Instagram Brand Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram Brand Accounts You Should Follow

Published on 10th of November 2021

If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best. When it comes to Instagram, that means you need to follow certain brands to get ideas for your marketing campaign. Check out some of the best brand accounts on Instagram. Use these accounts to steer your own marketing campaign so that you can get the results you want. 

Wendy’s - @wendys

Wendy'S, Wendy, Fast Food, American Lunch, Dinner, OhioWendy’s has long had a reputation for running some of the best social media marketing campaigns out there. While Wendy’s Twitter account typically gets the most attention, it also does a fantastic job on Instagram. Over 1 million followers tune in to see what the fast-food company will post next, and they are never disappointed. 

Wendy’s feed immediately draws you in due to the colorful layout. The brand is known for its bright colors, and it accentuates that on Instagram. It also finds ways to stand out in the over-saturated fast-food industry by coming up with new ways to show off its offerings. Instead of standard pictures of food, it dresses many of the images up with funny text that makes the photos sharable. It also manages to find creative ways to add its slogan “Fresh never frozen” into posts. 

With eye-popping colors, the right amount of humor, and on-point branding, there’s much to learn from this Instagram account. Follow it, so you can get some inspiration for your own feed.

LEGO- @lego

LEGO logoWith almost 7 million followers, people clearly love LEGO’s Instagram account. After a quick look, it’s easy to understand why. The page is colorful and fun, and you might even feel a bit of nostalgia when you look through the posts. 

LEGO excels when it comes to marketing its products on the site. It doesn’t just post boxes of LEGOs for you to buy. Instead, it posts lots of pictures of characters built with LEGOs. Then, if you click on one of the characters, the caption goes into detail about the product. You don’t feel like LEGO is pushing its products on you. Instead, the photos are fun to look at, and you’ll find yourself wanting to leave a like or leave a comment. You also might find yourself loading up your virtual shopping cart as well. The soft sell is highly effective, so you can likely boost your revenue if you use this tactic.

Chewy - @chewy

Chewy is known for providing some of the best services in the pet industry. If you research Chewy, you’ll find story after story of the company going above and beyond for customers. It even sends pet portraits to customers from time to time. You can see how connected the brand is with its customer base when you view the Instagram page. The photos are fun and engaging instead of being pushy, and there’s user-generated content sprinkled throughout the feed. Chewy also does an amazing job of highlighting employees with its “Joy Makers” posts. 

The company also posts about the donations it makes. People love shopping with Chewy because the company gives back, and you can see that when you browse through the feed.

There is so much to take away from Chewy’s account. The photos are engaging, and the company stays on brand. It turns customers into brand ambassadors and gets personal with employee profiles. If you follow Chewy’s lead, you can expect to achieve great results.

JetBlue - @jetblue

Jetblue, Airways, Airline, Decals, Blue, Stripes, TailYou can also take a page out of JetBlue’s playbook when it comes to Instagram marketing. The company encourages user-generated content, and its followers deliver. If you click on the “Tagged” tab, you can see that people love sharing their travels with JetBlue. The brand also posts engaging content ranging from gorgeous pictures to employee profiles. The employee profiles even go beyond what you would expect. The company uses the space to highlight how long people have been with the company and where they started and where they are now. This shows that people love working for JetBlue, which adds to its allure. 

JetBlue has also saved some of its best Stories for people to browse through. It does a great job of using the Stories to inform and engage users. Do you want to know the best food to eat at the airport? Check out the Stories. It also asks people for input about travel tips. The page contains a wealth of information, and you can use some of the same strategies for your account. Inform and engage your followers, and make them part of the story. 

Netflix - @netflix

black flat screen tv turned on displaying 11The brand Netflix is synonymous with entertainment, and its Instagram account doesn’t disappoint. The account highlights its television shows and movies, providing trailers and behind-the-scenes photos. The memes are the best part, though. It turns images from well-known TV shows and movies into memes that are sure to grab your attention. These memes are sharable and engaging, which explains why Netflix has close to 27 million followers. People follow the page to find out what it will come up with next. Somehow, Netflix always has impressive content ready to go.

You can use this page as an example of how to increase engagement on your posts. Every post is intentional and created with engagement in mind. By engaging followers, Netflix knows it can get more subscribers and viewers. You can do the same on your page. 

Creating Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

These brands are all knocking it out of the park, and you can learn quite a bit from following them. Use some of these strategies to help you connect with your audience. Then, buy Instagram likes for your best posts, so they get even more exposure. This will help you move beyond your audience and connect with more people. That, in turn, is the ideal strategy for getting more followers. More followers equal an increased reach, which is necessary if you’re going to have a popular Instagram page.

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