8 Ideas for Instagram Reels

February 14, 2023

When short-form video content on TikTok took the world by storm, Instagram realized it had to answer back to stay relevant. It did just that when it launched Reels. The feature launched in India and became available worldwide in 2020. Along with increasing availability since the launch, Instagram also increased the length of the videos. First, you were limited to 15 seconds, which grew to 30 seconds a short time later. Now, you have a full minute of time when creating these videos.

While a minute might not seem like much, there’s a lot you can do with Reels. Check out some ideas that you can use. Then, create your strategy so you can upload short videos regularly. Right now, this is the hot feature on Instagram, and by posting, you can get more views, engagement, and followers. 

1. Showcase Your Favorite Hacks

brown wooden frame with white paperIf you spend much time on TikTok, you’ve likely noticed that how-to videos are hot. With the short time frame, TikTokers can’t tackle long projects, such as how to build a house or change the oil in your car. Instead, they focus on cool hacks to make things easier or better. That trend has continued on Instagram Reels, and these videos are extremely popular. If you have a special hack you’d like to share with the world, create a Reel. You can expect lots of views and engagement if your hack resonates with your audience. 

2. Get Real With Reels

person holding bookSuccessful brands know the importance of connecting with customers, and Reels makes that easier to do. You can record a video that showcases the real side of your brand. If you need some inspiration, home décor influencer Danielle Donohue can help. She created a Reel titled “Reel vs. Reel-ality” that’s accumulated thousands of likes. The video shows what life is like behind the scenes in the home décor business, and it’s fascinating. 

You can use the same concept to show your reality, warts and all. As frightening as that can be, it’ll help you connect with your followers. 

3. Show Off a Transformation

Change neon light signageIf it makes sense for your niche, you can show off a transformation in your Reels. For example, let’s say that you market makeup on Instagram. You can begin a video without any makeup on. Then, stop recording, apply your makeup, and record your transformation. This is a powerful strategy. Instead of simply telling people how amazing they will look, you’ll show them.

Makeup is just one niche where this works. You can also use it for hairstyles, home décor, and so much more. If you do this, you can expect your followers to take notice. Plus, you’ll likely reach people who aren’t currently following you. That’s the power of Instagram Reels.

4. Show Your Creative Skills

Free Woman in Brown Scoop-neck Long-sleeved Blouse Painting Stock PhotoDo you have a special talent that you want to show the world? For instance, maybe you sell your artwork on Instagram. You can showcase your special talent with Reels. 

Performance painter David Garibaldi is one of the best at doing this. His Instagram Reels regularly show him creating works of art, and it’s fascinating and impressive. Consider checking them out to get some inspiration. 

To do this, you’ll want to record yourself while creating something. Then, edit it down to a 60-second clip. You can speed it up and show off the highlights. Then, people can see your creativity at work. They’re more likely to hire you or buy your work if they see how you create it, so consider trying this on your Reels. 

5. Break It Down for Viewers

Free Cool black teenager doing skateboard trick Stock PhotoWhile you’ll want to speed up the video when creating a work of art, you also might benefit from slowing it down. For example, let’s say you have excellent skateboarding skills that you want the world to see. You can perform a trick in front of the camera and then upload a slow-motion version so people can get a better idea of how you performed it. This is just one example, but you can have fun with it if you have a complicated or impressive skill. 

6. Show Upcoming Products or Events

Free Coming Soon on White Surface Stock PhotoDo you have a product launch or an event on the horizon? If so, take to Instagram Reels to give viewers a sneak peek. This can drum up excitement and increase sales or registrations. From demonstrating the product to providing clips of what to expect, there are tons of options for this. Be sure to include information about when the product will be available or when the event will occur. Then, people can mark their calendars. 

7. Answer Questions

Free Question Marks on Paper Crafts Stock PhotoDo your customers tend to ask many of the same questions? You can use Reels to provide answers to those questions. You can tackle a question or two for each Reel. If you have lots of questions to answer, consider uploading new Reels the same day every week. For instance, you let your followers know that you’ll post answers to questions each Friday. Then, your fans and followers can tune in the same day each week to learn more about your company, products, and services. This will help you increase engagement, but that’s not all. You won’t get as many questions flooding your DMs, giving you more time to create amazing content. 

8. Condense Your Popular YouTube Videos

selective focus photography of person using tablet computerYou might already have some killer videos on YouTube. If you have videos that have racked up lots of views, give them a second look. Is there a way to shorten them and still get the point across? If so, you can use them to create additional Reels. This is especially helpful when you’re out of content and ideas.

Start Creating Instagram Reels

These ideas will help you get started with Instagram Reels. Choose your favorite options, and then create some videos. If you have trouble getting your reels to take off, you can buy Instagram likes. Then, people will like your Reels, helping you reach more people.

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