How to Increase Your Visual Branding on Instagram

How to Increase Your Visual Branding on Instagram

Published on 14th of July 2022

Visual branding never fails on a social network like Instagram. It's all about the way your business feels and looks with each post you upload.

The thing is, your business needs to be quite easy to notice in the crowd. So you need to strike a sense of consistency with your fonts, contents, and color palettes; this can give anyone a picture of your brand in seconds.

So with visual branding, you're giving yourself a strong identity, values, and personality. With this approach, you're creating room for someone to likely engage with your brand or follow your profile.

Brands are rampant on Instagram, all competing to be known. Honestly, to get your brand up, you need to have better visual branding than the competition—amongst other things.

See below, how to increase your visual branding on Instagram.

1. Identify your brand valuesperson holding compass facing towards green pine trees

You need to bring your brand values to life… without saying a word. That means your photos must scream your values to your targeted audiences.

The first step is to outline these values, then you can create a great visual identity that would support them. You should be able to know the colors, textures, and other elements that will depict the values of your brand.

You can try graphics apps to get the perfect visuals you need for this. Once you create them, you can save some to your gallery and publish them regularly.

You need to plan this out to be consistent with your branding.

2. Be unique with your visuals
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On a competitive platform like Instagram, with so many brands struggling to be known, you need to be creative and innovative if you want to increase your visual branding.

You don’t need to be a copy, by living in any other brand’s shadows. So you have to craft your own Instagram aesthetics and allow it to announce your brand to the world.

Posting unique visuals (images or videos) will give your brand the uniqueness it deserves, plus the recognition you want.

So go for your design, logo, font, color palette, and tone, and make your brand more outstanding to grab the perfect attention it needs.

3. Work on your colorswhite and orange sticky notes

This is another area you need to work on to increase your visual branding on IG. By knowing your brand’s targeted audience, you can attract them with the right colors.

Of course, you know if your brand is targeting youngsters or the elderly. If the former, you should know that they'd love to see very flashy colors on your posts. You can’t use mature colors for them; they won't want to know what your brand is all about.

Even your videos should come with music they would love to listen to. Use colors to design a branding that can speak to your customers on a personal level. This is what visual branding is all about.

You can play with colors using Pantone, Colors Café, Over, or Adobe Photoshop.

4. Go for the perfect fontblack New York texts

You have to find the perfect font for your brand as well. The truth remains that your font is super important on Insta stories.

It's then pertinent to leverage this to make your brand more visible. There are lots of fonts and styles out there but you can never go wrong with Serif, Sans Serif, Modern, and Display.

According to the Head of Brand at popular design app Over, Matt Riley, he asserted that the serifs font is all about discernment, tradition, and respectfulness. Sans serif is then about objectivity, innovation, and modernity which is what a lot of people love to use. Modern fonts are for stylishness and strength while display fonts are for amusement, expressiveness, and friendliness.

So you go for the one that will perfectly suit your line of business. You need to have the right font style on your post, to naturally attract the audience you're targeting.

Also, don’t forget to test the legibility of the fonts you want to use, especially on mobile, before going live with it.

5. Selecting and presenting your videos and images

The next big thing to improve your visual branding will be to curate your Instagram aesthetic. Achieving this doesn't require expensive editing software or even pro photography skills.

You just need the inspiration to be able to fix your Instagram feed to attract your audience.

You just have to know a little about editing your photos to give a consistent outlook. For instance, you could be using the same editing rules or filters.

Bear in mind always, you want your brand to be recognized wherever they appear. Your consistency doesn't have to stop with the font; the color, design, and many other elements need consistency too.

Take the White Company as an example; they are all for soothing, clean, and neutral imagery. Of course, this is to support their target audience and minimal brand.

So if your brand is all about the youth, you need to select and present videos and images with bright clashes of colors. This will support expressiveness, youthfulness, and rebellious nature of the youth. And of course, any youth landing on your page will automatically sense the page is about him or her.

(Ultimately, though, this depends on your specific audience and taste.)

Key takeaways

Visual branding is one way to grow your Instagram presence, which gets you more followers—without saying a word.

You only need to keep increasing and enhancing your content to achieve the set goals for your brand.

You would do better if you practice with the 5 points listed above. They work like magic, but only if you adopt them tactically.


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