A Guide to Instagram Stickers: How to Get Your Followers to Engage

March 01, 2019

Instagram has a variety of stickers that you can use to get to know your followers, allow them to be a part of your process, and lead them to click the link in your profile. All stickers can be used for a different reason, but if you know how to use them, what to ask, etc., they can lead to magnificent results.

And here’s the best part: it’s easy. Whether you record a story or take a picture for it, it only takes a second to add the sticker. Let’s talk about what type of stickers are available to you, and how you can use them to wield the best results.

How to Get The Best Results Out Of Instagram Stickers

In order to use a sticker, you first need to snap a picture or record a story. Once it’s done, you go to the top right to the sticker option (it’s the square with the smiley face). There, all of the sticker options are available to you.

Questions sticker

(The first picture is a question sticker. The second picture is the person answering the question.)

How it works:

The first part of the sticker is a title that reads, “Ask me a question.” You can keep that question, but you can change it if you want. You tap on it, then you write what you want. The people who view your story can respond by clicking the sticker. 

Why you should use it:

If you stick to the default question, it’s the perfect place where your followers can ask you anything they want. It’s a chance for them to get to know you, what you’re working on, and so on. The goal is to engage with your followers, and this is how you reach that goal. You can also do it to ‘have a conversation’. You can ask, “How are you today?”, “What’s your biggest goal this week?”, etc.. You give them a chance to talk to you!

Poll sticker

How it works:

A poll sticker allows you to ask a question that gives the viewers of your story a chance to vote between two options. On top of the poll bar, you click the ‘Ask the question’ text, and type what you want. By default, the options for the poll are ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ but these too can be changed if you tap on it.

Why you should use it:

The poll sticker is the sticker you want to use if you really want to let your followers into your process. You can ask questions such as “Which mug should be released next?”, “Which design do you like best?”, or “Do you like this idea?”. Your followers feel like they helped you make a choice, and it makes them feel good.

Slider sticker

How it works:

In the ‘ask a question’ section, you type your question, and your followers get to select how angry, excited—or whatever emotion you’re trying to get out of them—they feel by sliding the emoji across the bar. The heart eyes emoji is on it by default, but you can change it to any emoji you’d like.

Why you should use it:

The slider sticker is a great sticker to use to figure out how your followers are feeling about something. Here you can ask, “How excited are you about this launch?”, “How much did you love this last blog post?”, or “Did this new product meet your expectations?” You’ll find out exactly what you customer/follower felt.

How to view results for these three stickers:

You can access the data for your stories, in the stories themselves. In the left bottom corner, you can see people who’ve viewed your story. You click those circles, and you get to access all the data available. When you click the eye section, you get to see the questions that have been answered, the slider results, and the poll results. If you want to know how to share an answer for the ‘questions’ sticker on your story, we go into depth in this article.

Music sticker

How it works:

The music sticker let’s music play behind your 15-second story, You get to choose the song. Once you click the music sticker, you’re taken to a screen where songs are available for you to choose. They’re separated by three sections: popular, mood, and genres. You can also look up a song. Once you’ve found what you want, click it, and you’ll be taken to another screen where you choose 15 seconds of the song you’ll want to play behind the story by sliding the bar. Instagram selects the chorus by default. You click ‘done’ and then you can tap the sticker to change how it’s displayed. (Look at pictures above for steps.)

Why you should use it:

Music elicits emotion. While the music doesn’t necessarily allow your follower to engage with you, everyone loves music. It can turn your story into something completely different if you add it. Just think about movie scenes. A fight scene isn’t as exciting as it is when you add suspenseful music behind it.

Countdown sticker

How it works:

First, you came your countdown. Then, you set an end date and time by clicking any of the number squares. You’ll get to choose the date, but if you want to get more specific the time, too. You did this by sliding the ‘all day’ option off. You can change the color on top. Once you’d added it to your story, it starts counting down. When a followers clicks the sticker, they can get share the countdown or get a reminder  the last day of the countdown.

Why you should use it:

The countdown sticker is the newest one, but it’s great to hype up a product or blog launch, or to countdown before an event or party. It elicits excitement from you followers, but it also elicits an urge to, fro example, buy before it’s too late. The reminder they get if they click to do so can work wonders because they get it the last day, which gets that excitement to spike up again or it gets them to buy quickly.

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