Use Instagram to Find Out What Your Followers Really Need

Use Instagram to Find Out What Your Followers Really Need

Published on 22nd of November 2018

The wonderful thing about social media is that, as a brand, it allows you to interact with your customers. You can show the more human side of your brand, and let people get to know you. Social media is meant to show behind-the-scenes, offer more value, and more.

However, there’s another wonderful thing. You can use your social media, in this case your Instagram, to find out what your followers and customers really want and need. By interacting with your followers, you can find out what course or product to launch next.

When you release things that your followers directly asked for, your reputation gets better and your sales rise. You can continue to figure out by yourself what to come up with next, or you can look around and see what your followers want.

Use Instagram to find out what your followers really need

1. Utilize your options on Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are the perfect tool for figuring out what your followers are looking for. You have options such as a poll, the “questions” box, and the happy-face slider option that also allows you to ask a question.

These options are simple tools that you can use to ask your followers easy questions that requires basically no effort to respond to. Here are some examples of what you can do.

  • Example 1: You want to launch a new digital course for your copywriting blog followers. There are numerous things that you can cover, but you’re not sure which one people need most. Here you can use the “questions” box and ask something along the lines of, “If I were to create a copywriting course, what’s one thing you would want me to cover?” Your followers would answer, and then you’d create the course around the most common response.

  • Example 2: You have two things that you want to draw for your next poster, which would go up on your Etsy shop. You’re between a leaf and a waterfall. Use the poll, write both options on it, and then leave the rest to your followers. Not only are you making them feel included in your process, but they’re more likely to buy because they want that product. It’s easy for you and your followers.

  • Example 3: If you have an idea in mind for your next mug for your mug-making business, and you want to make sure that your followers will like it, this is the perfect time to use the slide. You could post a picture of a rough draft sketch, and then ask “How much do you like this design?” A slide from your followers can let you know if they like it or not.

2. Ask people directly

You’ve probably noticed that you have repeat “fans” that comment on all your pictures, like everything you upload, answer your polls, and buy from you often. These are the people that would love nothing more than to be a part of your creative process. You’ve helped them so much that they’re eager to help you back.

If you want to contact these people, a simple DM would be great. You can acknowledge them in your message or record a story (which would be more personal) specifically for them. You can’t just jump right in and say, “What do you want?” You first need to acknowledge them and say thank you for all of their support.

Then you would say something along the lines of, “The reason I’m doing this is because I want to know what you would like me to talk more about. What problems are you dealing with that I can address, write a blog post about, or record a video for? I would love to know, so that together we can help more people struggling with this same problem.”

You would thank them once again for everything, and then wait for a response. The possibility of them replying is very high because not only do they want to help, but they just want to talk to you! Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to do this, your followers will appreciate it.

3. Post pictures asking “What can I do for you?

The final thing to try out is by simply posting a picture with text on it that asks, “What can I do for you?” or “What can I help you with?” or “What are you looking for?” Any of these questions or something related to this is a great way to get quick responses in your comments.

People will respond right away because if they can ask you directly what they’re looking for, they will. They’ll take advantage because they trust you. Don’t be afraid of not getting comments because if you have followers who care, they want your advice.

The great thing about this method is that the comments are public and any one of your followers can see them. If somebody were to post something about how they want advice on what to wear to an interview, and others wanted the same, all they would have to do is comment something like, “I second this!”

People can learn about what to wear to an interview anywhere—there are thousands of blog posts about the same thing—but they want your specific advice. They don’t know or trust anyone else, but they know and trust you.

If a comment has multiple comments or likes, you’ll get an idea that that’s something people really want you to talk about. Make sure that you thank that person, and then figure out what you can do out of that information.

Make the things that will help people

The point of asking these questions is to create content (or things) around the answers. This will not only boost your sales and/or readers, but also provide more value. It’s up to you to decide what to do with the answers that are given to you, but don’t ignore them! Write down some of the better comments you read, and note the answers that you’re willing to look back at again.

Create free things, write more blog posts, record new videos, and sell more stuff.

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