A Guide to Teasing Product Launches on Instagram

A Guide to Teasing Product Launches on Instagram

Published on 14th of December 2018

Teasing product launches on social media, especially Instagram, is very simple. Really, it’s about invoking emotion out of your readers. Emotion that gets people to take action when your product is launched.


The point of teasing product launches is to get people excited about your upcoming product. The pre-launch period is all about making people’s emotions rise. Whether that feeling is need, desire, want, excitement, or eagerness, you can trigger those emotions by using the right methods.


Teasing products on Instagram not only gets people thrilled about what’s coming, but it also gets your product awareness. If you’re, for example, doing a countdown everyday, new eyes will get a chance to see it. You want as many ideal clients to get their eyes on your product tease, and then make them feel eager, too.


Teasing product launches will make you more money once the day of the launch comes because you’ve gotten copious people to see it who feel that desire to get your product. The question is, how do you do that?



How to Tease Product Launches on Instagram

Before we get into exactly how to tease a product launch, I wanted to say one thing. Make sure that before you do anything, you have a plan in place. You don’t want to be scrambling last minute to write convincing copy on your Instagram because it won’t be your best work. Have the posts and copy created beforehand, come up with ideas, and then put it into action.


1. Countdown

Countdowns are very important when teasing your product launch. Every day you want to post a picture or upload a story with a number on it, which represents the days left before you launch your product, digital course, etc..


If you’re only posting once a day on Instagram, it’s time to up to twice a day–your original post and the countdown number. It doesn’t matter which day you start counting down from, but countdowns will get more eyes on your posts. If one of your followers misses out on one, they’ll see it the next, or the one after that.


Countdowns ignite anticipation within people, and they can’t wait until the day arrives to buy from you. In every new countdown post, reveal new information about your product that people will love. Your followers will be visiting your profile page the next day to see what you’ll be revealing next.


Mayi Carles, the runner of Heartmade Blog, teased her course, The End of Boring, just like this. With doodles as her posts, she gave away new information each day to her followers that she knew would be beneficial and enticing.



2. Get creative

When you’re posting on Instagram, you don’t need to have boring posts that have monotone information. Stick to your brand, and get creative.


Instead of describing how some brands tease product launches, here are a few examples. Let them spark ideas!


3. Use hashtags

For easy access, invent a branded hashtag for your product. Use this hashtag whenever you upload a new post and in your stories. If people see the hashtag, they’ll click it and get access to all of the information about the product.



4. Make competitions

Give people a chance to win scholarships, huge discounts, free products, or anything else you can come up with. People love to enter competitions that give them a chance to get what you’re selling for free.


This is a great way to tease your product launch because you’re going to get lots of people to see it (because your follower’s will be sharing it with their friends) plus make people excited about it.


It’s up to you to decide how you want people to enter the competition. You can have a link in your bio that leads to an application, you can have people make a story explaining why they want to win and have them tag you, or you can ask them to leave a quick comment and tag two people. There are many ways to do this, and that’s up to you (and/or your team).



5. Talk about it

Talk about your product launch all the time. Make sure it’s not the only thing you talk about, but do talk about it. If you feel like you’ll be annoying, you’re probably right. However, the people who won’t care are the true followers that are genuinely excited about your product and are eager to hear more information.


Go live, answer questions, and before you leave, talk about your product. Post on Instagram, and then end with a “P.S. My product is coming soon! If you haven’t heard about it, check out my last post!” Upload your regular stories, but also throw in some informational ones about the product launch date and all the details.


If you want to impact as many people as possible and make lots of money, you have to be willing to do this. Don’t shy away from the product that you worked hard to finish. Be bold, and talk about it on Instagram in any way that you can. As long as you’re still offering free value, and not just talking about what you’re selling, you’ll be good to go.



6. Get other people to talk about it.

Dash Hudson also recommends contacting influencers. “Commissioning influential Instagrammers to publicize your endeavors is always a great way to create buzz,” they shared.


Even if you’re someone with ten million followers, you want others to be promoting your products. Even big brands like Adidas and McDonald’s hire celebrities (AKA influencers) to star in their ads and commercials.


You don’t need to find a celebrity, but someone in your niche with 5,000 more followers than you will help. Of course, don’t just stick to the people in your niche. You can also venture outside of it and find influencers who are interested in your niche (based on what they’re posting, talking about, etc.) and ask them to advertise.


For example, YouTuber Jelian Mercado is a mom-vlogger who records her daily life. However, every now and then she’ll talk about fitness, going to the gym, and how she’s trying to eat healthy. Because of this and her big following, she’s been contacted by a company that makes protein shakes and now she promotes them because of that.


So, find an influencer, ask them to promote your product, and then offer a commision. Don’t be afraid of rejection!

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