Using Text-to-Speech on Instagram Reels

Using Text-to-Speech on Instagram Reels

Published on 21st of March 2023

If you use TikTok, you’re probably used to the text-to-speech feature when uploading videos. Now, you can enjoy this same feature for Instagram Reels. You can choose between two automated voices for Reels, making your videos more accessible to a broader audience. Get the details so you can begin using this feature today. Also, check out some ideas you can use when creating your first text-to-speech Reel.

How to Activate the Text-to-Speech Feature

person in white long sleeve shirt holding black smartphoneBefore uploading your video, add the copy you want to convert to speech inside the app’s text tool. Then, tap the text button to access a pop-up menu that includes text-to-speech. At that point, you’ll need to select the voice you want to use for your video. You can select from the two voices or choose “None” to cancel the feature.

After you choose the voice, you can add voice effects as well. Simply tap the music note in the app to access the audio mixer. Then, you can use the effects menu to get more creative with your voice-over.

Don’t worry if you don’t see this option quite yet. Instagram is rolling it out to more users, so it should not be long before you can use it as well. Keep checking back so that you can use it as soon as it’s released.

Do You Want Captions?

two women sitting on tablePeople who are hearing impaired might not be able to listen to your text-to-speech voice-overs. You can ensure that they understand your videos by including captions. After you choose the voice, you can resize and position the text box to include it in your video. You also have the option of removing the text box from the video, but remember that some people might not be able to engage with your video if you don’t include captions.

Ideas for Using Text-to-Speech

Are you ready to embrace the text-to-speech trend but aren’t quite sure how to get started? Check out some ideas you can use for your text-to-speech Reels. As you go through the ideas, keep in mind that some people will watch your videos without the sound on. Thus, you need to make sure viewers can still understand your video without the text-to-speech feature enabled. It needs to enhance the video but shouldn’t be the entire point, or your video might miss the mark.

  • Create a Text-to-Speech Tutorial

Do you like to show off hacks or provide tutorials for your viewers on Reels? You know that it’s best to demonstrate and explain how to do something, but sometimes, talking while working is difficult. You might trip up your words if you’re trying to narrate the video while filming it. With text-to-speech, you can remain tight-lipped while filming your video. Then, you’ll go back and add the text for each step. Once your video is finished, it’ll show and tell people how to do something.

  • Create a Commercial that Highlights the Benefits

Free Young diverse ladies recording vlog about makeup products on smartphone Stock PhotoThere’s something authoritative about the voices used for text-to-speech, making it perfect for creating video commercials for your products.

Let’s say that you’re promoting makeup on Instagram. You could start with a video of someone wearing the wrong makeup for their skin tone and use the text-to-speech feature to ask people if this happens to them. Next, the text-to-speech feature can explain how your brand addresses the issue, and you can end with someone sporting the ideal makeup for their skin tone.

This is just one way this can work. Think about how you can use the text-to-speech feature to go over the benefits of your product.

  • Let the World in on Your Inner Monologue

You can add a little humor to your Reels by using text-to-speech to let the world in on your inner monologue. You can film a video of you doing something and then include the voice-over to let viewers in on your thoughts. This is a neat way to show off your humorous side with Reels.

  • Or Let Your Pet Take Center Stage

pembroke welsh corgi and brown dog running between grassesInstagram Reels is full of cute pet videos, but you can stand out with help from the text-to-speech feature. Use the feature to let the world in on your pet’s innermost thoughts. You can tie it into a marketing campaign or just have a little fun with it. If you have a good sense of humor, it can really shine through with pet videos using the text-to-speech feature.

  • Recreate Conversations with Text-to-Speech

Have you recently had a fun or interesting conversation that you want to share with your viewers? The only problem is you can’t get the other person to film a video with you. You can recreate it (as long as it’s OK with the original participant) by using the text-to-speech feature.

This can be especially fun if you want to recreate a conversation about how you came up with a product. It’ll give people some insight into how your company works, and it will be just far enough outside of the box to maintain their interest.

  • Tell a Story

lighted we are all made of stories red neon wall signage inside roomReels are already an ideal platform for storytelling. Countless users have found ways to tell compelling stories from beginning to end within 60 seconds, and text-to-speech can help. The narrator can take your viewers through the story, holding their attention throughout the video. You can also use audio effects to make the story more compelling and entertaining.

Make Sure Your Reels Get Lots of Attention

The text-to-speech feature will help you stand out and reach more people. However, you might still have some trouble racking up lots of views at first. Fortunately, you can buy Instagram likes for Reels. Instagram analyzes likes and other engagement metrics when determining which Reels to show others. Thus, the more Reels likes you purchase, the better your account will look to Instagram, and the more reach your videos will receive.

Once your Reels catch on, keep creating and uploading them. Then, as you increase your views, you might be eligible for Reels Play Bonuses, meaning you can earn money on Instagram.

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