How to Master the Instagram Algorithm in 2023

How to Master the Instagram Algorithm in 2023

Published on 23rd of May 2023

Does it feel like you’re always a little behind the curve when it comes to Instagram’s algorithm? While it might seem impossible to crack, you can master the algorithm in 2023 by following some tips. Find out what you can do to make sure people see your photos and videos in the new year. 

Post About Trends When Possible

Instagram’s algorithm is designed to deliver relevant content to users. That means that trending topics often take precedence over everything else. Thus, you can master the algorithm by posting on current trends whenever possible.

However, there’s a right and wrong way to do this, and making mistakes can hurt your account. To be successful, you need to find a way to link the topic of your post to the trend. If you use a trending hashtag on an unrelated post, Instagram’s algorithm will notice.

Also, on the off chance that it slips through the algorithm, you won’t get much engagement since the post won’t be relevant. That can hurt your account’s overall success. Thus, only post about trending topics if you have something relevant to add. 

Boost Engagement With Stories Stickers

white and red heart and flowers stickersInstagram’s algorithm puts a strong emphasis on engagement rates when ranking posts. It assumes that high engagement means that people love the content, showing it to more viewers and expanding their reach.

You can quickly boost your account’s engagement rates by using Stories Stickers. These stickers include emoji sliders, quizzes, questions, and polls, making content more interactive. 

Each of these stickers can add value to your Stories, but the question stickers might be the most effective. Once added, your followers can send you questions to answer. Some brands use these stickers to host “Ask Me Anything” sessions. These sessions often get high levels of engagement, allowing brands to reach new audiences. 

Create Professional-grade Photos

person using black DSLR cameraInstagram has made it known that its algorithm rewards “great content". While there are lots of ways to churn out great content, it starts with a visually-stunning photo. You can master the algorithm by posting eye-catching visuals that cause people to stop scrolling and take notice. 

You don’t have to hire a professional photographer to accomplish this. Instead, you can use one of the numerous photo-editing apps to improve your visuals. 

Interact With Others

Instagram’s algorithm considers the history between the poster and viewer when ranking posts. This means that if you and another user tend to comment back and forth on posts, you’re both likely to see each other’s new photos and videos. With that in mind, increase your interactions throughout the app.

When it comes to your posts, stay on top of comments and respond as often as possible. As you do this, avoid using generic comments or copying and pasting the same responses. Instead, come up with something fresh and new with each response. Your responses don’t have to be long-winded, but they should be crafted for the person who left the comment.

Then, leave comments on other accounts. Once you get the dialogue going, your posts will get in front of more people. Then you can finally break out on Instagram.

Purchase Instagram Likes to Increase Engagement

red and white love wall decorInstagram’s algorithm is a bit of a paradox due to the emphasis on engagement. You need to generate high engagement levels to expand your reach. However, it’s hard to get lots of engagement when only a handful of people see your posts.

Some users have tried to break free from the paradox by using bots to increase engagement. Instagram cracked down on those accounts, stripping them of engagement levels and followers while reducing the reach. When that happened, lots of users thought there wasn’t a way to get the engagement necessary to build a following and reach their goals on Instagram.

Fortunately, though, buying real Instagram likes is the solution to this dilemma. Unlike using bots, you’ll receive likes from real Instagram users. The likes are authentic, so you’ll increase your engagement levels. As this happens, you’ll reach more and more users, allowing you to grow your audience organically. 

If you do this, your engagement levels can spike in days. On the other hand, if you only use organic methods to increase engagement, it could take a year or longer to make progress. 

Add Carousels to Your Content Strategy

Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t automatically boost Carousels to more users. However, sharing Carousel posts is a fantastic way to master the app’s algorithm since it prioritizes engagement.

An analysis of over 22 million posts discovered that Carousels have the highest engagement levels. This is true, regardless of the number of slides used. However, engagement rates are the highest on posts that use all 10 slides. Because most are only two to four slides, you can easily break ahead of your competition by using all the slides. In fact, your Carousels could even go viral. 

Bypass the Algorithm by Going Live

black dslr camera taking photo of city lightsYou can also skip the algorithm and reach all your followers instantly by going live. Once you’re live, Instagram will notify your followers, as long as they haven’t turned off notifications. This is a fantastic way to reach your audience when you have major news to share. 

Even though you can bypass the algorithm, you don’t want this to be your sole strategy. Without following the other tips, you won’t expand your audience. Thus, you won’t optimize the number of people you can reach. However, you can include this as one part of your marketing strategy. 

Beat the Algorithm With These Tips 

Incorporate these tips so you can expand your reach in 2023. Then you can build a large following on the app, making it easier to make money on the social network. Just remember that without buying Instagram likes, you might have trouble reaching your goals. Engagement is important on the app, so by purchasing likes, you can beat the algorithm and expand your reach. Then you’ll have a captive audience to market to when using the app.

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