You Should Integrate Creativity Into Your Brand's Social Media Marketing

You Should Integrate Creativity Into Your Brand's Social Media Marketing

Published on 4th of September 2023

Creating a social media marketing campaign is quite a job. There are many intricacies in the technical and artistic aspects of it, and how your brand does online is tied to your creative approach in marketing the product.

Creativity can be an important component of SMM, so to stand out, it must be done the right way. This article discusses the importance of creativity on social media.

The current market competition

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In every facet of life, there's no questioning if there's competition, just how fierce the competition is. It's the name of the game, especially in business.

So, to thrive, you need to outsmart and outlive your rivals—not necessarily to suppress others, but to be the champion that you are.

As for social media, the competition there is cutthroat, so you need to overpower them in every way possible. We have millions of marketers trying to dominate a part of the massive user base.

The idea is to be creative and inventive; two words that can tell the difference between a successful marketing campaign and otherwise.

Since the market isn't settling for mediocrity, competition on social media requires you to build enough skills for maximum productivity.

Viewers are not willing to waste their time on anything ineffective. We live in such a busy world that you need to be extraordinary at what you do to get their attention.

Why creativity?

By combining ideas to create something new, you employ creativity. Now, the ideation and execution depend on how creative you are.

Creativity calls for unique, original, inventive ideas and without it, your brand will look just like other uninventive competitors.

This element attracts potential and paying customers because the brain loves experiencing something new and different. It also breeds productivity.

Brands that excel master the art of creativity and make it a core component of their marketing. You can't break into the marketing world without creativity, which is why marketing books, journals, training, and business summits all emphasize the use of creative devices.

A quick guide to creative techniques

These are many creative approaches to marketing your brand, and we shall be looking at the different kinds of techniques you can leverage:

  • 1. Be human

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    When developing a marketing strategy, it’s important to consider the human perspective of your brand. Not only do humans consume your products/services but they are our primary focus as a business.

    People are better able to relate to something human and specific. If your content does not talk about your brand specifically, it may be too hard for people to understand what you're talking about.

    So, when creating content according to your marketing strategies, being human and getting personal is a good way to connect with potential customers.

    Building a rapport with your audience helps keep them loyal, creating more opportunities for you. Including things about your environment is a way of cultivating relationships with clients and building stronger bonds.

  • 2. Sell emotions

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    This creativity device, in which you connect people through emotions, is everywhere in the advertising world. It’s an enjoyable method of outreach that works for a vast majority of demographics.

    Emotional messaging is proven to work as people are much more likely to yield to sentimental copy and content.

    If you’ve ever been to a burial ceremony, you know people appear to be in a state of shock and don't know what to do or say. Everybody present connects emotionally with little stress.

    How about a wedding? The atmosphere is filled with joy and happiness, and you won't need to exert much effort to meet new people at the party.

    Why sell emotions? Well, this is because emotion is an effective way to connect with people and make them feel something. It’s common practice for brand marketers to use sentiments when connecting their consumers to their product or service.

  • 3. Be entertaining

    With the number of problems our society has right now, ads that entertain and engage your audience work best. You must create content to grab users' attention, noting what hooks them in so that your ad campaigns don’t fail.

    Because your ads are providing entertainment, you can reduce the stress of our time and see your customers develop more interest in your business and products.

    Anything fascinating lasts - it attracts people. Moreso, younger generations are treating everything more like entertainment. This millennial way of living has made life easier and maybe calmer for older generations.

    Including entertainment in your ads can help reel customers in and then, you can use comedy to provoke a reaction from them. Engagement with audiences usually grows naturally as a result.

    Much has been said about the younger generation and their preferences with a variety of media. From copywriting to content marketing, comedy is one outlet that surround them regularly.

    Humor can help increase interest in a business and attract new customers. And regardless of demographics, social media is dominated by comedic content.

  • 4. Market yourself

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    To market your business online, it’s important to create and share personal stories with audiences. This helps them trust you more and engage with your content. Your story connects you with your audience, attracting them and showing that you’re like them in some way.

    You can get your audience to know about you by being the face of your business and growing through your stories. Let them know how you've come so far, which can be a fun, exciting, and rewarding process.

    Apple has made a major impact in the world over the years, and one thing that expanded the brand is its story. The story has helped its products gain many users and admirers, while also expanding its inspiration and impact into other areas.

  • 5. Be engaging

    Engage with your audience when you can. Engagement is important for getting better results from marketing because it shows product interest and patronage.

    Encourage engagement using different tools and content on your web pages, emails, and social media posts to increase the impact of each one.

    It's important to maintain your social media pages and converse with your audience. You should avoid posting "stale" or "boring" content. Your audience feels more connected when they're interacting with you—this won't be a problem if your posts are engaging in general.

    It takes a lot of creativity and skill to pull consumers into your business. People love events and surveys when they're done well, so you'll want to take advantage of them! You get to unravel consumers’ thoughts, and this creative art can be a great way to lure them in.

  • 6. Give more than you take

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    It’s a simple line that can lead to success in any personal or corporate relationship. Giving more than you take allows people to build meaningful relationships with others, which helps positively.

    The key to relationship building is making it an uneven two-way street. Start by giving more, then watch the other party reciprocate as your partnership grows and thrives.

    Companies that consistently give discounts and other giveaways, like Amazon, are seeing increases in their bottom line. It's no surprise Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the world today.

    Giveaways are an effective, tried-and-tested way to entice standing clients and new customers. Employing them strategically will increase your product's sales because the generous advertising gesture always performs well.

  • 7. Don't say more than you do

    This is a common issue marketers deal with, often in the form of angry customers leaving critical reviews. When you go overboard and say too much, you might reduce your value as people feel uninterested in what you're offering.

    When you stay with what you do, your value increases. You're more dependable and are considered worthy of trust and loyalty from others. When you hyperbolize your brand, it will be viewed as a lie which can lead to negative outcomes for business.

    One bad review can put you in a sticky situation and cause lasting consequences, destroying a decade of hard work. “Don't say more than you do” doesn't seem like a technique but as you continue marketing, you'll realize it is.

    Hype can be tempting, but it's important not to fall into the trap of trying to appear big. If you're unsure if what you're saying is true or have a lot of doubt in what you do, then say so!

    You'll have a better chance at fostering trust by only talking about what you can do and remaining silent on what you can't. It's easier to break the bonds of trust with your audience than building it.

    By the way, you should always try your best to deal with any negative feedback properly and be more careful with your approach as you go forward in life.

In summary

To grow your brand online effectively, you need to develop the creativity and practices necessary to stand out in the market. Use your imagination and think creatively.

Going through a hinge will open doors in your marketing strategy and give you new options that you didn't have before. It's like opening a door to opportunities.

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