Simple Social Media Branding Strategies that You Can Start from Scratch

March 30, 2022

A vital ingredient for effective social media branding is having a good strategy. Without it, you will end up posting without direction or purpose. Understanding your goals will enable you to reach and engage your target audience and achieve desired social media results. 

Social media branding is an effective way to connect with your audience or clients and broaden your influence. However, achieving brand consistency across all your social media accounts is not a particularly easy feat. So how do you ensure that you're connecting with different audiences on different social media platforms? 

First off ,you need to understand that a brand goes beyond logos, cover photos, or even color schemes. It is the way your audience feels when they interact with you. This requires consistency in your interactions with them, whether public or private. 

With that said, we have prepared some strategies that will help you build your social media from scratch.

1. Do Your Research

A common mistake people make in branding and marketing is generalizations based on assumptions. To understand your audience better, you need to do thorough research. In fact, the more information you have, the better. 

Below are some tips for using social media for client/audience research:

  • Identify your target audience: Your target audience plays a vital role in your brand's direction and design because you want it to appeal to them. 

  • Know more about your target audience: In social media branding, knowing your target audience means knowing where to find them digitally. What social media platforms do they frequently use? What platforms are better for connecting with them? You want to find these out so you can focus on them.

  • Know the competition: Stealing from one brand is plagiarism, but stealing from many is research. You can learn from your competition: what works, their weaknesses or strengths, things to improve, etc. 

2. Maximize Your Brand Name and Logo

Your brand logo is like the face of your brand. As it imprints an image on the minds of your audience, having a clear and distinguishable logo will also help them identify you from the crowd. So don't forget to add your brand's name and logo every time you're making a social media post.

Here are the advantages of using a brand logo and name:

3. Maximize All the Social Media Platforms If Necessary

Photo of Hand Holding a Black SmartphoneAlthough it's not always a good idea to use all the platforms at once, it could be beneficial when building your brand from scratch

Each social media platform can spread awareness and improve user engagement. However, make sure you focus your attention and resources based on the results from each social media platform. 

Here are some of the more popular social media platforms you can take advantage of:

  • Facebook: It has the most significant number of active users in the world. When posting on Facebook, remember to tag people, use an inviting ad image, include discounts or offers, if any, and use a striking caption.

  • Twitter: It is also a good platform for building your brand because it has over 336 million users monthly. Twitter can foster interactions between your brand and that of other marketers. It's also great for networking. When tweeting, use hashtags, images, and retweet your posts to improve their engagement.

4. Convince Your Audience to Follow All Your Social Media Profiles

Let your social media presence be so engaging that it persuades your audience to follow you. Your social media brand should be intriguing and inviting to your audience

Here are some tips to help increase your account’s presence:

5. Develop Content Strategies for All Your Social Media Platforms

Each platform differs from each other, so it's necessary to develop different content, but this doesn't mean you can't reuse content for separate platforms. 

You may make minor adjustments to make it appealing depending on most social media platforms' users. Make sure you include more visual content because it engages audiences much more than plain text.

6. Generate Engaging and Inviting Contents for Your Social Media Accounts

A quick way to increase your audience/customer base is to create eye-catching and engaging posts on your account or accounts. An easy way to achieve this is to create visual content which your clients can engage with.

To increase your post engagements, follow these tips:

  • Use captivating images

  • Create engaging content

  • Include popular hashtags in your posts

  • Use striking colors in your images

7. Communicate and Engage with Your Audience

We like you too quotes on wallIt is always crucial to communicate and engage with your audience as soon as they reach out to you, especially when starting from scratch. To achieve this, you need to be constantly active on all your social media platforms. Even replies as simple as "thank you" can create a good impression on your audience. 

When you're kind and responsive to your audience, they will take note of your brand, and they’ll be more likely to patronize and recommend you to others. A simple strategy for this is to set automated replies. 

8. Connect to a Larger Audience by Maximizing Your Social Media Profiles

By maximizing your social media platforms, you can increase your reach and engagement with more audiences. Here are some tips you can follow:

  • Set your brand’s banner as the cover photo for all your accounts.

  • Maximize all social media accounts including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

  • When creating an account, fill out all required fields.

  • Be clear and consistent about your services and brand information.

  • Uniformize the brand description on all your accounts. 

Final Thoughts

Having good strategies for your social media branding is crucial if you want your audience to recognize your brand, regardless of what platform they're on. 

However, your strategies don't have to be complex for them to be effective. The ones mentioned above are just some of what you can implement to make your social media branding more effective.


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