10 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Make 6 Figures

10 Instagram Marketing Strategies to Make 6 Figures

Published on 14th of January 2023

With the number of content being shared daily and the broad demographics, your professional or personal brand will most likely find its target audience on Instagram.

Whether you’re a new company looking to reach a larger audience to maximize sales or an old name looking to earn six figures via the platform, this article will help you with marketing strategies you can implement immediately to start raking in those numbers.

But before we get started, you should know the type of account that works best for a brand. You should switch to a business profile, which gives you access to features unavailable on the personal counterpart.

Just go to your Instagram profile, click on the Menu button at the top right of your screen, click on Settings next, go to the Account option, then scroll down and click on Switch to a Professional/Business account. Follow the procedures from thereon.

Now that you understand this basic principle for every business on Instagram, let’s show you ten marketing strategies you can implement to make six figures.

1. Supercharge your profile

It sounds cliche, but first impressions always matter when it comes to business and pulling in customers.

And with Instagram, your profile is the very first place to make an excellent first impression on your potential customers. Your profile picture and bio say a lot about what they should expect from you. So, guarantee that your profile picture is consistent with your brand voice and visual markers.

As for your bio, Instagram allows 150 characters maximum. So, keep it short, direct, and straight to the point. Summarize what your business is about and why people should follow and patronize you - do this using a hint of your personality.

When creating your bio, encourage users to take a particular action, like a trip to your website or using your branded hashtag. Instagram bio is the only place to post a clickable URL on the platform, driving direct traffic to your site or store.

2. Post high performing content

Instagram is more of a visual-oriented platform, so whatever video or photo you post should be high quality and aesthetically pleasing to your audience. An Instagram feed with poor content is a huge turnoff to potential customers.

And if you didn’t know, your smartphone can help you create some of the most striking visuals. You don’t need to get a professional camera or equipment, just follow some basic rules, and you’ll be fine.

For example;

  • Focus on a single object at a time

  • Follow the rule of thirds

  • Find fascinating viewpoints

  • Take advantage of negative space

  • Leverage patterns and symmetry

  • Make use of natural light

  • Add filters when necessary

  • Edit photos.

3. Grow fast with influencers

Influencer marketing packs a lot of punch on every social network. As a new brand on Instagram, one of the best ways to grow fast is to partner with an influencer(s) in your niche. Their engaged following means they can direct traffic to your profile, leading to an influx of followers and prospects. 

Another reason this is an evergreen strategy is the trust factor. An Instagrammer who sees their favorite influencer endorsing your brand is highly likely to follow your page and patronize your business. And though collaborating with an influencer is not always accessible or cheap, it’s very effective in getting your desired outcome.

Start with nano or micro promoters, then include more prominent names as you make more money.

4. Get discovered with IG tools and features

This is similar to collaborating with an influencer on the Gram.

In this scenario, you create a photo or video content and feature your friends, family, and other businesses/brands. Instagram's features are built to help you and your brand express yourselves and connect with people across the platform.

You can feature friends, family, and other businesses in your niche in all Instagram features--from Stories, reels, main-feed, and IGTV to Live. This would increase your chances of being discovered on the platform, especially if those featured have a higher following than your brand.

5. Use the hashtag framework

Free Shelves with decor and good day wish board Stock PhotoHashtags are a fundamental marketing strategy to implement on the Gram. When used correctly, #tags can upsurge the discovery of your posts to people who’re likely to be interested in your products or brand.

Know this; hashtags can make or mar your marketing efforts. One wrong use and you can do damage, for example, getting penalized by Instagram’s algorithm.

These tags are also a great way to build a community to engage with your every post, using branded hashtags. Experiment and find what kind of hashtag posting method works for your brand.

Anyway, IG allows 30 hashtags on a single post; any more than that, and your audience won’t be allowed to comment, or the post won’t show captions.

6. Do authentic engagement hacking

You must always engage with your audience on any social media platform--building trust and rapport with your existing followers while effectively increasing your follower base.

Though you might be busy with work or other stuff, never use a bot to reply to your audience. This would annoy them, cause you to lose some customers, and may get your account flagged by Instagram’s algorithm.

However busy your schedule is, take out time to reply to your followers’ comments and DMs. This way, you build trust with your audience while getting feedback to help your brand grow.

7. Launch competitions that people go wild for

Another brilliant marketing strategy to increase followers and engagement for 6-figure sales is to launch occasional competitions or fun, exciting challenges.

People often come on social networks to blow off steam and have a good time, so tap into that need and create something for users to go wild and get entertained.

Check other businesses in your niche, find out what competitions you can pull off, and work on making yours better. This approach would pull more followers and potential customers to your page.

Giveaways are another route you can go through as a new business or brand on the platform.

8. Get shown on the Explore page

Getting discovered on the Instagram Explore page can be done organically without the need for ads and co. While Instagram built the tab so that no two accounts are the same, they developed the algorithm to show users the content they’re most likely to be interested in.

To achieve this feat of getting on the Explore page, here are some tips you should follow:

  • Understand the needs of your target audience

  • Share extremely engaging content

  • Explore prominent formats that are most likely to be shown on the Explore page, like Reels

  • Build an enthusiastic community

  • Time your post to when your followers are most likely to be online

  • Use suitable hashtags

  • Employ Instagram analytics for insights and data-driven tactics

9. Gain tremendous results with Instagram Ads

These paid options expand your post reach to your chosen demographic on the network. Paying for ads is not all you should consider; that’s only half of the solution.

Your campaign content ought to be organic and engaging, using Insights to check posts that performed well and moving forward to promote them to encourage more engagements and profile visits.

10. Maximize your network effect

Instagram is a networking channel. Leverage its networking prowess to grow your brand and connect with all sorts of people across the globe--customers, small businesses, eCommerce stores, influencers, celebrities, big brands, non-profits, agencies, etc.

Maximizing your brand’s digital footprint, social media presence, and overall influence would give you a better result daily, powering your growth long into the future.


With all these strategies at your fingertip, you should be on your way to making that 6-figure you so desire, and I hope you get it.

Thanks for reading, and good luck!

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