How To Use Instagram Stories Question Stickers For Your Brand

How To Use Instagram Stories Question Stickers For Your Brand

Published on 2nd of September 2018

Back in July, Instagram announced the Questions Sticker, an interactive way to let your friends submit questions for you to answer. __END_BLOG__The purpose of the feature is to create a great new way to engage with your friends and followers in a different way, one that goes beyond the direct message inbox.

How does it work?

The questions sticker works by selecting the feature from the sticker tray on the bottom of your screen, when in Instagram Stories. Click on the “Questions?” option and type in your statement that you want to pose to your followers. We’ve seen many users have an open ended question, like “I’m waiting for the bus, ask me questions!”


To see responses to your question prompt, you can find these in your story’s viewers list. The questions will begin to populate. Tap any of the questions you wish to answer and the question you’re answering will appear on your story. While you are able to see who submitted questions, your viewers will not be able to see photos or usernames when you decide to respond.


How can brands use Instagram Stories Questions?

We’ve seen personal brands use questions as a means to engage with their own followers, having their friends ask them their burning questions - but what about brands? How can brands use Instagram Stories Questions to engage with their audience?



Here are 5 ways brands can use the Instagram Stories Questions feature…

1. Run a Question and Answer Session

No brainer, but a simple tactic for you to try!


Create a post to publish on your Instagram feed that invites your followers to join you for a question and answer session at a set date and time (ideally within 24 hours of the post). At this specified date and time, introduce on Instagram Stories that your question and answer session is beginning. For 30 minutes, respond to questions that are posed by your followers. You could do this through video, or simple respond through text (or a bit of both!)


A question and answer session is a great way to provide value to your followers.



2. Use Question Stickers to Encourage Feedback

This is especially useful if you have a B2C company. There is no better feedback than consumer feedback! If you have an upcoming product or service release, you might want to gather feedback from your followers, users of your business or brand.


We have seen some great examples of brands soliciting feedback from their audience through Question Stickers. Calpak is a company that creates travel wear (suitcases and more) and has an Instagram strategy that encompasses plenty of user feedback.


Recently, Calpak asked their followers where they should travel to next, what content they want to see more of on Instagram and more.



3. Increase Engagement of Your Instagram Stories

With the Instagram algorithm changing each and every week, it seems, we predict that Instagram Stories engagement could soon have an impact on the overall feed algorithm. Although it’s not clear as to whether or not engagement on Instagram Stories has played a part in feed algorithm yet, increasing your Stories engagement can’t hurt!


Posting a Question Sticker on your Instagram Stories once or twice as week can aid in overall engagement through Stories. Test and see if this will help your account!


4. Get To Know Your Followers

Instagram Question Stickers will help you get to know your followers by starting a conversation, a very important 1:1 conversation.


If you have a user who constantly asks questions, consider them engaged. You might decide to take the conversation to direct message, where you can further engage and learn more about them; or, you might use subsequent posts after questions to ask your followers for advice or give them a chance to discuss how they’re feeling about your products or services.


5. Run a contest through Instagram Stories

Using Question Stickers doesn’t have to be used as a conversation, only. Instead, use Instagram Stories to run a contest.


If you are a restaurant brand, you might develop ROI by giving away a $100 gift card weekly, in exchange for email addresses. To make this more engaging for your audience, consider asking them a question in exchange for an entry into your contest. You could ask a question like, “What’s your favorite dish?” or “What would you like to see as our next weekly special?”


Running a contest through Instagram Stories is a great way to increase engagement and utilize Instagram Question Stickers in a meaningful way.



Instagram Stories is a fantastic way to engage with your audience, and Questions Stickers are an even better way to further engage with your following. We encourage you to differentiate yourself from others in this space, and keeping on top of trends can position your Instagram account and overall strategy as thought leaders in your vertical. If you haven’t used Instagram Questions Stickers, consider trying it out this week!

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