Is Instagram the Future of Social Media Marketing?

Is Instagram the Future of Social Media Marketing?

Published on 16th of September 2022

Over time, social media has evolved into a great tool for marketing. And the landscape, like every other form of marketing, is changing at an accelerated pace.

The world’s population is at over 7 billion and of those numbers, over 80% of them are social network users. What’s more, this number is expected to grow with time. The world is changing at a fast pace and the question on people’s minds and mouths is, “What next?”

Iphone Screen Showing Icons With IconsThe majority of the world’s famous companies or establishments—ranging from the automobile, fashion, and food industry to the sports industry—already use social networks like Instagram to communicate and get feedback from their customers. The same goes for smaller brands.

The main social media focus of this article is Instagram. And today, Instagram is not just selling brand coverage, engagement with your audience, and visibility, but also very concrete indicators of direct sales.

Research has shown that users of the platform have contributed to this phenomenon because they trust Instagram sales and easily buy products or pay for services through the platform.

Instagram marketing: the future of SMM?

This brings us to the question posed in the title: is Instagram the future of social media marketing?

In the past year, Instagram amassed over 1 billion monthly users and 500 daily users, and 90% of those users follow a business account.

The following stats, as seen on Hootsuite, show in the details why Instagram is the future of social media marketing:

1. Instagram is the sixth most visited website in the world 

Although the platform is a mobile app, people still access it on their desktop devices. Mobile or desktop, IG is one of the most visited sites today.

2. Instagram ranks 4th as the most used mobile app

worm's-eye-view of green treesOnly surpassed by its brother companies, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, Instagram is for sure popular amongst mobile phone users.

And with the growing role of mobile devices, mobile-exclusive advertising and promotion that the platform gives its users will continue to grow in popularity.

3. At least 200 million Instagrammers visit a business account daily

With this number of users visiting a business account on a daily, one can say with certainty that your account will register visits every day.

4. Over 130 million Instagram users click on a post related to shopping monthly

Plus the growing role of mobile devices concerning social networks, this number is going to keep increasing.

5. Instagram records 500 million stories daily

This stat not only shows why Instagram is good for your brand but also showcases its usefulness in the long run.

The introduction of new features, such as Instagram stories with unmatchable daily numbers, shows that with the introduction of new features, the number will keep growing. Hence, why the future is on this platform.

6. Instagram recorded 36.2% of B2B decision-makers using the platform to make research on new products and services

This research shows that Instagram ranks higher than LinkedIn, hinting at how important the platform is as a business marketing tool.

7. Based on an Instagram creator’s post, 55% of fashion shoppers have purchased an item after seeing a creator promote it

Being an image-oriented platform, Instagram is a perfect place for fashion-related businesses to showcase their wear in high definition.

This number of fashion shoppers goes to show the coherent need the users place on Instagram as a marketing tool, and that number is at a fast-growing pace.

8. Instagram ads can reach over 83 million youths

people holding shoulders sitting on wallThe majority of users on Instagram are youths and using the platform’s advertising and sponsorship tools guarantee a global reach of the audience.

9. 4 billion businesses use Instagram stories ads monthly

With this number of businesses using the stories’ advertising tool to reach their audience, it’s a good sign that the marketing strategy gives way more customer engagement and potential sales.

10. Studio-shot ads are being outperformed 63% by mobile-shot ads

camera studio set upThis not only saves a business the money it would take to shoot a studio ad but optimizing stories ads for mobile can help you reach an array of business objectives from increasing sales to growing your audience.

Research has shown that most users claim that ads shot on mobile feel more organic and less of a hard sell.

Final thoughts

  • Instagram has all the chances to become the point of convergence for all trends—be it personal, creator, or business-wise. It has the chance of meeting the needs of business owners on the platform to find the most effective methods of work with the end customer.

  • What this will require is the redefinition of the role and responsibility of Instagram (they are no longer a collection of pictures, profiles of people, and communities, but so much more).

  • Instagram is well on its way to becoming much more than information intermediaries and communication technologies but a tool that produces world stars alongside business, fashion, and sports trends.

  • Instagram has given birth to new brands, products, services, and ideas. The network also has enough power to make and mar a brand’s reputation, products, and projects.

  • Instagram will look to continue its development of shopping tools to encourage more habitual shopping behavior (we should expect more advanced updates on the issue of Instagram e-commerce).

  • With the introduction of updates such as Reels, IGTV, Stories, Live, and the likes, the platform is well underway to innovative methods that will ensure a smooth run as a social media marketing tool.

The platform is already where people go to find or make research on new products, brands, and services. Plus, its advanced shopping is going to open a whole new range of possibilities.

More traditional operations will adapt and be turned into an online process. And with platforms like Instagram already integrating in-app purchases, the steps required will be reduced and the gap between scrolling and shopping will be significantly blurred.

Do you feel Instagram has what it takes to be the future of social media marketing with all the facts stated?

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