Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Published on 16th of January 2022

There is no denying that social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat are very popular nowadays. This is mainly because they are becoming much more accessible due to easier access to internet-connected gadgets

Because of this, social media platforms are widely used by marketers. However, is there really a value in using social media platforms for marketing? 

The answer is yes. There is a long list of benefits of marketing on social media platforms. Here some of those benefits: 

Better Rankings on Search Engines

Office, Freelancer, Computer, Business, Work, LaptopEven though posting on social media can somehow improve your site's traffic, you need to put in more effort to succeed. SEO or search engine optimization is crucial to achieve better page rankings and get more traffic on your website

Nevertheless, social media does not affect search engine ranking directly. According to Social Media Examiner, more than half of marketers who have utilized social media marketing for a year or more still have good search engine rankings.

More Awareness for Your Business

Social media marketing is one of the most cost-efficient marketing approaches to publish content and make your brand more visible. Having a social media marketing plan can greatly increase your business' recognition because you will create more engagement to a broader range of audiences. 

Every post can reach a lot of networks of individuals, which can turn into potential customers—the more people who learn about your brand, the better. According to almost all social media marketers, having a social media account can bring about many benefits. 

Therefore, you can create a wider audience range for your product or service when you regularly utilize it. 

Higher Inbound Traffic

Without utilizing social media as your marketing strategy, your inbound traffic will be limited to your repeat customers. People who know your brand will likely be the ones to search for the same keywords you always get a rank on. 

You will have a harder time expanding your reach outside your usual customer circle if you do not take advantage of social media marketing. Every profile on social media is a great addition to your marketing since it can turn into website visitors. Each published content is a chance to get new customers because social media has various audiences with different behaviors and backgrounds. 

Better Brand Loyalty

people queuing beside Louis Vuitton storeCreating a loyal customer base is one of the primary goals of most businesses. The customers' brand loyalty and satisfaction go together, so it is important that you have great engagement with them. This is a way to create a bond with them, and social media is your best way to go. 

Aside from promoting your business, you can utilize social media to communicate with your customers directly. It is good to keep in mind that millennials are considered to be the most business loyal customers. 

Gain an Understanding of the Market

Awareness of the marketplace is one of the many valuable benefits you can enjoy from social media marketing. There is no better way to understand what your customers want than by communicating directly with them. 

When you monitor their social media activities, you can understand what their opinions and interests are. It is unlikely that you will get this kind of awareness without using social media. Social media is a great additional research resource because you can get information that can help you understand the industry you are in better. 

After you have accumulated a large customer base, you can use other tools to examine your customers' demographics. Another helpful aspect of social media marketing is you can collect lists based on a category and figure out the content types that create lasting impressions. You utilize some tools to measure your posts' conversions on different social media accounts to create an ideal mix to increase your revenue.

Happier Customers

smiling man while holding smartphoneYou already understand that social media offers platforms ideal for networking and communication. Sending your business' message through these platforms makes you more relatable. Customers are grateful when they see you actively posting comments on your social media accounts. They appreciate more if your answers are personalized rather than automated. 

Acknowledging every comment of your customers may take time, but it reflects how attentive you are to them and want to give them the best experience in your product or service. 

Increased Business Authority

Loyalty and satisfaction of your customers play an important role in giving your business authority. It all boils down to communication. You give the impression of being credible when customers see your post, and you regularly reply on social media. 

When customers are satisfied, they are more than willing to tell others how amazing your product or service is. They usually share about it on their social media accounts. When they mention your brand, they advertise your business and encourage new customers to check you out, which increases your brand authority. 

Showing Thought Leadership

silhouette of people on hillYou can showcase your expertise and leadership in your industry by publishing well-written and insightful content online. Online networking tools such as social media is what you need to make this happen. 

Your skills will be noticed, and you will gain more followers if your other marketing techniques and social media marketing are aligned. When you can build your presence and authority on social media, you can become a notable influencer. You need to be expressive and connect well with your audience through your content.


Finally, you better understand the advantages of social media marketing. Therefore, if you have not created social media accounts for your business, now is the perfect time to do it. You do not have any reason not to try implementing social media into your marketing efforts. 

Not only is it cost-effective, you virtually do not have anything to lose. More and more people spend time on social media, so you should not let your competitors take away your potential customers. Therefore, you better start now so that you can see your business grow soon.

Check out this article for more tips on how to maximize your digital marketing strategy. 

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