Ways to Integrate Marketing in Mobile Phones

Ways to Integrate Marketing in Mobile Phones

Published on 21st of June 2022

Do you own a business, but you are struggling to boost engagement and generate sales? 

On average, 25% of eCommerce sales are made from mobile devices. Therefore, if you have not come up with a way to integrate marketing on your customers' mobile devices, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. 

Mobile marketing is a significant force in the market, and if not leveraged correctly, it could lead to falling back behind your competitors. Integrating marketing through mobile devices will work hand-in-hand with other marketing solutions such as social media marketing to yield the best results.

Below are ways through which you can integrate marketing in mobile devices:

Make your Site Mobile-friendlyPerson Using Black And White Smartphone and Holding Blue Card

The user experience is crucial in determining whether a potential customer continues browsing or leaves the site. Customers spend a lot of time glued to their mobile devices. Therefore, the first step is to ensure that your site is mobile-friendly.

A mobile-friendly website gives customers a good user experience. They can easily browse through your site and use the additional accessibility options as they engage with your brand.

To provide the best user experience, you should also consider boosting the site of your speed. There is a high chance that a customer will bounce from a site that takes long to load or open. 

Also, add your business contacts on your website that mobile users can easily find. Chances are, the first-time visitors to your site have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, most site's contact details are hard to locate when one is using a mobile device.

Make Use of Images and Short VideosPerson Using a Smartphone

Most people are currently getting their entertainment from short, funny, and informative clips other than the television. Given the prevalent use of mobile phones, most people will consume content through their mobile phones.

Unfortunately, people using mobile phones have a limited attention span. Therefore, to improve your marketing on mobile phones, you should use short, engaging videos.

Optimize Videos and Images

Email marketing is a highly recommended way to help generate leads. It also offers a chance to improve customer engagement. You probably read your email through the phone, and so do most of your customers. Thus, you need to optimize images and videos that you include in emails to be accessible through mobile phones.

To optimize the visual graphics, ensure that the image or videos are formatted to suit mobile devices. Your customers will not appreciate emails that are incomplete or broken.  

Sometimes, no matter how well you optimize the image or videos, some customers will end up with broken images. In this case, you can make use of alt texts to straighten up the images. These small accessibility changes can tremendously improve your marketing strategy on mobile devices.

Encourage Your Target Audience to Check-inWhite Ipad

The best form of marketing is one where your customers help you do the marketing. One way to make your customers be a part of your marketing campaign is by encouraging them to check in, especially on social media sites.

It will be a form of engaging them, and also, free advertisement. They will get to let people know they are at your business as they share their shopping experience with you. Alternatively, you can ask your customers to write reviews for you.

Use Voice Search KeywordsJoyful young woman phoning on street in evening

Customers are now using voice search from their mobile devices to search for content online. Therefore, to reach your target audience, generate leads and make sales, you need to integrate voice search keywords in your content.

Mobile marketing is a strategy that will be with us for a considerably long time, given the high attachment people are having with their phones. Therefore, the key to making the most of your marketing strategy to get mobile users to associate with your brand is keeping up with the trend.

In basic SEO, you are advised to add both internal and external links. Links are crucial in any social media marketing strategy. However, you wouldn't want people reading your post and clicking on an inaccessible link.

There is no need to add a link to your content if the hyperlink's landing page is not mobile-friendly. Hence, you should ensure your URLs are short and mobile-friendly to see an increase in leads.

Maintain Your Audience on the Platform

It is okay to create ads that suit mobile devices. Nonetheless, these ads should not redirect the user from the platform, leading to an unpleasant user experience. Therefore, whatever you are looking to market through mobile devices should ensure the customers get a positive user experience and remain in their desired platform.

Make Use of Geo-location

Geo-location is a significant way through which mobile marketing has changed advertising. Now, customers can use geo-location to shop and check their needs online. Therefore, you can advertise any discounts, services, or promotions while tagging the location as a business.

Mobile location and the internet make it easy for customers to access businesses around them. People tend to prefer products or services that are close to them. Therefore, you can use geo-location on your site to get close to your customers.

Customers often connect through their smartphones compared to their desktops. Therefore, creating the need to integrate marketing to mobile phones. The advantage of leveraging mobile phones in your marketing strategy is the ease of conversion. Most users who search for products or services using their smartphones take action and make a purchase. Therefore, there is a lot of untapped potential in integrating marketing to be ideal on smartphones.

Final Verdict

We have listed a few strategies that will help you integrate your marketing to suit mobile devices. Remember to make your site responsive, mobile-friendly, and fast. Also, ensure you ask customers to check in a while at your premises to help in marketing. As you use email marketing, don't forget to optimize images and video content in the images. With our tips above, you will certainly begin receiving more clicks and sales.

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