Why You Should Give Endless Value on Instagram

Why You Should Give Endless Value on Instagram

Published on 22nd of December 2018

There’s an abundance of ways for you to gain more followers and engagement in your Instagram posts. However, one of the best ways is to give endless value. By creating and giving endless value we mean that you’re uploading onto Instagram one to three times a day, plus uploading stories, and going live on a regular basis.

Giving endless value means that you give tips and advice, share the content you create outside of Instagram on Instagram, inspire people, and answer people’s questions. It means that you find one way or another to make somebody happy, motivate them, make them laugh, entertain them, and so on.

There are many reasons you want to be doing this, and we’re going to be covering that right now.

Why you should give endless value on Instagram

1. You build a reputation

If you’re running a business or building a brand, you want to give so much value that you build a great reputation for it. Your reputation is everything because it’s going to define whether or not people follow you, like and trust you, and buy from you. People who are always selflessly giving value (whether that’s in the form of free content, concerts, great advice, etc.), reap the rewards.

Take Gary Vaynerchuk as an example. Gary is known to give, give, and give. He has said in his videos numerous times that he doesn’t care about getting peoples’ money, he just wants to show and tell the world that they can be who they want, do what they love, and be happy. He could easily charge people for the content he gives out, but he doesn’t, and because of that he’s built a spectacular reputation.

When he does finally publish a book that’s only $15.00, that book turns into a New York Times Bestseller because people love him. Another reason people buy is because they’ve received so much free content from Gary Vaynerchuk that they’re eager to buy from him. They beg him to sell something. This happens with many people, such as blogger April Bowles and and author Jeff Goins.

Give value. Build your reputation. Reap the rewards. Repeat.

2. You’re dependable

People trust those who are consistent, selfless, and honest. When you’re constantly giving and sharing content on Instagram and any other platform you’re on, then you become someone that others can depend on.

You’re reliable, and because of that people are going to be coming back to you. They’ve built a trust with you because you keep giving great things that they can take action with, or even just feel inspired by, and now they’re eager to hear more from you.

When you give endless value consistently then people don’t hesitate to buy from you, read your articles, or watch your videos. They know that you can deliver because you’ve proven that time and time again, so they don’t think you’re wasting their time. They know you’ll always offer something of value, and they may become full-time rabid fans of yours.

3. The word is spread

When you love something (in a ‘fan’ way), whether it’s a person, a book, a restaurant, or anything like that, what do you usually do? You tell people about it. You spread the word to your family and friends. You tell them to watch that movie, you buy their concert tickets, and send them links to your favorite YouTuber’s channel.

You love those people not only because they make you feel good, but because you can always depend on them to deliver. They’re providing you endless value and now you want to share them with others. That’s the power of giving endless value. The word spreads that you’re a great person, business, or brand, and then you get more people to follow you.

4. It’s the right thing to do

When you’re first building a platform on Instagram, you don’t head in thinking that you’re only going to have a hundred followers in five years. You set big goals. By the end of the first year you want ten thousand followers, and in five years you want one million. So if you’re going in with those huge intentions, then start off as though you’ve already reached those goals.

If you want to reach millions of people, then give endless value because it’s the right thing to do. If you have a platform that can reach that many people, then you have to use your voice to make a difference. If you have a platform that big and you’re not doing anything about it, then what’s the point?

You’re fortunate enough to have people following you so give endless value because it’s the right thing to do. Remember, you would be nowhere if you didn’t have the supporters you have. Pay them back with free endless value.

5. It gets you more business/sales/readers

Like we’ve mentioned all throughout this article, giving endless value makes you trustworthy so you build a great reputation, which leads to others talking about you and spreading your word. Because all of these things connect, it all leads to this one thing. People are going to be more willing to buy from you. Whether you’re in photography, fashion, the self-help industry, or just a lone woodworker, when you give endless value, then people trust you enough to buy from you.

They’re willing to spend the money because they’re your fans, and they know that you can deliver. While strangers might hesitate to buy a fifty-dollar mini-course from you because they don’t know you, the people that know that you’ve already given so much won’t mind spending that money the second you launch your course.

Isn’t it so simple? You simply give out free things and great content until one day your new book becomes a bestseller in three days because people already trust and know you, so they bought from you. All you have to do is give, give, and give.

The keywords in ‘give endless value’ are ‘endless value’. Even when you’ve reached ten thousand followers or a million, you have to keep on giving. It’s endless. Do this, and you’ll see the results.

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