7 Evergreen Niches to Grow Your Instagram Presence

October 07, 2022

Evidently, Instagram is good news for sales and marketing in almost all industries.

Whether you've been running a brand for sometime or you're looking to start an online business, this is an idyllic opportunity—thanks to the massive number of active users.

So when done right, Instagram can be a business boosting tool to drive more sales and publicity.

As an Insta creator or business, choosing where your posts will concentrate determines how many followers, engagements, and conversions you will generate. 

To help in that decision-making, let's some of the best and most lucrative Instagram niches—in 2022 and beyond.


Free Luxurious Cosmetic Products on Textile  Stock PhotoMake-up artists and hairstylists make a ton of cool cash from the platform, by sharing tips and analyzing various beauty products.

With more than 60% of teens purchasing beauty products through social media, the niche offers a great way for brands and influencers to raise brand awareness and product sales. 

The beauty niche features make-up and skincare tutorials, trends, advice, etc. These contents showcase different makeup, haircare, or skincare products.

And with Instagram TV, beauty influencers and brands often create long-form videos in-app to showcase these products in real-time use.

One doesn’t have to be a makeup artist before he or she can excel at this. However, you need an extensive knowledge of the industry; it'd go a long way.



assorted photo loyThe fashion industry is projected to reach a market volume of more than $1 billion by 2025. Instagram is famous among online entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and fashion bloggers.

Every influencer or brand wants to promote its design and take the industry to a new level. Even fashion enthusiasts use Instagram to discover and search for new fashion designs and trends.

One can observe famous fashion bloggers with a large community of real and engaged followers.

With the great influence these bloggers/influencers/marketers have on their followers, you'll notice that fashion brands are rushing to give them deals. 

To succeed in this fast-growing niche, you will need to ask yourself what makes you and your fashion ideas different from others.


Traveling and touring various landmarks is a hobby many find interesting, especially as they can share their experiences on social media. 

The travel industry is so large on Instagram, that about 45% of surveyed users say that travel is the interest they pursue the most on Instagram. And that figure is the highest amongst other niches, showing that IG offers opportunities for travel enthusiasts.

There are lots of travel ideas one can come up with, from school/college trips to slow travels and adventures. Remember, the more specific your travel idea is, the more your chance of standing out. 

With the right engagements and content, you can eventually get paid by travel agencies or tourist centers to advertise their destinations on your feed. And who knows, you could get a sponsored trip from them.

Aside from the above, those in the travel niche generate revenue through the promotion and sales of photo filters.

Health and Fitness

woman doing yoga meditation on brown parquet flooringWith a projected market volume of $23B by 2024, it's no surprise that the fitness industry thrives yearly.

Almost everyone in this current age is concerned about their health. From feeding habits to fitness routines, people perform different activities to keep their bodies in good shape.

Some people make the most use of Instagram by looking for health tips, fitness workouts, products, and gadgets. All these make the fitness niche a perfect opportunity to advertise and sell your products and services. 

When getting started here, you'll first need to pick an aspect to help you better refine your content and target a market.

There are numerous aspects in the health and fitness niche (such as body weight loss, yoga, healthy eating, and workout/exercise).


Who wouldn’t love to talk about their lifestyle and further discover the awesome lifestyle of others? The way we live, the things we do in our daily lives; all these constitute our lifestyle.

One may look at the lifestyle niche as a combination of all other popular niches (including food, travel, fashion, beauty, and more).

A crucial thing to note here is that you'll need to produce content that clearly speaks volume about your lifestyle.

Also, try to create lifestyle content that offers inspiration to your audience as most people follow celebrities and lifestyle bloggers to get inspiration toward living a more comfortable life.


This is one of the most popular fields to be in, on Instagram and almost everywhere else. It's something that'll also last long.

Instagram has swayed the food industry—bloggers/vloggers, influencers, chefs, restaurants, eateries, and even nutritionists can share what they do to their fans.

It's also easy to get started here; you just need to post visuals of meals and ingredients that tickle your viewers' taste buds. But to really make your photos look appealing, you should consider the lighting and color edit that would best fit the meal. 

Here, creators make money by selling cookbooks to their audience. They could also get paid for creating sponsored posts as a deal with big brands in the food industry.


As a pet lover online, you can make money promoting and selling different pet toys, feed, and products.

You could also offer tips concerning a particular type of pet to your audience, at little or no cost.

Since the pet niche is quite huge, with different categories of non-human loved ones, you have options like pet grooming. Just choose one to start with and learn with your audiences.


As a social platform, Instagram offers a wide variety of niches for anyone to dive into. These fields are easily approachable, allowing you to earn money with the right strategy

As long as you can choose a lucrative niche that you're comfortable enough with, you too can achieve success on Instagram.

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