9 Instagram Marketing Ideas for the Holidays

December 14, 2022

The holiday season is around the corner, making it the ideal time to adjust your Instagram marketing strategy. With the right plan, you can increase engagement and sales during the busy shopping season. Check out some Instagram marketing ideas that will help you stand out, connect, and earn extra money.  

1. Host a Giveaway

Free Macbook beside Pink Gift Box Stock PhotoYou can show your followers that you’re in the holiday spirit by hosting a giveaway this season. Come up with a prize that is perfect for the holidays. For instance, if you have a holiday-themed product or something that would make a fantastic present, you can use it as a prize. You can also give away cash or a gift card that people can use for holiday shopping. 

First, come up with a goal for your giveaway. Then, set the rules and guidelines and put it all together. Make sure you monitor the analytics to determine if you reach your goals. For instance, if you want to get more followers, keep track of the growth. This will tell you if you need to adjust your strategy for your next giveaway

2. Give to Those in Need

hands formed together with red heart paintSome brands are backing away from Black Friday sales this season. Instead, they are donating the money customers would have saved to charities. First, you need to choose a charity or an organization that aligns with your values and represents a cause important to your heart. Then, determine how much you’re going to donate and announce it on Instagram. Your followers will appreciate that you’re doing some good this holiday season. In fact, you might notice a boost in sales after announcing your donation. 

3. Show Your Appreciation

Free Orange Text on White Paper Stock PhotoThe holiday season is a time to show gratitude and appreciation. You can do just that by running a customer appreciation campaign.

First, you need to create a branded hashtag for your followers to use when posting content related to your page. Then, you can search the network for your hashtag to discover user-generated content. Once you find content, you can give your customers virtual shoutouts by sharing it on your page.

However, remember that you should always ask for permission before sharing user-generated content. Most people will be more than happy for you to share the content as long as you ask first. They won’t just be happy, either. They will feel appreciated and valued. Plus, others will notice that you care about your customers. Thus, even people without shared content will see your brand in a better light when you use this strategy. 

4. Showcase Your Products 

Ultimately, you want to make sales over the holiday season, and Instagram can also help with that. Enable the Instagram Shopping feature if you have not done so already. Then, create a storefront and shoppable posts with product tags. 

Next, consider creating a Carousel post or Instagram Guide that serves as a gift guide. You can show gifts in various price ranges so your followers can find something to purchase this holiday season.  

5. Come Up With Special Holiday Offerings

While you can market your regular products during the holiday season, don’t stop there. You need to stand out, so come up with something special to offer. 

For example, if you sell candles, you can come up with a holiday-themed line. On the other hand, if you are operating a coffee shop, you can let your followers know about a themed drink that’s only available until the end of the year. Then, once you come up with your product, let your followers know about it so they can pick it up. 

6. Exchange Free Resources for Email Addresses

Free vector graphics of YoutubeYou can also collect leads over the holidays by creating a free download for your followers. Upload the resource to your website and put the link in your bio. Once people click on it, they’ll be directed to the free download. Be sure to have them enter an email address to download the resource. Then, you can use that to market to them later.

There are lots of options for this. You can create a free holiday gift buying guide or offer some money-saving tips for the holidays. Think about what makes sense for your brand, and then create the free download.   

7. Ask Questions to Boost Interaction

white markee lightThe holiday season is also a great time to boost engagement on your account. Post a fun holiday image to grab your follower’s attention and ask a question. For instance, you could post a Christmas tree with a bunch of presents under it and ask your followers what they want to find under the tree this year. 

Come up with engaging questions that will give you insight into your audience. The more you know about your followers, the easier it will be to deliver marketing messages that grab their interest. 

8. Ask Followers to Make a Choice 

yellow arrow road signYou can also boost engagement and learn more about your followers by creating holiday-themed “this or that” posts. Create a post with two images side-by-side and invite your followers to pick one. For instance, you can upload a photo of a wrapped gift and a gift card and ask which one they would choose. 

These posts are fun, and you can glean a bit of information about your followers. Plus, you can increase your engagement quite a bit, which can help you reach more users.

If your posts don’t get much traction at first, buy real Instagram likes. The likes will increase your engagement, so Instagram will show your posts to more people. Then, you will get more interactions. 

9. Post Behind the Scenes Photos and Videos

Is your company doing anything special for the holidays? If so, take photos and videos of the staff working behind the scenes. You can show everyone getting ready for a holiday party or marking down products for the big sale. This will personalize your brand and show your followers that your team is excited about the season.

Start Getting Ready for the Holidays Today

Use these tips to build a marketing strategy for the holiday season. Then, you can increase your engagement and sales as you get closer to the end of the year. The extra engagement and sales can also give you a running start as you enter the new year.

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