Reel Sales Strategies: How to Sell on Instagram Using Reels

Reel Sales Strategies: How to Sell on Instagram Using Reels

Published on 6th of November 2023

We know Mark Zuckerberg to copy things that are successful, and TikTok was a perfect example. He incorporated it into Instagram as Reels.

Now, the Gram is such a great marketplace that every new feature helps businesses grow exponentially. First, it was just visuals and captions; then Stories, Highlights, and IGTV were added; and now Reels are there as well.

Instagram had 7.8 million downloads after adding Reels, which tells you how big a marketing tool this feature is, waiting to be tapped into. Since you can sell with posts and stories, why not reels?

IG has what consumers and marketers are looking for: visually appealing content. Since every aspect of the app is sales-friendly, you can use them to your advantage when marketing products or engaging patrons.

So if you're looking for how to hack reels, we have a few tips on selling through Instagram Reels:

1. How-to’s

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Reels are popular for many reasons. People are in love with watching short videos like comics and how-tos. Reels make it easy to do quick tutorials and you can even link parts of a tutorial in a series together!

Now that you’ve decided to use Reels to power your Insta marketing, how do you include how-tos? The process is simple: no matter what you’re selling, there’s an instruction manual on how to use it.

If you're trying to promote a dress, it could be helpful to wear it and share a video guide showing how you'd wear the dress with matching shoes.

Now that they see how to look good in the outfit, there's no stopping those interested from buying it. You’ve just got to be stylish and likable enough to draw attention, which is really all it takes.

2. Reviews

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This is a bit of a technical topic which makes it hard for people to pay attention.

Reviews that were interesting in the past are now cheesy, boring, and unbelievable. When I watch them, I always find myself becoming uninterested and scrolling down. However, this doesn’t mean that you cannot use them as a plus.

Thinking outside the box is necessary to market your goods. If you're selling a skincare product, videos of before-and-after effects and tapping demonstrations can be used for marketing.

For instance, tapping videos usually show an unassuming person tapping on the camera a few times, but when they take their hand away from the camera, they look amazing in better clothes and makeup.

This is what your video review could look like. You start with a "before" so that people can see the difference, then you show the finished product—you may even make it clear how easy it is to achieve such a great result.

Your focus should be on showing how fantastic this product makes the skin look so that people will be enthusiastic about buying it.

Clothing companies might take advantage of this use case as well. Customers could shoot a video of themselves in their pajamas, then show up wearing a gorgeous piece of clothing at the end.

3. Brand story

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We're glad you have your memories captured in photos. To tell a more complete story of your life, we encourage you to produce a reel video. Include popular music and engage with the camera! Smile widely, dance, and do something that grabs attention.

People like this kind of cheesy motivational content. You may get a lot of congratulations in the comment section for it. While it's not a direct sales video, people appreciate these kinds of videos and they build solid brand awareness.

You are drawing attention to yourself by doing this and you are also displaying your products to the public. This can lead to both buyers and prospects.

The video shows consistency and growth, which is great for a company to present. People love the idea of things going well; it carries an optimistic message.

4. Short clips

Short videos are replayed on the Gram whereas long videos are only played once. One would usually scroll back up to see a video only if it's very engaging or relevant in some way, but short videos play more than once before they're skipped over.

If your videos are short, some viewers will have to watch them all the way through twice or thrice before they realize it’s finished. So, try cutting down on your video length a little bit and go for short clips!

5. Product benefits

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You may have come across videos where someone is dancing and pointing to different texts on the screen. Now, you could also use this idea.

If you're into real estate, you could pop up on the screen with a dance video that has you listing reasons to invest in real estate. And if you sell skincare products, you could use 'reasons to invest in your skincare.'

This is perfect for whatever you are selling. There are different reasons different users buy, so use Reels to communicate these while showing your warmth and enthusiasm.

Hacking Instagram Reels takes creativity to a whole new level. It means going deeper into imagination and innovation than you’ve ever had to - you need to go beyond your creative capabilities to make those short videos that will get millions of people watching.

You can expect a few challenges on the way, but do not be too hard on yourself. Lots of people don’t make it immediately, but you will get there in no time because the above reel types will keep your business open to a much wider audience.

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