How to Use Targeted Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Brand

How to Use Targeted Hashtags to Grow Your Instagram Brand

Published on 17th of August 2022

Growing your brand will always be a top priority when it comes to maximizing sales. This is no different on Instagram because more exposure leads to a potential increase in marketing effects and sales.

There are several ways to achieve this feat and one of such is the use of hashtags, which is what this article will focus on.

Hashtags can be likened to search engine optimization in blogging. These involve specific words or groups of words preceded with the symbol ‘#’ and written as one word.

red and white polka dot car toyThese tags are usually followed by others and can be used to track conversations.

When this is done properly, it can expose you to a wide range of leads for free. Look at the proper use of hashtags as a sales magnet because that's basically what they are.

Today, let's get to how you can maximize the benefits of hashtags when building your brand. Imagine typing a word on search engines like Google or Bing and some websites pop up.

Those websites popping up are the ones that have content related to your search terms. The same applies to hashtags as these can be searched by individuals, showing them the top or recent posts attached to those hashtags.

So you see how a hashtag can lead to a new view, especially from people not following you. Well, you can get started right now:

There are a thousand and one hashtags on Instagram but you don't need all of them at a time.

chocolate bar on clear drinking glassChoose those that are relevant to your needs and can appeal to your customer base and community, based on the content you're posting.

If you haven't been exposed to it and you're wondering how to go about it, follow the simplified steps below.

Start as broad as possible

Choosing a hashtag should not be rocket science but this could be quite difficult at first.

Remember you have up to 30 different hashtags to choose from. You can go as broad-based as possible before you begin to narrow down.

Let's use a laptop as an example. You have an Instagram profile promoting the sales of Apple laptops.

slightly opened silver MacBookWhen searching for hashtags to use, you can start researching hashtags like #laptops, which is quite broad.

Others you could use are #macbook #macbookpro #macbookair and similar hashtags. They are more specific.

Use words that describe your business

Once you're done with broad-based hashtags, go on to use pick tags that describe your business.

Let's say you're promoting your logistics company on the Gram and you're looking for the right hashtags to use.

man riding motorcycle on road during daytimeAfter you must have used the broad spectrum hashtags, go into specific descriptions too.

You can use hashtags like #fastdelivery #reliablelogisticcompany #weshipanything #weshiptoeverylkcation and similar descriptive terms.

Use words that describe your customers, but make sure you research them. So, you need to use broad-based hashtags and hashtags that describe your business.

Go after hashtags that can describe your customers

Using the example of your logistics company, you can use hashtags like #homemadeorganicproducts, #handmadeshoes, #artists, etc.

Just anything that can describe your potential customers will do the trick as they are likely going to see your post.

Do some research and get branded hashtags

Nike #just do it textAnother beautiful way of going about it is to use branded hashtags. These ones should be from your competitors as you're certain that they have a big following amongst your potential customers.

A cool place you can harvest some of these hashtags is the Explore page. All you need to do is visit them, write down interesting hashtags they use, and apply those tags to your posts without directly copying how your competitors used them.

Use as many hashtags as you can use

Contrary to some beliefs that too many hashtags make your posts spammy, sometimes the reverse seems to be the case.

You can use as many as 30 different hashtags for your posts. Try not to use less than 10, anyway.

Multiple hashtags make it easier for your posts to be seen by many users, especially those not following you. But again, don't force or overdo it. It's okay to use as little as 5 or 7 hashtags.

But your hashtags are fewer than that, your content might be limited in terms of reach.

Target averagely competitive hashtags

Instagram's hashtags can be divided according to how competitive they are.

The ones with less than 10 thousand posts are classified as low competition.

You can target those between 10,000 and 50,000; they have average competition.

When you target these sets of hashtags, your posts stand a chance of being seen by a significant number of viewers.

The aim here is to find hashtags that are specific to your chosen niche to avoid them being irrelevant.

Aim for the top post section with your hashtags

Your target should always be to end up being featured in the top post section. Usually, it's the top 9 most popular posts within the period of 48hrs that make it to this list.

Once that feat is achieved, it aids you in capturing all sorts of audiences without having to pay money for ads.

Avoid the temptation of irrelevant hashtags

Unrelated hashtags can be tempting to use, especially when they are trending. We get it; they can easily make your posts more popular.

Using such hashtags, nonetheless, can drastically reduce your chances of being rated high when members keep hiding your posts.

If this is done consistently, Instagram's algorithms can reduce your reach because of viewers' dissatisfaction, killing your engagement and reach.

Following hashtags

When you follow your competitors’ hashtags, it aids you in understanding how they run their businesses. Having this knowledge can help in running yours more effectively.

You can gain access to some of these hashtags by seeking and following them. You can also visit any Instagram post to view the hashtags linked to such posts.

Never forget to analyze the success rate of your hashtag

When you periodically analyze how well your hashtags are doing, you get pointers that help you plan better. It's easier to do these when you have an Instagram business account.

There are also a couple of third-party apps you can use for such analysis when you need them.

Final thoughts

The use of hashtags can greatly improve how well your post performs. It can showcase your posts to viewers who don't even follow you.

When this strategy is implemented accurately, it skyrockets your reach, conversions, and sales. And the beauty of using hashtags is that you don't pay for your posts to get more views.

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