Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level With These Apps

Take Your Instagram Stories to the Next Level With These Apps

Published on 8th of August 2021

Instagram Stories can help you increase your engagement levels on the social media network. However, you need to upload captivating and creative stories to accomplish that. That might sound like an impossible task, but you can do it by utilizing the right apps. Check out some apps that will help you take your Instagram Stories to the next level. Then, download the apps to your iPhone or Android device, so you can start using them immediately. 

Spark AR Studio for Instagram Augmented Reality, Smartphone, Building Plan, Architect

Augmented reality (AR) is no longer the future of marketing. It has arrived in a big way on Instagram. Brands have watched engagement levels skyrocket after adding AR to their Instagram Stories, and you can enjoy the same results with help from Spark AR Studio for Instagram. You can use this free tool to create custom AR filters for your Stories.  This is a fun way to let people try out your products virtually. For example, people can test makeup, try on clothing, see how they’ll look in sunglasses, and so much more when you add AR filters to Stories. 

Storyluxe: Templates and Filters

The Storyluxe app has more than 700 eye-popping templates for you to use on Instagram Stories. Millions of people have downloaded and used this app, including celebrities. You can choose from floral, neon, instant film, and other styles of templates. While there is a wide range of templates, they have two things in common. They are creative and modern, so you are sure to generate attention when you use this app. Storyluxe has free and paid options available, so you can use this app, regardless of your budget. 


If you have a story to tell, the Unfold app can help. You can use the text and photo layout templates to create a miniature digital magazine for your Stories. The app contains more than 200 templates, and some of them are free. It also has photo editing tools for you to use. 

If you have some room in your budget, consider upgrading to the paid version. Subscribers can access new templates first, which is a huge selling point. 


Text and images blend together like a dream with the Typorama app. This app contains over 100 typefaces and fonts, plus features like shadows and 3D distortions to make the text stand out. The app also has color palettes, gradients, adjustment tools, and more. 

You can use this app for free, although it also has a paid option. If you use the paid version, you will unlock additional features that will help you stand out even more.


You should always include captions on videos you upload to Stories. First, most people watch videos with the sound off, so if you don’t have captions, they won’t know what you’re saying. Second, deaf and hard of hearing people will also miss your message if you don’t include captions.

You can make the captioning process quick and easy with the Clipomatic app. The app costs $4.99 and uses live voice-to-text translation to caption your videos. With 40 languages available, you can reach your target market with this app.

CanvaPerson Using a Smartphone

Canva is one of the easiest apps for non-designers. Even if you don’t have any design experience, you can create something that looks professional. The app has tons of free Instagram Story templates you can customize. The easy-to-use customization process makes creating branded templates for Instagram Stories a cinch. 

VSCOsilver iPhone 6 displaying pair of white sneakers

You can also create professional-style images with help from VSCO. The app includes editing presets that will make your photos look like they were taken by a professional. It also has a variety of tools for adjusting light, color, texture, and more. 

This app is free to use, although you’ll get extra features if you upgrade. The features include additional editing presets. 

BoostedPerson Holding Canon Dslr Camera Close-up Photo

Creating professional-looking photos to upload to Instagram Stories is a breeze with the Boosted app. It contains templates for various types of videos. You can add music and text to the videos, so they grab peoples’ attention. This tool even lets you add branded colors, filters, and fonts, so you can maintain your brand identity with your videos. While you can bring your own content to the app, it also provides access to the Getty Images video clip library.

Boosted is free to use, but you can upgrade to premium to unlock more features. It breaks down to $8.25 a month if you pay for an entire year upfront. If you prefer to pay by the month, it will cost $14.90 each month.

Hype-Type: Moving Text Photo

It’s easy to grab people’s attention when you use the Hype-Type app. This app animates text on photos and videos, adding some drama to your Stories. You can choose from various animations and font styles and control where the app places the text. You can even decide how fast or slow the text moves. 

You can try Hype-Type for free for the first week. Then, you’ll need to pay the annual fee of $20. When you see the results, you’ll realize that it’s well worth the price.


People will stick around and watch your Stories all the way through with help from the Seen app. Seen contains templates and a massive sticker library, but it really stands out when it comes to transitions. The dramatic and engaging transitions keep people glued to their phones as your Story moves from clip to clip. 

You can see it for yourself by using the free version of the app. After you use it for a bit, you might want to upgrade to the paid version to unlock additional features. 

Download These Apps Today

You can download and start using these apps today. These apps will help you generate interest, and people will likely visit your account to see what else you have to offer. Put your best foot forward by having an account full of posts with high levels of engagement. If you don’t have much engagement yet, buy Instagram likes. Then, people will be impressed with your account and stick around to see what’s next.

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