access their great deals and a wide range of templates. They offer both free and premium plans.


Sometimes we might want to put up a post but the file is too large. Smush is a compression site to help reduce the size of an image and optimize it for better use. 


When it comes to infographics, Easel is one of the best platforms online. Infographics are one of the best ways to pass messages to a large demographic in a short amount of time.

With, you can bring pieces of information to life with the use of interactive and engaging graphics. Various templates, tools, icons and shapes. Plus, you can drag and drop your way into a quality infographic for your business to disseminate information.

8. PiktoChart

person sitting on chair holding iPadPiktochart works wonders for charts, infographics, flyers, reports and presentations.

With little to no knowledge of graphics design, you can still create amazing visual content for your Instagram page. This web tool was designed to be an all-rounder; it's feature-rich for pros and comes with user-friendly features for amateurs.

A large number of free templates are accessible on the site, so it's incredibly easy to create anything you want.

Another neat feature of Piktochart is team collaboration. You can collaborate with your friends or colleagues to keep track of work done.

9. Pablo by Buffer

If you want to catch the eye of your IG audience, Pablo is the design tool for you.

Pablo was made to help business owners create the best visual content for their Instagram business accounts. It spots 25+ unique fonts, free filters, and templates.

Pablo is currently powered by the social media tool Buffer. The web tool offers features that make it perfect for businesses and marketing teams to create beautiful social media-friendly images.

Pablo only works on desktops and tablets.

Using content to drive engagement

It’s not enough to create high-quality-content, you must also apply strategic methods to get the best out of it.

When you want to dive into the world of content creation and marketing, make sure you have an Instagram marketing plan. This is the first step in improving your brands’ engagement.

Once you have a plan, you can now enter the content creation phase where you create the graphics you need to achieve your marketing goals.

Create this content with your brand in mind, implanted with a brand signature style embedded in all your designs. This way, anyone coming across your work elsewhere will automatically associate it with you. 

Post frequently to keep your audience engaged and increase your organic reach. Go back to your strategy, how many posts are scheduled for the week? Use your strategy to guide you so you don’t end up spamming and your followers don’t hit that unfollow button.

Use infographics, awesome captions, and hashtags when making your posts. And don’t forget your call-to-action. With all these tools in your back pocket, you’re ready to kill the content game.

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