What People Mean by "Share Behind-the-Scenes on Instagram"

What People Mean by "Share Behind-the-Scenes on Instagram"

Published on 15th of December 2018

The people with thousands of followers are always telling those who want more followers to share behind-the-scenes, but what does that mean? And why is it important to share behind-the scenes?

Those are two questions that we’re going to be covering because we want you to succeed and get more followers.



What it means to share behind-the-scenes

Sharing behind-the-scenes means sharing the things that you think no one will care about but they actually do. It means that you upload the posts and stories that bring out the raw and vulnerable side of you. You don’t have to share your emotional breakdowns, but you can share about how you like to read and have alone time after weekend-long workshops.


Behind-the-scenes means being real and honest. You might think that no one cares about that side of you, but it’s actually the side that people enjoy the most. While people love what you’re selling them, the advice you’re giving them and what not, they also love to see how the product was made. They love to see the processes, the parts that they can compare to.


They want to know how you came about the advice you’re giving. Did you just go through something hard or did the advice come from a book? If so, what book was it?


These are the things that attract people even more to your brand.




The thing about social media is that most of us are sharing the only good things. We’re sharing the parties, the selfies of us dressed up, the pictures with the influencers, the books by the pool. Our lives look perfect, and it’s like they’re filled with never-ending happiness.


What stands out is us saying that we left the party early because there were too many people. The selfies of us dressed in our sweatpants as we work. The pictures of our families and closest friends. The books in bed when we’re too lazy to get up.


That’s not to say that you can’t and shouldn’t share the good, but the imperfect is just as attractive.



4 types of behind-the-scenes content to share

1. Processeswoman in pink long sleeve shirt holding black video camera

What do you do before you sit down to write or during? How do you come up with lyrics? What’s your thinking process for new business ideas or products? Do you listen to music, use pen and paper to write down ideas, or work with others?


Whether you’re uploading stories, posts, or going live on Instagram, capture what’s going on and let your followers into your creative process. This is great for not only showing a more open side of you but your followers will connect.


There might be others that listen to hardcore metal rock when they write or freelance writers who work in the same room for the company but work independently. Share the music that you listen to or take a picture of your office space. Let people in.



2. Bloopers

Everyone loves bloopers. Some of us will take the time to look up our favorite shows and movies on YouTube, and then type “bloopers” right next to them. People love to laugh, so if you have something that can make them do just that, you’re going to capture their attention.


This is also a good way to get the attention of other people. We always text memes to our friends and share funny videos with our parents, and people will likely share your bloopers with somebody else.


By bloopers, I don’t just mean clips in which you mess up, I mean any type of way that you messed up. If you make YouTube videos, put together a clip in which you’re stumbling or forgetting words. If you’re a writer, take a picture of your embarrassing typo. Maybe you made a Facebook ad in which you accidentally used the wrong picture.


Whatever it is, share your mistakes. According to Edutopia, humor boosts retention as long as you use content-related humor and age-appropriate humor.


No one’s going to make fun of you, but they’ll laugh at you, and we all remember the people that make us laugh the most.



3. The “boring”

People love your day-to-day moments. How do I know? Because millions of people watch vloggers on YouTube.


Think about one of your favorite vloggers You might think they’re living extraordinary lives but really, they’re just recording themselves having breakfast. Really, it’s their words that are capturing you or there funny dancing or their son’s singing.


It’s the ordinary things that you’re finding funny or entertaining. Yes, people record themselves skydiving and trying exotic foods, but a lot of the time they’re just skateboarding down New York City and talking.


So, share the normal and boring moment. Take a selfie before you go to the gym (if it resonates with your audience, of course). Take a picture of your “I voted” sticker. Record a video of you giving advice as you shop at Target.


It’s the normal moments that remind people that you’re just a regular human too. And that’s what you want, people to see you as a regular person because then they can connect. You’re not an untouchable god or goddess, and sometimes people forget that.


So, show them this side of you that they can relate to. I promise, they’re going to love you even more.



4. The Why’sbrown and white cardboard box

If you’re reading a new book, watching a documentary, or building a new robot, whatever it may be, share your why. What’s the reasoning behind you doing what you’re doing? Are you doing it for fun, to help someone, or for yourself?


Reasons are everything. ‘Why?’ is a question that we all ask way too much, but it’s because we’re curious creatures.


Your followers are also curious as to why you’re doing what you’re doing. You don’t have to share your ‘why’ for everything you do, but you should know what your followers will want to know more about.


Pick and choose your moments and then make them count. The reasons behind why someone does something is what connects us. Even if we’re all doing something differently, we have the same reason for doing it.

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