How to Get People on Your Email List Through Instagram

How to Get People on Your Email List Through Instagram

Published on 6th of December 2018

Email lists on your website is no longer a subject that can be debated. They’re a powerful tool that lead to rabid fans, more sales, and more attention on your content. Social media is constantly changing, the algorithms evolving, and while you want to be a constant presence on social media, your email list is never going to change.


As long as your sending out emails, your subscribers will open with excitement to see what else you’ve put out. It’s something that you can control, thus something you don’t want to miss out on.


One of the reasons social media is great is because it’s a platform where business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs can promote their businesses. It’s smart to optimize and use, in this case Instagram, to get people onto your email list.


Whether you just began collecting emails for an email list or you’ve had it for a while now, any of the tips we give below will work for you.



How to get people on your email list through Instagram

1. Promote freebies

People love free things, and this is a great way to get people onto your list. You can offer free downloadables, worksheets, iBooks, and any other creative thing you can come up with. Your offer has to be enticing enough that people are willing to go to your profile and then click the link in your bio before having to input their name and email.


Just because this is a free product that your offering doesn’t mean that your product can be bad. You want to offer something of great value that looks good, too. You want people to stay on your email list. You can promote freebies by making a story where you talk about it, by taking a picture of it, or by making a post where you talk about it.


You have to not only make an irresistible freebie, but you also have to make an irresistible piece of content that promotes your product.



2. Promote webinars/workshops

Once again, you have to offer more FREE value. If you’ve already tried freebies, you have another option of promoting webinars and workshops. When people promote things like webinars, they send someone to a landing page, and then have them put in their name and email.


If the webinar that you’re offering is prerecorded you can still offer it. What you would do this time around, though, is offer the people who are signing up an option to pick a time and maybe even a date. This increases the likelihood of them signing up in case they can’t make it on the one day that you’re holding it.


Record a story or upload a picture in which you talk about the webinar or workshop you’re holding. Make it enticing, talk about some of the points you’ll be covering, and then explain why your followers don’t want to miss out.



3. Run ads

If you’re willing to invest in running Instagram ads (and as an entrepreneur, blogger, or business owner you should be) then, if you’re targeting the right people, you can get leads. Most people run ads in order to make more money, however, this (obviously) will not be the case because you’re going to be promoting a free product.


Ads are usually annoying when people are trying to sell you something, but when it’s something free, we don’t mind to look at the ads. Pair your freebie with an entertaining video or great visuals, and people will stop to look at what you’re offering.


Take people to a landing page that makes signing up incredibly easy, and then right away, they’re on your list.



4. Add the right highlights

You can create a highlight called “Email list” or “Free stuff” and save all of your stories in this specific highlight. When people go onto your profile they will be able to see the pictures or video that you’ve uploaded to your highlight. If your offers are good enough, they won’t hesitate to sign up.


If you have enough followers to use the “Swipe Up” option, then utilize that for easy access. If you don’t, have a link on your bio where all of your opt-ins are in one place for simplicity.


Make your highlights interesting. Don’t just say something along the lines of “Get a free downloadable by signing up.” You have to explain what your free product is, how it will help, and why they should sign up.


People are taking the time to click your highlight, make their time worthwhile.



Choose your method

There are multiple ways to promote your free product on Instagram. You can post a picture, run an ad on a post, make a story, go live, or run an Instagram Story ad.


Try out every single method and see which one gets you the most leads. Stick with the ones that work best. Of course, this is something you want to try a couple times first and not base it off of the first results you get, so try them all a few times.


The best way to get people onto your Instagram list is by offering something that people can’t resist paired with an eye-catching and non-boring post.


If people don’t stop to read, watch, or listen, then you’re doing something wrong. It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest ebook or prettiest downloadable of all time, if you’re not showing them in a way that’ll get somebody to sign up, your product doesn’t matter.


As long as you’re offering value, then you can get people onto your list. Instagram is the platform but you have to do the work and put yourself in a trustworthy position. You’re promoting yourself as much as you are promoting all of these free products. Make yourself look good.


Utilize all of these methods to get people onto your list through Instagram. Social media exists to help your business grow, so use it to make your business grow!

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