12 Creative Ideas That Will Get You More Instagram Likes

12 Creative Ideas That Will Get You More Instagram Likes

Published on 12th of December 2018

There is a lot of noise on Instagram. Your pictures are a needle in the haystack, just a few amongst the hundreds your followers are following. If you want to stand out, you need to post creative pictures. Your posts need to get people to pause, and most importantly, interact. Whether they’re giving you a like, saving your post, or commenting, it all counts.

The question is how do you stand out? What types of pictures or videos should you upload to get people’s attention? How do you make them like you so much that they turn on the notification for every time you post?

We’re going to give you suggestions for creative posts, and while you can take and copy these (while making them your own), it’s important that you come up with unique ideas, too.

While you’re reading this, have a pen and paper beside you so that when one of these creative ideas spark an idea of your own, you’re ready to write it down. Take these ideas and make them your own. However, don’t be afraid to come up with new idea that are completely distinct to you as well.

Creative ideas that will get you more Instagram likes

1. “Live” text conversation

This is a unique and creative way to capture people’s attention. We usually see pictures of people, places, food, or just the basic quotes on pictures, and text messages like the example from Gary Vaynerchuk above is a good break from what they usually see. They can’t help but read it because it interrupts the norm.

2. A high-five

Have somebody take a picture of you holding your hand up in the position where the double-tap heart is. On the picture or in the caption, write “High-five!” When somebody double taps, they’ll be giving you a high-five. It’s a simple and fun way to bring a smile to your follower’s face.

3. A creative “double-tap”

Having any type of original way for the double-tap heart to show up is a great way to capture your followers’ attention. Whether you’re holding your hand in a heart in the perfect position and having people ‘like’ it, or drawing an outline of a heart and then taking a picture of it, it’s distinctive.

4. Unique set-ups

If you sell products, you can continue to upload the pictures you use for your Etsy shop covers, or you can do something inventive. Go out and buy props that you can reuse when taking pictures of your products. Set up with books in your backyard, ask friends to pose with your t-shirts, or set your candles beside a glass of wine.

Is fashion your niche? Instead of just taking a selfie and uploading your #ootd, take a selfie, and then take pictures of all the items you’re wearing. You have the option of using the carousel, which is what lets you upload more than one picture, so use it! Take individual pictures of your shirt, your shoes, and accessories. You can also share where you bought what you’re wearing.

6. Play around

Going back to the products, you don’t always need a set up. Like the picture above, the owner of this shop simply took pictures of her hands holding the stickers. Then, she edited the backgrounds and put all three pictures in front of a pink background. To make it even more creative, she placed one sticker higher than the other. You can play around with your products like this, too!

7. On-the-spot videos

Nobody expects you to be perfect in life or social media. There are already too many people pretending to have perfect lives. If you have some last-minute advice or you just had an epiphany you want to share with your followers, take out your phone, face the camera to yourself, and talk. After, upload on Instagram without any edits or music. It’s just real you with your messy bun or loose tie.

8. Cool typography

There are millions of pictures with inspirational quotes. The quotes are usually written in one basic font or if it’s not basic, too hard to read. Invest the time to learn typography. Instead of writing another quote using ‘Lemon and Milk’ use ‘Lemon and Milk’ along with a cursive font and add some doodles. Make it look artistic, and it’ll draw people’s attention.

9. Your own quotes

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve read, “Nothing is impossible. Even the word itself says ‘I’m possible.’” It’s a genius quote from Audrey Hepburn, but we’ve read it over and over again. Come up with your own quotes. It’s not difficult. You have the words—you only need a few—so write them down paired with beautiful typography, and you will stand out.

10. Share your stories as posts

There’s an option on your Instagram stories that allows you to upload your story as an Instagram post. Not everyone will watch your story, so share it as a post and give more people the chance to see it. Just like DRock above, upload the stories where you’re answering questions or the ones where you’re asking questions.

11. Your tweets (and other social media posts)

What interrupts scrolling through Instagram is seeing a post from another social media platform. You’re most likely on more than one platform, so if you noticed that a couple lines from your Facebook post, a tweet, or a quote you uploaded on Tumblr was popular, take a screen shot of it, then share it on Instagram. Not only is it saving you the time from coming up with new content, you’re also letting your followers know you’re on other platforms. If they liked your post, they’ll follow you there, too.

12. Videos/pictures of your unique process

How do you like to work or draw? Where do you play music? What do you drink when you’re writing? Who are you working with? Take a picture or record a short video of your unique process. People love to see behind-the-scenes, and you’ll no doubt get likes and even comments of others who say they do the same thing.

Stick to your brand, be creative, and get lots of likes.


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