How to Figure Out What Your Instagram Followers Want With Instagram Stickers

How to Figure Out What Your Instagram Followers Want With Instagram Stickers

Published on 9th of August 2019

If you want more followers, you need to give your target audience what they want. As in, you give them the content they’re looking for when they want to see it as often as they want it. Don’t focus on what you want because your brand or business account isn’t for you.

The question this leads to is, how do you figure out what your Instagram followers want? There are numerous ways to do this: ask your subscribers on your email list, ask on other social media platforms, but what better way than to ask directly on Instagram?



How to figure out what your Instagram followers want with Instagram stickers

Instagram stickers are the perfect way to ask your followers what they want and how they feel about your content. Stickers are found in your Instagram stories, and they’re really easy to use. If you’d like to learn more about how they each work, how to use them, and how to yield the best results, check out this article we’ve written.

There are multiple stickers on Instagram, but we’ll only be covering the three that can help you figure out what your followers want—the question sticker, the poll sticker, and the emoji slider sticker. Let’s dive into how to use them to figure out what your followers want to keep and gain them.


1. The question sticker

The question sticker is used for just that, asking questions. By default, the question sticker is about letting your followers ask the questions. The sticker automatically says, “Ask me anything,” and when you upload the story, people can click on the sticker and write out their question. You would then respond.

However, you can flip it around, and ask a question yourself. Right where the default question is, you would click it, and change it to any question you’d like. In this case, you could write:

  • What type of content would you like to see from me
  • What type of content do you usually like?
  • How do you get the most value from my Instagram posts?
  • How often do you go on Instagram?
  • What times are you usually on Instagram?


Your followers would reply to your questions, and you’ll gain great value. Once you’ve gotten your information, you need to adjust. For example, if the majority of your followers say they’re on Instagram at twelve, and you don’t post until three, you’ll need to start posting at twelve. The important thing is that you take their answers into consideration, and then start putting out the content they asked for.

The question sticker simply makes the entire process a lot smoother and quicker, rather than having to rely on creating a survey on Survey Monkey.



2. The emoji slider stickerwhite yellow and green round plastic toy

The emoji slider sticker is exactly as the name says. It’s a bar in which, on one end, an emoji rests, and it  permits your followers to slide it to where they’d like, depending on what you ask them. The default emoji is the ‘heart eyes’ emoji, but it can be changed if you tap on it. When you change the emoji, you change the emotion.

For example, if I uploaded a post of a product and asked, “How much do you love when I upload product pictures?” I would use the ‘heart eyes’ emoji so that my followers can slide the emoji wherever they’d like on the bar. If they slide all the way to the end, it means they like the pictures.

Say that I got a hate comment on a picture, and all of my followers saw it. I could ask in my story, “How do you feel about what happened yesterday?” and I’d change the emoji to an ‘angry face’ emoji. The more my followers slide, the angrier they are.

Since this slider is all about knowing how your followers feel about something, here are ways in which you can use it to figure out what your followers like or dislike:

  • How much did you love my new post?
  • How excited are you about the video I’m releasing tomorrow?
  • How much did you like my story in the caption of my last post?
  • How in love are you with the content I’ve been putting out recently?
  • How disappointed are you with my content?


Again, once your followers respond, adjust your content to what they like.



3. The poll sticker

Person Dropping Paper On BoxThe poll sticker is used when you want your followers to vote on something. You ask a question, and then you put in your two options in the squares underneath. There can only be two voting options.

By default, the poll options say “Yes” and “No.” Here are some example questions you can ask to figure out what your followers want to see:

  • Did you like the style of my last post?
  • Did you like what I wrote in my caption?
  • Do you like the video I uploaded?
  • Are you a fan of carousels the way I styled them?
  • Are you interested in seeing more content like the one I just uploaded?
  • Truth time: Do you like the inspirational quotes I upload?


If you don’t want the ‘yes’ and ‘no’ options, you can change the poll options to say anything you’d like (though, the amount of characters is limited). Here are some examples:

  • Do you prefer videos or pictures? Your options would say ‘videos’ and ‘pictures’
  • Say you upload a picture onto your Instagram story from Canva with a quote and write #1 in the corner. Then, you upload another with the same quote but on a movie board. Then third story would be a poll.
  • Are you a fan of #1 or #2? Your options would read ‘#1’ and ‘#2’
  • What kind of pictures do you like more? The options could be “Selfies” and “Professional pictures”
  • What should I upload next? “A behind-the-scenes picture” and “A video of me talking”


Use all of these stickers to your advantage to figure out what your followers want to see from you, then give them the content.


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