Top 21 Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Brand or Business

Top 21 Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Brand or Business

Published on 18th of March 2024

The Gram can be a great place to find inspiration and ideas and keep up with trends, for marketers and brand owners alike.

We have rounded up our top 21 favorite Instagram accounts your brand should follow to stay on top of industry tactics and learn some useful new tricks for social media marketing.

Keep reading this article to learn more about these beneficial Instagram accounts from different industry backgrounds and learn how to implement their strategies for increased sales, brand awareness, or customer satisfaction.

1. Adweek

Adweek is an account you should keep an eye on if your brand belongs to the creative industry. This IG page is a leading source of news for brand marketing and advertising tips.

Several brands and businesses on Instagram follow Adweek to stay up-to-date with creative marketing strategies to boost their user engagement.

2. Adobe

silver imac and apple keyboard

Adobe is popular for its creative editing tools, so its Instagram account appeals to many brands and people who are fond of using any of the apps.

The best element of this brand page is its use of user-generated content. The page focuses on inspiring photographers, illustrators, creative designers, and many others.

3. Nike

Nike is a sports giant with a huge appeal on its main Instagram account. The brand has multiple profiles, and the most famous amongst them is NikeLab. It gives details about the performance, comfort, and adaptability of Nike products.

4. Tesla Motors

black Tesla steering wheel

Tesla Motors is a major auto manufacturing brand that stands out on the app. The page focuses thoroughly on Tesla products, and the handler does a great job of highlighting the details of each electric car.

Their account isn’t void of stunning photography, which excites users and gives them something so visually appealing that they always come back for new posts and stories.

5. David Chang

David Chang is a famous chef with award-winning restaurants, and he isn't shy to bring some spice to his Instagram account. The page is thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining, especially for food bloggers and chefs around the world.

Many brands take inspiration from Instagram influencers with a major following so they can construct effective marketing strategies.

6. Glossier

Glossier’s Instagram account is very well known for putting its motto of bio-skin first and its makeup products second. This makeup and skincare giant usually employs shades of pink for their Instagram feed backgrounds, with vibrant images to highlight the importance of skincare.

Glossier's down-to-earth Instagram marketing approach connects with its audience, making each follower feel like they follow a friend and not a brand account.

7. Canva

a white cube with the word camera on it

In some ways, this brand is similar to Adobe. Canva is a very user-friendly graphic design tool, and its Instagram account highlights selected user-generated content.

Canva shares numerous templates and features with its audience through amazing images on Instagram. This keeps its user engagement growing consistently.

8. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy's Instagram account shows the audience gorgeous ideas and inspirations for home improvements and interior designs. Your brand can take notes from this Instagram account as it provides DIY tips and tricks, which are extremely successful on the Gram.

9. Vans

Vans is successful in artistically showcasing its products. The brand's creativity drives a ton of engagement to its Instagram account. They also put effort into engaging with Instagrammers by answering their questions in the comments section.

10. Bark Box

two brown and white dogs running dirt road during daytime

Bark Box awes you with loads of adorable pictures and videos of dogs; this is the primary reason they have over a million followers.

They also provide exciting coupons and discounts to those who follow their Instagram account. Bark Box's priority is entertaining its users rather than promoting the brand. This, in turn, brings more attention to their account.

11. Madewell

Madewell is created to promote its women's clothing store, and it does a fantastic job of turning a social media page into an online storefront. It does so by including links in the bio, stories, and captions so users can buy the items by stumbling upon a piece of content or viewing its feeds.

A simple theme with consistent, engaging visuals and vibrant colors is Madewell's specialty.

12. Charity Water

Charity Water does a fantastic job of providing clean and drinkable water to people and places in need. Many brands keep an eye on this account as its feed is inspiring, and the captions are well written to engage the audience.

The brand puts up story highlights of its successful charity endeavors. This way, Charity Water's account spreads the word about the brand’s generosity to the public.

You, too, can keep your audience engaged with well-written Instagram captions and inspiring story highlights relevant to your brand’s mission and vision.

13. Chipotle

a person pouring dressing on a sandwich on a plate

We all love food and memes, don't we? Chipotle knows that very well because they never fail to deliver two things - memes and yummy burritos.

Chipotle's content for Instagram is filled with hilarious memes, involving its very own burritos, to keep its audience's eyes engaged and tummies hungry.

Chipotle's Instagram account gives a humorous personality to the brand. While this isn’t a conventional approach, it can undoubtedly guarantee high user engagement on your Instagram page.

14. Unbirthday

Unbirthday is an account that showcases their mind-blowing and unique cakes and chocolate creations for many different events and special occasions. Its Instagram feed is so gorgeous that you can't help but crave cakes. It has a visually appealing feed with mostly pink backgrounds.

You can make aesthetic content easier by using a pattern for your Instagram grid. And since our brain loves patterns so much, your aesthetic feed will start getting more recognition from the audience.

15. Lululemon

Lululemon is a fitness apparel company. Their Instagram account usually focuses on motivating its feed viewers. The logic with this is that when more people are motivated to work out, they'll generate more interest in Lululemon's products.

You can show off how people can use your brand's products daily and motivate them with your Instagram content. This convinces people that they can use your products without much of a hassle.

16. IKEA

a large ikea store lit up at night

Who hasn't heard of IKEA? We’re pretty sure you have made a trip to IKEA just to wander around in their many showcase rooms and furniture aisles.

IKEA proudly shows off its products on its Instagram posts and stories. The best part is that they add the exact product links in the captions of the photos they share.

17. Expedia

Expedia is a well-managed travel service website. So, it's pretty obvious that they post a variety of photos of beautiful sights and places from all over the world on their Instagram account.

Expedia's content is generally user-generated, and it promotes the Instagram account with giveaways of all sorts.

You, as a brand owner or marketer, can pick this idea and organize unique giveaways of your brand's products and services to increase your popularity on Instagram.

18. Four Seasons

Four Seasons is another travel account that majorly focuses on user-generated content for its Instagram feed. It has a huge reach with multiple restaurants and hotels from all over the world.

This account makes sure to tag the exact location of each photo it shares. This might be useful for the hotels and the audience looking for location-specific content.

If your brand or business has multiple franchises, tagging each of those in your posts will be helpful for the audience. Even tagging other businesses relevant to yours can increase your reach.

19. West Elm

This high-end furniture store account has many locations around the country.

While it implements several strategies (like user-generated content, professional photography, and color themes), West Elm’s story highlights are branded and remarkable, which adds to its Instagram profile's overall strength.

The brand also used the IGTV feature to broadcast its how-to videos.

20. Lush Cosmetics

fragrance bottles and boxes on wooden rack and tables

Lush Cosmetics is a beauty and skincare brand that’s super famous for selling eco-friendly products. To show its support for making the community eco-friendly, it also organizes and works with many like-minded charities.

You can promote a charity that inspires your brand to do better. When people notice that your brand cares about giving back to the community and the environment, they are more likely to support you.

21. Sprouts Farmers Market

This is a grocery store that focuses on eating healthy. Sprouts Farmers Market takes vibrant and gorgeous pictures of its products for its Instagram feed.

This online grocery store uses a rainbow-like theme, focusing on one color for about 5-7 posts before moving on to a different color sequence.

You can use rainbow hues and patterns for your Instagram content. A rainbow or similar aesthetic might attract more Instagram users to your account.

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