5 Things You Can Share On Your Instagram Story That Your Followers Will Love

5 Things You Can Share On Your Instagram Story That Your Followers Will Love

Published on 14th of March 2019

You keep reading, “Share more content!” but you’re head’s spinning. You’re already uploading three pictures everyday, you go live every week, and it’s still not enough. You’re running out of ideas because you’re putting out great content, and you’re not sure you can come up with more.

The influencers with more than a million followers are telling you that one of the things they do is upload stories. You’re not sure what else you can offer your followers, though. We hate that you’re stressing as much as you are. That’s why we put together a list of 5 things you can share on your Instagram stories.

5 Things You Can Share On Your Instagram Story That Your Followers Will Love

1. Product sneak peeks

If you’re releasing a new product, course, or book, you can utilize Instagram stories to share sneak peeks. The reason you want to share sneak peeks is because they build hype and excitement. It makes people want to come back to see the full thing once it’s released.

For example, say that you’re launching a new course. You can talk about it on an Instagram story. What you could do is face your phone camera on your laptop, and zoom into one module. Behind the phone you would say, “Take a look at one of the modules we’ve already finished. This is just one of seven that you can have at your fingertips in just five days!”

When your viewers see the story, they’ll feel eager, and it boosts the possibility of them purchasing your course.

2. Talk about anything that’s on your mind

Instagram stories is a great place to ramble. Especially now with it’s latest update in which, if you continue to hold the red button, then you won’t be forced to stop after 15 seconds; it’ll simply start a new story, so that you can continue without being cut off.

This is where you can have five (just an example) stories in which you talk about your life before your business and give an inspirational message at the end. People are more likely to listen to your words on an Instagram story than they are if you posted a 60-second video as a regular post.

Don’t confuse rambling with venting. People prefer to follow businesses and brands who offer value, spread positivity, and make them feel motivated. They steer away from those that spread negativity, and the truth is that venting will only give you a bad reputation.

3. Use stickers to initiate conversations

Instagram stickers are the perfect way to have “conversations” with your followers. We’ve gone into depth about Instagram stickers in articles like this, so we won’t touch on it too much, but we’ll talk about why they can start discussions.

There are numerous types of Instagram stickers, and the one that can initiate a dialogue between you and your followers is the Questions sticker. The Questions sticker allows your viewer to ask you anything, and then you can view it, add it to your story, and respond. You can answer with text or record a story with a 15 second or shorter answer.

It’s a short “conversation”, but it lets your followers know that you care, and that you’re willing to take time out of your busy day to answer their questions.

4. Countdowns

The countdown sticker is one of the newest stickers, but we’ve already seen it used copious times for different reasons. Television shows have used it to countdown for the release of their new season, shops use them to countdown when their sales are over, and brands are using them to countdown the release of their updated blog.

The awesome thing about the countdown sticker is that people can tap it and receive a notification on the last day of the countdown as a reminder for the purpose of it. It builds hype, just like the sneak peeks, and they’re just fun!

At the end of the countdown, if someone opens the story, confetti pops out of it. While it may sound ridiculous, depending on your ideal audience, of course, your followers will find that detail cute.

5. Random moments

The great thing about Instagram stories is that nothing needs to correlate with each other. You could share an inspirational story in two stories, a picture of the view from your hotel in the next, and then have a poll sticker on the last story about whether or not people liked your latest blog post.

While we’re giving you ideas about what to post on your story, there’s no need to worry about the content because, at the end of the day, your followers just like to see what you’re up to. Document the company Christmas party, take a selfie with an influencer you know your followers like, or talk about how the apple at your desk influenced your latest story.

Instagram stories are meant to be random and fun. Just share the things you want to share, the stories your followers want to see.

There’s a lot that you’re not letting your followers in on not because you’re secretive are hiding something from them, but simply because you didn’t know where to share that content. Instagram stories is that place. It’s the place where you get to show the more human side of you.

Another thing that might help you post content to Instagram stories even quicker is that the stories you upload don’t necessarily have to relate to your brand. These stories can be random moments of your life that you think your follow will enjoy seeing.

Obviously, you want to share things related to your brand or business and promote your product and what not, but you can also share the more personal things. This is your permission.

Instagram stories are a great way to connect with your followers on a personal level, and now that you know what type of content to post, you don’t have an excuse. Get back to hustling!

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