5 Ways to Fight Creative Block on Instagram

5 Ways to Fight Creative Block on Instagram

Published on 14th of June 2022

This is one thing that seems to be consistent with individuals on Instagram. Sometimes you might not just be in the mood to post a thing.

Then again, to even come up with fresh engaging, and new content isn’t even a walk in the park.

I have been here or in a phase like this that I had to experiment with a lot of ideas until I got the perfect steps that worked like magic for me.

Without any doubt, I’m sure they will work the same for you if you adopt them. Below are the workable ways to fight creative blocks on Instagram.

Take a breakFull body of female in shorts and top sitting on roadside in rural field with bicycle near and enjoying fresh air with eyes closed

You know how it is doing the same thing over and over again; you need to sometimes pause to look at other things you can enjoy at that moment. You know sometimes it is good to take a mental vacation to come back a lot better.

You can apply this same rule by trying to set the record straight on your Instagram posting. You can take a cup of coffee or listen to good music, just take your mind out posting for a day or two to rejuvenate your mind.

You would give yourself some moments to miss your usual activity of posting. Of course, as you resume posting you would enjoy it better as you start posting again.

Be more of a viewer sometimes

If you can’t come up with good ideas to post on your page, you don’t need to beat up yourself. All you might just need to do is scroll through other's accounts.

It might mostly be the profiles of people in your same niche. You know you would be drawing inspiration and ideas from them.

The knowledge you gain from seeing other competitor's posts will add to the bank of your brain. So you can come up with your own fresh and unique ideas. 

The truth is that the more topics and ideas you acquire from viewing other posts the less likely you would be overwhelmed with a creative block on Instagram.

Remember that creative block is all about a phase where you are mentally down or born out and the solution is just having new ideas.

So when you get enough new ideas or topics from just viewing others’ profiles for a while then you would have fought and won creative block on Instagram.

Have a quiet timewoman sitting on bench over viewing mountain

This is like having a good time meditating. You know meditation helps with renewing the mind. Some creative ideas we see people create are obtained from the place of meditation.

Meditation will enable you to think deeply and dig up magical ideas. It is a known fact that meditation can rewire the brain. So when faced with a creative block on Instagram, and then it might just be the right time to go quiet.

You could play the audio you love than sit in a quiet place with your eyes close. Creative block happens for various reasons, especially stress and anxiety.

I can assure you that you will feel a lot better and with more energy to tackle your creative block on Instagram. When once it helps you with improved memory and attention then you are good.

Take a walk

Sometimes still sitting and looking at your devices will pose a huge problem for you. As I have earlier written sometimes boredom might just be the main cause of your creative block.

You might just be too bored to think up fresh ideas for your Instagram posts. The truth is sitting at a place almost every day may lessen your level of inspiration. 

So sometimes you need to leave much space and get yourself into somewhere new or different. So just get up and move out. You can take a stroll in your neighborhood, walk through the parks, go either skilling or hiking.

You never can know where your idea for some month’s ideas or topics for your Instagram posting can come from. So stop restricting yourself to only the confines of your room or reading room.

Take a long walk if you can and then your surroundings and the new places you visit to inspire you.

Indulge in your exercises

When you are trying to fight creative block on Instagram then you would be getting it right if you indulge in exercises. According to fitness experts, exercising comes with immense benefits to the brain.

If you want to up your mental capacity then you would have to energize your brain with some exercises. You can do some jogging, stretching, running all aerobic and anaerobic exercises. 

These exercises help to offer oxygen-rich blood to your brain which in turn will provide direct and temporarily greater mental stimulation. This will help make new ideas pop up in your head.

Again, if you take up these exercises almost daily then you would experience better moods; they would increase focus and attention for you.

You can’t imagine what exercising your body can help you achieve mentally. So indulge in experiencing it personally.

Final thoughts

Creative block on ideas to post on Instagram is a phase you might be mentally numb, you might become very frustrated at a point. You don’t need to feel down because even the most creative person has experienced this once in a while.

But what you should always know is that this phase doesn’t last forever and with the right solution, it will be a thing of the past. Having to keep your followers visiting your profile on Instagram can be very demanding.

You know it isn’t difficult for people to unfollow where you can get them very exciting, informative, or educational content. So this results in a lot of pressure on yourself.

The truth remains that it is never easy to come up with new ideas almost all the time. But if you need to be good at fighting this monster the real solutions are stated up there. So don’t just read about putting them to work.

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