The Top New Instagram Features and Updates

The Top New Instagram Features and Updates

Published on 3rd of January 2022

Like other social networks, Instagram is constantly evolving. It regularly adds new features and updates, and staying on top of the changes is critical. People tend to use the latest features, and if you don’t join in, your engagement levels could tank. Get the details, so you can add these features and updates to your marketing strategy

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Add More Hosts With Live Rooms

Live Rooms is one of the most exciting new features available. Previously, Instagram limited live streams to two hosts. It’s doubled the fun with Live Rooms. Now, up to four people can host a live stream on the social network. Live Rooms are excellent for product demos, panel chats, question and answer sessions, audience feedback, and live performances. You can even have interactive giveaways with this feature. If you can think it up, you can do it. 

This new feature supports Live Shopping, and your followers can send support by buying badges. With so many cool options, you’ll want to check this out soon. It’s so much fun and can help you engage your audience and increase your revenue. 

Live Stream for up to Four Hours

Free stock photo of accessibility, asl, businessBefore the latest update, Instagram Live streams were limited to an hour. While an hour was enough for most live streams, there were likely a few times you would have appreciated a little more time. Instagram has delivered on that front by increasing the time limit to four hours. This gives you more time to demo products, answer questions, and more. While you don’t want to stream so long that you bore your audience, it’s nice to have extra time to use for big announcements and more. 

Keep Live Videos for 30 Days

black laptop computer turned on beside black headphonesInstagram has also announced that it will save live streams for 30 days before permanently deleting them. This is a departure from its previous policy on live streams. Before, you had to publish the video to IGTV to save it. Now, it’s saved automatically, and you can download it before it deletes if you want to keep it permanently. Just remember to do that before the 30 days are up, or you will lose it forever.

Accessing Live Video Is Easier Than Ever 

Instagram has given users yet another reason to stream live videos. Now, it’s made these videos easier to discover by adding a “Live Now” section to the Explore page and IGTV. People can use the “Live Now” section to find live streams that are happening right then. They can click on them and watch. 

This new feature can help you expand your audience, and best of all, you don’t have to do anything except create videos. You don’t need to add your stream to the Explorer page or IGTV, so just go live and watch your viewership grow.

Access Your Information on the Professional Dashboard

In the past, you had to search through the app to look at different pieces of information. The network has made it much easier for brands and influencers with the Professional Dashboard. This dashboard puts everything you need in one place. You can access it to check your performance, access tools, and learn more about new features. Instagram plans to continue to add more to the Professional Dashboard in the coming year. It’s pretty fantastic as it is now, so it will be exciting to see what they add. 

Educate and Inform With Guides

Mobile Phone, Screen, Instagram, App, Mobile AppInstagram unveiled its new “Guides” feature in 2020 but only made it available to a limited number of people. Those who had access loved using the feature to share long-form content such as tips and resources. Now, all users have access to Guides. Guides give you the power to add yet another type of content into the mix on Instagram. It’s kind of like a blog, so you can use it to keep your followers informed. You can also create shoppable Guides and more. 

Make Shoppable Reels 

Crop anonymous female in blue coat and leather gloves with credit card making online purchase via smartphone while sitting on bench in city parkInstagram recently started letting users add product tags to Reels. Now, you have yet another way to sell products on Instagram. If you add product tags, people can click on them, go to your Shop, and buy the merchandise via Instagram Checkout. You can also use Reels to tag products from brands you’re partnering with on the site. For example, if you’re working as an influencer, you can promote the brand’s products in Reels. 

Product Tags Added to Instagram Ads

In November 2020, Instagram announced that users could start adding product tags to Instagram ads. You can use this feature by promoting your shoppable posts or creating a unique ad in the Ads Manager. Early results indicate that selling products through Instagram ads can reduce costs for brands. It can lower your cost per purchase, providing a nice return on investment. 

Make Sure You Label Sponsored Content 

white apple earpods on pink surfaceIf you’re an influencer, you promote products from other brands. That’s a great way to make money on the site, but you have to disclose the partnership. Instagram is expected to update its algorithm to find sponsored content that isn’t marked as such. Then, the site will notify the brand of the breach.  

Fortunately, Instagram makes it easy to disclose your partnerships. Use the site’s branded content tools to ensure that your followers know when you make a sponsored post. The Branded Content Tag is likely the tool you’ll use the most. Adding it to your sponsored posts is a quick and easy way to announce the partnership. 

Get the Most Out of the New Features

These new features can help you grow your following on Instagram. Even with the best features, there’s only so much you can do if you don’t have much engagement on your page. Instagram punishes pages with low engagement rates by burying them in the feeds. You can avoid this from happening to you by purchasing real Instagram likes. The more likes you get, the more your engagement levels will increase, so this is the best way to get on track. Then, you will see even better results when you incorporate Instagram’s new features.

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