11 New Instagram Updates and Features in 2023

11 New Instagram Updates and Features in 2023

Published on 7th of January 2024

Instagram is on a roll with fantastic features and updates in 2023 so far. The powers behind the social media giant constantly dream up new methods for business owners to use to make an impact on the platform. It also continuously invents new ways for users to support its chosen brands. The following 11 updates will make Instagramming a whole lot easier:

1. The GIFS Are Here

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It’s official - you can now add GIFs to your Instagram Story and Reel comments. This update is good news because GIFs help gauge reactions to products and services. They also allow users to express themselves.

The GIF feature on Instagram integrates with GIPHY, allowing commenters to create their own GIFs. The GIF icon links to a GIF library for ease of use.

2. Choose the Content in Your Feed

This update benefits users the most and allows them to see preferred content only. By selecting the “Following” feature, you can browse your feed and see posts only from people you follow. This feature doesn’t work on Instagram Stories.

3. Use Instagram Notes to Share a Song

Sharing a song via Instagram Notes works similarly to including music in a reel. You can crop the part of the song that will appear as a Note. When your audience or followers click on the Note, they can listen to it. This feature creates a new way of breaking the ice conversation-wise.

4. Music in Photo Carousels

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Speaking of songs, Instagram is testing a new feature that allows users to add them to their photo carousels. Instagram users in several countries can do this already, and the feature will reach more countries soon. The idea is to have trending music playing in the background as people swipe through a carousel.

5. A Wider Range of Avatars

Furthering the trend of self-expression is the new and improved avatar selection made available by Meta for Instagram. More than 1 billion avatars exist on the Instagram platform, and now many more can be created using new body shapes, hair and clothing textures, and outfits. With the Instagram Avatar feature, you can rock your bedhead or PUMA gear any day of the week.

You can also include your newly designed avatar in a new dynamic profile photo. Instagram users now have the opportunity to showcase their avatar picture and a profile photo at the top of their profile. Followers can flip between the two images and get a small wave from the avatar photo as a thank you.

6. Use DMs to Set Appointments

To simplify business activities on the platform, business owners who experience an influx of inquiries in their DMs can now create appointments directly from here to avoid losing the lead. If you own a hair salon or tattoo parlor, you can confirm your meetings in your DM and add them to your phone calendar with a single tap.

This new functionality expands Instagram DM Marketing – a powerful tool for business owners worldwide.

7. Create Ads For Search Results

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Much like on TikTok, users on Instagram often search for the content they’re looking for. This provides an ingenious way to advertise your product. If you own a shoe brand, your ad appears at the top of the search results after someone searches for shoes. This feature helps promote your brand to wider audiences and allows users to explore more options.

At the same time, Instagram is testing the rollout of Reminder Ads. Reminder Ads help businesses announce upcoming product launches or events to build awareness and anticipation. If you regularly advertise on Instagram, you can set reminders one day, 15 minutes before and at the time of the event.

8. Pin Posts to Your Instagram Grid

If you enjoy particular success with one or more posts, you can keep them on your Instagram grid by pinning them to the top. Users have long been able to do this on other platforms like Twitter and TikTok, and Instagram finally introduced it in 2023. Choose up to three posts or reels you love, and pin them at the top of your profile for your audience to enjoy.

9. Make the Most of Reels

Instagram’s reel feature is gaining momentum, especially since the latest updates. You can now set a timer for your reels or use double exposure to make an instant impact. The double exposure update means you can record a video over a photograph.

Reels run between 15 seconds and one minute long and can consist of multiple short videos conveying the same message. With Instagram’s feature updates, you can add voiceover, text, and music to your reels. You can use Instagram Story effects in your reels, including stickers and doodles.

10. Select Quiet Mode

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Sometimes, we all need a little time away from our screens. The platform has introduced the Quiet Mode feature to allow users to select times during the week when they don’t want to receive notifications. This feature includes an automatic reply for users to add to inform their followers when you will respond to inquiries.

If you select Quiet Mode, Instagram will summarize your missed notifications so that you can catch up once you turn the feature off. In addition to Quiet Mode, you can hide specific words, hashtags, and emojis you don’t want to see. When you hide this content, Instagram won’t recommend posts containing them.

11. Create a Broadcast Channel

With Instagram’s broadcast channel feature, you can share different content with your followers, including videos, text, photos, and voice notes. Additionally, you can add polls to determine your followers’ reactions to your content. Only people who follow you on Instagram can join your broadcast channel, and only you can share content.

Meta is testing ways to add second creators to broadcast channels to provide more ways to collaborate on Instagram.


Instagram features exist to make it easier to connect with people, whether they are potential customers or an existing audience. They increase engagement and sales and also strengthen relationships. Engage all Instagram offers in your future marketing efforts to grow your following and watch your business thrive.

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