Want A Great Reputation For Your Brand On Instagram? Then Check Out These 6 Tips!

Want A Great Reputation For Your Brand On Instagram? Then Check Out These 6 Tips!

Published on 18th of April 2019

If you want to gain more followers on Instagram, create a great reputation for yourself. Doing this won’t only earn you more followers, it’ll also do wonders for your brand or business.

People like to follow, listen to, and buy from people who are simply great people. You’re not exactly eager to buy from someone who’s talking to you with a scowl on their face, right?

For example, if you go to a new grocery store, and the young woman whom you asked where the milk aisle was, smiled and walked you to the aisle, you decide that you’re going there more often. She’s giving the grocery store a good reputation, so now you want to return.

How do you do that on social media? It’s not like you can smile and shake the hand of every person who follows you; that’s why we’ve compiled a list of:

How to build a great reputation on Instagram

1. Be kind

This is a no-brainer, yet there are thousands of people who are famous and make money off of spreading negativity and hate. You don’t want to do that, no matter how simple it sounds. Those people may be known and rich, but they have terrible reputations. They may be famous now, but after they’re dead, no one will remember them.

The people who are remembered are the ones who tried to change the world with their big, kind ideas. The ones who tried to change the world for the better. Yes, there are a few exceptions, such as dictators, but they’re not remembered as people who did something good.

The point is: be kind. Offer people advice, be respectful, and don’t share content that promotes hate. If you have a negative opinion, do not share it on social media. You’re trying to become an influencer, and the fastest way to do that is by being a decent human being.  

2. Offer value

Give, give, give. This is key when it comes to building a great reputation on any social media platform. People follow their friends to see what they’re up to, but they follow brands and businesses to see what they can learn, to feel inspired. You must be constantly offering your followers value.

It doesn’t matter what form the value comes in, or what you’re giving advice about. Fashion, art, self-empowerment, business—as long as your followers are gaining value from you, a person they trust, then you’re building a great reputation.

People will depend on you to always follow through, and they’ll talk about you with others. We tell our friends and family about the things and people we like, and this is no different. This is one way to gain more followers. Offer value, and offer it all the time.

3. Engage

Your followers expect you to engage with them, or at least, with other followers. They want to see you liking the comments people leave you, and they want to see you replying. People are bothered when they follow someone who doesn’t take the time to engage with the people who take the time to engage with them.

They don’t just want to see you engaging with them, though. If they follow you, it’s likely they’re following others like you, others in your niche, because that’s what they’re interested in.

You know how when your two favorite actors star in a movie together, you get excited? That’s how your followers feel when they see you interacting with another person they admire.

So, engage with the other people in your space too. Leave comments on their pictures, repost their content, or go Live with them. Social media is about socializing, so socialize.

4. Encourage

Motivate, inspire, and push people to be better, to follow their dreams, and to take action. Everyone’s looking for a mentor, for someone they can always count on to take them out of their heads, and start doing. You may not be doing it directly as a one-on-one mentor, but you’re still offering the words that can push someone to make a change in their life.

Upload pictures and videos, go Live, and post Instagram stories that can help someone or simply brighten up their day a little.

5. Give away value-packed products

People love free things, and they love free things that help them grow or make their lives easier even more. You know how we talked about offering value? Throw that value into a product that you offer for free, for no other reason than you appreciate your followers and you want to thank them.

Don’t half-heartedly make a product, or give something away that you know isn’t the best you could do. What gives you a great reputation isn’t that you gave something away for free, it’s that you offered something that people would pay for for free, something worth it. Make every new thing your best thing, and then give it away. That’s what matters.

6. Be yourself

I know a of lot people despise this advice, but be yourself. Social media is already packed with filtered pictures, angles that make our stomachs look flatter, and unreal realities. Of course, you’re not always going to share the bad things that happen with your followers because they’re private, so your Instagram is going to look like you have a perfect life, too.

What’s the solution? The least you can do is be genuine, be real, and be you. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, don’t act more like the person you admire—just be the person you were meant to be.

Share that, and people will genuinely love you. It’s scary to put yourself out in the world because not everyone will like you, but the point is that you’ll gain followers who do like you. And that, I think, is the coolest thing ever.

This is how you build a great reputation, so go on. Be a kind person, give value, and be you.

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